23 September 2016

How To Cope With Uni Stress And Ace Your Courses + Mini Giveaway

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It's been quite some time since I got to throw my graduation cap in the air. I admit, it does feel great when I sometimes get asked where/what I study. Age is just the number at the end of the day, right? While I do have lovely memories from school, university was my absolute favourite. Throughout 7 years of uni (I did 5 in Ukraine and 2 in the US) I learnt a lot about myself, and not just from the personal or social perspective. I have managed to pick up the skills that have become essential in my studies and my future career. On top of that, even when the going would get tough sometimes (there's nothing wrong with whining a bit here and here), I worked out what helped me cope with the coursework load, pre-exam pressure and student life in general. In Ukraine I had to sit 15 exams at the end of each semester (5 in America). These "tricks" I will be sharing below carried me through the most demanding times in my academic experience and even pushed me to start my own business from scratch as scary as it was at the time.


14 September 2016

Makeup Revolution Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Review

Makeup Revolution Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold
This is not even a joke how fast this summer has flown by. Hubby and I are back from hot and beautiful Dubai, and I've got a serious case of the jet lag fatigue as I am typing this intro. When we arrived into the land of the heat, the time difference wasn't an issue in the slightest. Now, even though my body is in the UK, my biological clock is still ticking according to the UAE time zone. As much as I would like to extend the summertime and enjoy the salt-in-the-air-sand-in-my-hair situation in a limitless proportion, I know it's back-to-reality time. The most amazing part is that I am bringing many summer'y bits into the fall, including my lovely tan (please, don't wash off too quickly!) and my new HG bronzer and highlighter go-to palette. When I picked up this spic-and-span Makeup Revolution Ultra Palette in Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold, I thought it could potentially become a hit in my books but I wasn't expecting what happened next. This palette crawled into my suitcase when I was packing for our holiday, and the rest of the story is below.


2 September 2016

August Favourites 2016 & So The Adventure Begins

August Favourites Miel and Mint
I don't want to sound like a broken record but hey, where did summer 2016 go? Is it just me or did the Earth start to twirl like a spinning top toy? I sound like a grandma. I'll stop now. What I really need to do is embrace the fact that summertime is over, be thankful for many warm and sunny days (honestly, England, you were not too bad this year!) and look forward to the sweater weather. I am bursting with excitement about pumpkin spice lattes and chunky knits being back in my life. I promise, I am not basic (haha). Ok, let's go back to August. To say that it was incredible is an understatement! Hubby and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary (woohoo!) and then we enjoyed a little trip up north to beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. At the same time we've been loving our daily Central Perk moments as we started re-watching Friends. Could I BE more excited?! (channeling Chandler here). Also, I seemed to have managed to get back to a more or less organised posting schedule. Planning is my best friend. Speaking about planning: once we are back from our holiday (taking off tomorrow - eekk!!), Miel and Mint is going to have a fixed schedule with a couple of spontaneous posts in between. More about that at the end of this post. Now, let's take a look at my amazing August.

30 August 2016

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette & 7-Piece Gunmetal Brush Set Review

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette review, Crownbrush brush set review
Get your eyes (well, eyelids) ready because things are about to get shimmery. While I do enjoy an occasional matte, I can't resist me some sparkle and glitter. Not that I'm obsessed with glittery things, but I wouldn't say a "big fat no" to them. It might be all due to the 'magpie effect'. Sometimes it's physically impossible to walk past a gleaming range of eyeshadows or a row of brightly coloured, well, anything. Just a week ago my lovely friend Emma and I found ourselves browsing through all the gorgeous girly goodies down those enticing makeup aisles in Edinburgh's Jenners while boys were patiently waiting. Basically, we closed the store. As much as I find that will power comes easy to me in order to say no to getting a new lipstick or a palette (I've never been a hoarder), I still admit that it's amazing to get your hands on a shiny new box and start playing. That's why when lovely people of CrownBrush UK got in touch with me and offered to review a palette and a set of brushes, I knew I was ready to play. Let's see how the "game" went on.

24 August 2016

How To Become A Savvy Traveler ft. Campo Marzio + Giveaway (closed)

How To Become a Savvy Traveler
We all have come across this quote which describes the world as a book, and if we were stuck in one place, we basically read only one page. Sounds familiar? If you really have time to spare, scroll up and down the mighty resources of Pinterest. You will definitely notice how most of the quotes on traveling would go hand in hand with "learning", "exploring", "dreaming" and "living". Traveling does wonders to you. It can change your personality, your idea of the world, your perception of others. Never in my life have I met a person who said that going places made their life more complicated or unhappy. It's always the opposite. Traveling seems to have this superpower to get us out of the rut in a heartbeat. While all that is true, being a savvy traveler doesn't come easy. Maybe you're born with it (hat's off to you, superhuman) or maybe you have just worked hard, honed the skill and became a travel pro. Nevertheless, when Campo Marzio* got in touch with me (after browsing through my Instagram travel adventures) and asked me to share my thoughts on how to become a savvy traveler, oh boy, was I excited! They have also kindly sent me this chic little leather travel jewelry case and... drumroll... it's a giveaway prize! I've been planning to publish this post for ages (eeekk!!) and here it is.

17 August 2016

Dainty Jewelry Love: Happiness Boutique Earrings

Happiness Boutique review, diamond stud earrings, leaf stud earrings
I never had a choice whether I wanted pierced ears or not. I was 5 when my mum decided to take me to this salon where a lovely lady gave me a lollipop. 10 minutes later I came out with little gold studs in my 'lobes. Thankfully, I was lucky enough not to bleed much or scream in pain. In fact, I remember that it was quick and I LOVED the final look. When I told my husband this story, he was in panic: "We will never do it to our child!" haha. Let's just put it this way - if I ever wanted to stop wearing earrings, I'd simply take them out and the holes would heal almost lickety-split. I decided to keep them. Since then I have tried and worn all kinds of jewelry: from heavy chandelier to delicate pieces. For over 3 years it's been all about stud earrings. So when Happiness Boutique got in touch with me and offered to try out their pretty goodies, I knew my dainty jewelry collection was about to get a little bit bigger.

11 August 2016

2 Years & 24 Reasons He's The One

Miel and Mint wedding
Do you know the feeling when something you're about to do is so big you have no idea where to begin? I have just raised my hand. So here I am, trying to get my thoughts together while struggling not to sob the happy tears. Two years ago I was wearing this stunning white dress. Two years ago he shed a little tear when he saw me wearing it (sorry I spilled the beans, baby). Two years ago we said our "I do's" forever. These two years (as well as the last five - since the day we met) have been the most magical, blissful and perfect. If you asked me to list top 5 most important days in my life, August 12th 2014 wouldn't only top it all. It's off the charts. It is its own chart, list and level. Plus, he is THE ONE. How do I know? If you're ready for more cheese, stick with me and read on.
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