9 September 2017

6 {Classic} TV Shows To Get Cozy With On a Rainy Fall Evening

It's officially (and finally!) that time of the year. It's perfectly acceptable (and advisory) to burn pumpkin scented candles, wear knit sweaters/blanket scarves/layers, enjoy the sound of the rain at night (and all day), order pumpkin spice lattes on repeat and get wrapped up in a cozy throw burrito on your sofa with a feel-good TV show in the background. Doesn't all that just make you go "aahhh" and feel all warm and fuzzy? Well, I can't deliver a PSL to your door but I can let you know exactly what to binge watch on that rainy fall night in. Like the one tonight.

4 September 2017

3-in-1 Monthly Favourites: Summer 2017

I know we all probably say this ALL. THE. TIME but for some reason 2017 has REALLY been flying by at rocket speed. How is it September already? Told ya, it's going way too fast. At the same time, all I see across my social media is chit chat about how much everyone is excited about the fall. I am SO on board! Gimme pumpkin spice everything, chunky knits, candles, layers and blanket scarves. Still, I can't wait for October because hubby and I will be going on our very much needed "summer" holiday. Back to September... Probably since the very 1st day I went to school, September always meant a fresh start. In my books it's much more powerful and motivating than January in terms of setting goals and sticking to them. I am currently organizing a proper comeback to the blog this September but for now let's go back to summer for a little while.

14 August 2017

How To Stay Chic On Holiday Without Overpacking x Boohoo

I always seem to tell myself I would start packing a few days in advance - just to end up running around the house trying to figure out each outfit the night before jetting off for holibobs. Sounds stressful, right? I've definitely had my fair share of successful packing, and then there were disappointments, too. If you don't pack enough, you might face the I-have-nothing-(nice)-to-wear situation. If you pack too much, you could still end up with the same issue: nothing goes together or you just wear a few things on a loop. And then there's cherry on top - you want to look good when you travel. That's why I hope you find this post helpful.

4 August 2017

Miel and Mint is 2! + Blogiversary Giveaway

Desigual Scarf Soft Landscape, summer fashion, Miel and Mint is 2
Miel and Mint is 2!!! TWO YEARS OLD!!! I am way too excited and probably sound more like a proud "blog-baby momma" than just a "blog owner" BUT... when your little corner on the internet survives against all odds but also reaches those HUGE milestones, you can't not be celebrating and saying a MASSIVE THANK YOU to each and every one of you who reads, encourages, supports and sticks with me even through times of silence, digital detox & "creative hibernation". As you might have heard already, big changes are coming as it is TIME to take Miel and Mint to the next level. It's time to fall in love with blogging over again. It's time to grow, improve and give you back in any way I can: with a piece of advice, an uplifting message or a comforting read. And today it's time to mark the date and say thanks in a form of a little gift. But first, let's go and see where it all began.
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