17 August 2015

Amazing Trends: When Your Outfit Is On Point

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Every day we (read: girls) wake up and face the same dilemma - what to wear. I don't know about you but I would sometimes stand and examine my wardrobe carefully for good 5 minutes as if I see it for the very first time (insert a joke here lol) and then start coming up with outfits in my mind. I admire people who prepare their outfits the night before. I would never be able to do that. I make The Decision in the morning based on the destination/occasion, my mood and the weather (don't get me started on the unpredictable English weather). However, here are the tips I have gathered during my morning "struggles" how not just to pick your outfit but how to make it always look 'on point' (obsessed with this lovely slang term; thank you whoever came up with it).

It's in the bag
I can't stress enough how important it is to have that one (or two/or three - whatever number you can afford) high-quality expensive statement bag. We are talking real stuff, not a faux version that some pretend to wear proudly. Yes, you can happily swing around a cheaper bag but making that one big investment will pay off. Distressed jeans + simple tee + statement bag = l.o.v.e.

My personal number one choice is my Michael Kors (I am the MK girl through and through).
Other gorgeous bags which have their special place on my personal wish list:
Sport Those Sneakers
I'm sure you know that feeling when your heels are nearly killing you and you secretly wish you had your favourite sneakers on instead. Don't be afraid to pair them up with your favourite dress and run your errands looking fab and blister-free.
Waist Tied
A sweater or a denim jacket tied around the waist would give your outfit that pulled together look. Yes, you gave it a thought in the morning and yes, you rock. Talk about the art of layering + having an extra item of clothing for those chilly evenings. Win-win situation.
Cuff Cuff
All genius is simple. Cuff your jeans or pants (skinny or loose, pastel or bright) and you will feel like a model - experience guaranteed! It will not be a breakthrough confessing that all my pants (read: trousers if you are British) are either short or cuffed. Adding those stilettos will make you want to rock the runway.  
Belted Bliss
If Olivia Palermo does it, so should you. I'm not even kidding. It is all about the cinch! It takes a second to put it on but it provides you a whole day of fabulous. Fit your frame and throw a belt over your top and a jacket/coat in a cooler season. It's a sealed deal.  
Mix-and-matching is not a novelty but not many take the plunge and try it out. The best of us can occasionally miss the mark with mixing fabrics, cuts, colours, looks. Practice makes perfect & inspiration is everywhere we look. Take up that mixology class ;)

Hope you found these ideas handy and enjoyed reading this post. 
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