28 October 2015

Bourjois Heathy Mix vs MAC Pro Longwear: Foundation Review

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - Review
Settling back into the routine is not easy after you travel a lot. But I am thankful for such an amazing experience getting to see new places with my hubby and his family. So I am sitting here and reminiscing about holidays and long weekends while cozing up next to a warm radiator and writing this post. Plus, it's raining outside. Coziness overload :) Fab news is that I also managed to take photos for a few future posts this morning because late afternoons and evenings are off limits now. Feels like we live in the Arctic where daylight is a luxury. Fellow bloggers would relate. On a different note, I am bringing a highly-requested post to you today. Do you know that happy feeling when you finally (!!!) find THE foundation? Well, it doubled for me. After having tried numerous products of different amazing (and not so amazing) brands, I can definitely go "Yay!" about these two. Therefore, here's my
Bourjois Heathy Mix vs MAC Pro Longwear: Foundation Review

25 October 2015

Sephora Haul: Trip to Krakow

Sephora Haul
I am excited about sharing this post with you today. It has been highly requested after I told you here about our surprise trip to Krakow for my hubby's birthday & mentioned about my little trip to Sephora on Instagram. I can definitely confirm one thing - when you go to a city which has a Sephora store, you simply can't pass by :) I didn't get crazy amount of makeup (I tried to do my best to keep that under control). But I did get a few amazing bits and pieces that I either already love or wanted to try. Our trip to Krakow for my hubby's birthday weekend was absolutely amazing. My Pacer (I mentioned it in my previous post here) must have broken all the records for the step count (yaaaas!). Last Friday we made over whooping 20,000 steps! This week has been pretty hectic/busy but I am back to blogging and will be posting at least 3 posts a week just like I always did. Today's post is going to be a lovely mixture of the haul with a few photos from Krakow and a short recap from our amazing trip. 

20 October 2015

How To Stay Motivated To Workout

How to Stay Motivated to Workout
So I am back, yay! Sorry for disappearing from your feed and your lovely blogs last week. I got a few messages asking if everything was OK and I couldn't be more thankful for your care and love (which you are actually showing me by reading these lines right now). I do have a valid (and very happy) excuse for being MIA because last week my hubby turned big three o and we had an amazing celebration with his friends and family. Then on Wednesday (his actual birth day) we took off for a long weekend to Krakow, Poland. I had to keep it hush hush since he reads my blog (he's amazing!). So now that we are back and I am slowly getting back into normal routine, I had to let you know that I missed you all + I've been working on a number of very exciting posts that I just can not wait to share! Today's post is one of them. 
Have you ever been pretty good or even amazing with your workouts (or diet) and then snap - something happened to your motivation? Either gradually or immediately you find yourself snacking on candy and thoughts about gym make you want to lie down and take a nap. Yup, we've all been there. Since for a number of months I have been neglecting working out and my diet has been all over the place, I've reached the point when it was time to "re-boot" my whole mindset about workouts and clean eating. So I jotted down these fundamental tips that helped me and, I hope, will help you to start and, most importantly, stay motivated to workout and keep going.

13 October 2015

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Palette + Blushing Hearts review

Makeup Revolution palette
Since this beauty arrived at my door over a month ago, I was determined to give it a go and test it out to write a review and discuss all the yay's and nay's. Pretty much every blogger (especially beauty-loving one) heard about Makeup Revolution palettes and have probably even tried a few. Personally, I read a bunch of reviews on Affirmation and was a click away from buying it when I saw this stunner called Flawless Matte. Even though Affirmation is beautiful, it does have too much shimmer for my liking, so matte shades sounded like something totally up my street! Whenever mister postman delivered this happy mail, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this palette. Also, inside the package there was a lovely surprise. Makeup Revolution included two blushers with it! I couldn't believe it! Excitement overload. NB: this is not a sponsored post, palette was purchased by me and blushers came as a gift (thank you, Makeup Revolution). You will always get nothing less but a genuine review from me on Miel and Mint. 
Let's find out more about my Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette and 
I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts blushers.

9 October 2015

Wedding Planning 101: Bridesmaids Dresses & Beautiful Gowns on a Budget

Having had an awful day at the Acute Care Unit, you tend to give your life a quick look through and start giving thanks. All the tests, including MRI, came clear and I am thankful to the Lord beyond measure that everything is OK. My headaches are less severe and hopefully tablets I was given will get them sorted out and get rid of them completely. Also, such moments make you thankful for family and friends. This man in the above pic who's making a funny face at his bride, is the love of my life and my absolute everything. These two smiling girlies are also so special to me. Friends (real ones) are there for life and nothing will change that. Today's post is dedicated to including those special (girl)friends into your wedding party and making them feel beautiful (they always are, let's be honest) and special on your Best.Day.Ever. Also, you can use these tips and pick out a perfect dress for yourself if you are invited to a wedding as a guest.
Even if your wedding day was years ago, will come shortly or not so soon, take a look at my
Guide to picking out perfect bridesmaid dresses (and not breaking the bank) & 
how to look stunning as a wedding guest :)

5 October 2015

Boots Mini Haul: My Top 7 Essentials

Boots Mini Haul
As some of you may have noticed the absence of much chatter from me or much action at Miel and Mint over the weekend, it is because I've been suffering from awful migraines/sinus headache for a week now. They do knock you out from your normal routine, including blogging. That's why there has been a sofa + minimum screen time + hot tea + fuzzy socks + book + medicines kind of time. However, on Saturday I felt a little bit better in the afternoon (for like a few hours) and my Boots gift card (which I got from my lovely hubby a few weeks ago) was calling my name :) I decided to be smart and not splash out on useless bric a brac / impulse purchases, but instead to make sure and get the staples and a few amazing recommendations from other blogger babes. 
Let's take a closer look at my Boots Mini Haul & my top 7 essentials:

1 October 2015

September Favourites

September Favourites
Can you believe September has ended or am I the only one who didn't get the memo it even started? :) It is officially fall (aka autumn). And I am ready as ever to share my September Favourites with you. There was a number of things I've been enjoying last month and it's so nice to look back and appreciate them once again. It is honestly a mixture of everything and I love it! :) I am excited to see what October brings, and this month is going to be really amazing (hubby's big birthday, 2 lovely trips, Halloween & friends coming to stay with us - can't wait!). 
Not a moment more to wait ;) Let's have a look at my September Favourites!
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