28 November 2015

Must-Have Festive Lipsticks + 1000 followers GIVEAWAY

Calling all Black Friday survivors!!! :) Can you believe how fast the time is flying - December is in 3 days! With that in mind, I wanted to say big thanks to everyone who commented on my last post here to say they'd be here every day if I decided to go ahead with Blogmas. You guys are amazing! However, I did think about it and I am definitely not doing Blogmas this year BUT I am adding extra posts to my usual schedule so yay to that :) Gotta keep quality over quantity ; plus I have already got some lovely things to share with you here so Blogmas or not, we will have fun :) As for having fun, here comes a set of my oh-so-loved lipsticks for this festive season (plus must-have lip balms). Believe me, once you try these lippies, you will be hooked. Stick around to the end of the post - there is a very special giveaway to celebrate my 1000 friends on Twitter & nearly 500 on Bloglovin'!!! #wootwoot

24 November 2015

Let's Get Cozy: ZARA OOTD

This is big in a way lovelies - it's an OOTD post today woot woot! :) I am definitely keeping Miel and Mint a lifestyle and beauty blog and will be adding a bit more fashion and food to the equation. At the end of the day I do hope you will love this fusion of inspiration I was, am and will be bringing to you. As you read in my previous posts and saw on Twitter, I've been away this month quite a lot. I love traveling and being up in the air sometimes relaxes me more than sitting on the couch (can't believe I just said that). BUT it's so good to be back home :) It's been a great month being away here and there but it's lovely to wake up in your own bed and use your favourite mug to make coffee in the morning. It's little things like that. Plus, there are big things. I have missed my hubby while I was away WAY too much. So happy to be back together! I have missed you all as well! I am also making it my mission for the rest of November + December (and onwards!) to be on top of everything Miel and Mint related. Also I am toying with this massive dilemma... which I will ask your opinion on at end of this post. Let's get cozy with Zara now ;)

19 November 2015

My Victoria's Secret Beauty Collection

As many of you know, I have been away yet again. I had no idea this fall would be so travel-heavy. No matter what I am traveling for - fun or work - it's so nice to come back home to my hubby. The amazing thing is we relocated here not so long ago but it does feel like home. Yay for that! Earlier tonight hubby and I went to the town centre to watch the Christmas Parade and Christmas Lights getting turned on. Oh the festive fun! Pure bliss :) Today's post relates to those two words more than anything if we talk beauty. I haven't met a girl/woman who is indifferent to Victoria's Secret and all the goodies the brand has to offer. However, I will not be showing you any personal or intimate pieces from VS (no one cancelled decency), but I will happily share my beauty and miscellaneous stash I use, love and want more of. Let's be honest, it's absolutely impossible to walk past all the endless rows of amazingly-smelling VS stuff. Even my phone got a new sleek plastic treat ;)

12 November 2015

Look and Feel Fabulous: Blanket Scarf Tutorial & Pumpkin Pie Muffin Recipe + Giveaway

Today's post is a very special one as it is my very first guest post, and it couldn't be a more perfect collab. A couple of months ago I came across a fab blog written and run by two lovely sisters Annie & Cat, and have been following Collective Passions since. Today they are sharing something they both love on my blog, and I'm sharing Thanksgiving-inspired makeup tips & tricks on their blog. If you are into blanket scarves and baking (or eating) delicious muffins, make sure to read on. Also, head over to Collective Passions to read Thanksgiving beauty special on their blog. Don't forget to enter an amazing giveaway at the end of this post. Good luck and read on!

9 November 2015

New Makeup I Love This Fall

This fall I have tried a number of different new beauty products I've been either meaning to test out or as a result of "jumping on the bandwagon" :) I picked out three most loved ones (I wanted to include my Makeup Revolution matte palette but I've already done a review on it here). Before we dive into the ode to these beauties, I just wanted to say huge thanks for the support you continually show me on my blog <3 Also, as I am yet to catch another flight (well, technically two flights) tomorrow, I'm multitasking editing this post and packing. These 3 beauty products are definitely coming with me. Follow me on my travel adventures on TwitterInstagram & Facebook. Definitely feeling adventurous because I have 2 Lufthansa flights to catch. Let's hope they will be as scheduled.

6 November 2015

Blogging: How To Be Organised and Plan Your Posts

How To Organise Your Blog
When it comes to blogging, there is no right or wrong about how you stay on top of your game - as long as you do. A few days ago in one of the Twitter chats we were discussing issues related to time and blogging, organising and scheduling. There isn't even a tiny shadow of a doubt how familiar this topic sounds to every blogger. There are so many commitments that we have daily, which makes it almost supernatural to get every little thing done. Blogger's lifestyle is very busy! Do you blog whenever you please or do you plan your schedule? Are you more of a "whenever-it-strikes-me" or "I-got-it-sorted-a-year-in-advance" kind of a blogging girl/guy? If you are struggling with time management and would like to be more organised in your blogging life, read on ;)

4 November 2015

My Thoughts: #EssenaOneill - Social Media Is Not Real Life

Essena O'Neill quits social media
Some people are saying they are sick and tired of #EssenaOneill story and call it fake. Others react with astonishment, and support Essena's new "real" identity. One way or another, this teenage girl from Australia is "trending" on social media. Ironically, I was going to post today about how to stay organised with your blog and give you great planning advice. However, my plan for today changed. I absolutely HAD to share this story and my thoughts on it. "Rookie" or "veteran", each of us, bloggers, wants to keep up the pace. We plan, write, schedule, organise and try to do our best to stay on top of everything. BUT, in my opinion, we must stay alert, aware, "alive" and spontaneous. You can create content 2 years ahead (which is wonderful) but don't make it feel as if it's set in stone + don't be afraid to escape the plan, and that's advice from a planning addict! So in a few days we will get back to the blogging advice on being organised. For now let's get out of the box, go with a spur-of-the-moment, and hopefully learn from the drama surrounding Essena O'Neill, "behind the scenes" of social media and more.

1 November 2015

October Favourites

October Favourites
Aww, I am going to miss October! It's been such a great month this year: lots of traveling (#airportcitizen), my hubby's big birthday celebration and amazing long weekend away + friends coming to stay with us for the Halloween weekend. I loved it so much! Even though we didn't dress up nor went to a themed party/get-together this year, it doesn't make it less of an exciting recap of the month. There is just something so cozy about October. Crunchy leaves on the ground, warm glow of lit candles, suggles under the blanket, the delicious smell of pumpkin-anything... Thank you, October, you were wonderful. I have a good feeling about November and starting to get excited about Christmas. But before we start singing "fa la la la la la la la la" together, let's take a look at my 
October Favourites
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