31 January 2016

Perfect Saturday Afternoon: Baby Doll Coat OOTD

After a full week of being cooped up within four walls flighting flu you start to appreciate small things such as wind in your hair or excitement about a brunch in a lovely tearoom. Those freshly baked scones and multiple cups of herbal tea while people-watching was a great kind of pastime on this cold Saturday afternoon. There are too many things that I love about the weekend. One thing surely beats the scones and hot drinks (or any other goodies that are impossible to say 'no' to), and that is time spent together with my best friend aka hubby. On this bright Saturday afternoon my "Instagram husband" and I decided to make the best of the blue skies and rare winter rays of sunshine. Also, I am sticking to my word and bringing more fashion to Miel and Mint. So this cozy OOTD was born.

23 January 2016

Blogging Tips: Part 2 - How To Work With Brands

I love how so many amazing people on Twitter can become an inspiration source. The muse for Blogging Tips: Part 1 - How To Get Noticed By Brands and today's Part 2 - How To Work With Brands came to me after reading a message. One lovely blogger sent me a DM and asked if I got an email from so-and-so company because "it looks like everyone else did". I told her that I had been contacted by them but not planning to go any further. While there are many ways we can collaborate with businesses and brands, every blogger needs to establish for themselves what route they are willing to take. While one can "make" you, the other one might "break" you. Some might say there's no right or wrong in the ever-changing blogosphere as it's evolving non-stop. Others might reminisce about the "good ol' times" of blogging. Nevertheless, bloggers today (either one wants it or not) are influencers and our voice matters. Working with brands is almost an essential part of showing that voice - in the most honest and genuine way - with the aim to display your expertise, improve your knowledge and skills, share and help. In my last week's post here I attempted to remind us all why you started blogging and how to go down the road of getting noticed with the right motivation behind it. Next move is to learn how to work with brands and businesses in order to help you to represent YOUR brand better and to be a respectful and trust-worthy professional.

20 January 2016

Las Vegas Travel Guide: Adventure Of A Lifetime

Since last week hubby and I have been actively searching for perfect destinations and planning our summer vacation in 2016. It's a very exciting thing but also can be quite challenging: picking a place (or places), finding affordable flights, planing the activities, calculating the expenses, etc. Plus, there are just so many options! We both agreed we want to go across the ocean to North (or South) America (the actual places are still in the process of being figured out). While some say that spontaneity is the essence of pleasure - and I agree with that - it is thrilling to do something on a whim, yet the perfect trip is the one planned out well. That way you are not going to miss out on anything. No one wants to come home from NYC and realize they haven't been at the Times Square. Itinerary plus adventure makes it all happen. By planning it all, you still have to leave room for the impulse decisions and have fun with it. It's what we did when we chose Las Vegas as one of the three locations for our honeymoon. It is an absolute must-visit location and I hope this guide shows you the city in the light it deserves to be presented in. 

15 January 2016

Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Shower Gel Review

Just yesterday I read this gem: "I'm sorry for the things I said when it was winter". Even though I am not a grumpy person at all, I do want winter to be over ASAP. At the same time, please don't consider this cringe-worthy (I know you won't) but I genuinely believe it's great to remain positive and make the best of any situation. That's when a fabulous brand like Crabtree & Evelyn comes to play. On a wet (or a super freezing) winter evening when you find yourself lazing around at home trying to get warm and cozy, there is a special treat you can indulge in. I must tell you two things before we dive into this review - 1) I fell in love with this product & brand immediately & 2) I wish you could lean in right across the screen and smell it. As I am editing this post, I still can sniff out the subtle and mind-blowing aroma (and that's from using this shower gel in the morning). This is definitely a very special treat in a bottle. 

12 January 2016

Blogging Tips: Part 1 - How To Get Noticed By Brands

Blogging Tips - How to get noticed by brands
Inspiration is a tricky (and amazing!) thing. You get your posts scheduled (just like I showed you in my post on BLOGGING: HOW TO BE ORGANISED AND PLAN YOUR POSTS), and then it (aka the "muse") knocks on your mind's door and you know exactly that this material needs to see the world ASAP. This time it came from quite an unusual source - an email from a brand. It was one of those great emails where they use your actual name (major bonus if it doesn't start with "Dear Miel" - it happened). They also listed posts they loved and explained why they were interested in me. I was very thankful for such a professional approach. I was also happy to find out that my blog was valued, and what's more important - for what it is, not in a material way. I decided to share with you TWO posts: Part 1 - How To Get Noticed By Brands and Part 2 - How To Work With The Brands. This topic is all the rage among bloggers (especially new ones), yet it can be pretty sensitive. About sensitivity - this post is NOT going to include: a) tips on how to get attention of the brands (for quick cash/freebies) or b) ways to promote yourself (for quick cash/freebies). I do not support that kind of way of running your blog. Instead I'd like to share my genuine and no nonsense advice on how to get noticed by brands in order to motivate yourself to grow and take your blog to a more professional, fulfilling and happier place. Let's face it, you work hard enough to deserve to be noticed.

8 January 2016

Best Drugstore Foundation: L'oreal, Maybelline & Bourjois review

Just the other day I had a brief chat with one of my friends (who's not a blogger) about this "go-to/holy-grail/best-thing-ever" high-end foundation we both got not so long ago. She was wondering how it was working for me. Without me going into details about it (because a review on it is coming soon), I'll just say this - we ended up agreeing 100% on our favourite drugstore liquid foundation. Beauty bloggers - and every girl who uses makeup - knows the struggle of getting your hands on "the one". After the gazillion shade, brand and bottle you know what works for you and what does the complete opposite. That's why I decided to take 3 of the most raved about foundations and put them to a real test. This post won't be about a quick swatch and description of the formula. After using them for a while (tried, put away, came back to: repeat) here is a genuine review of these 3 foundations by L'Oreal, Maybelline and Bourjois. One of them is my absolute favourite and a big-time winner.

4 January 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

First and foremost, hello :) I have missed you all so much! Sorry about complete silence for over a week. Going away, Christmas, NYE, amazing time with my hubby, our family and friends - the whirlwind of all that meant I had to postpone a few posts and had very little time to spend online. But I am back. Maybe a pound or two heavier (gym is calling my name), definitely happier and well rested, and once again, I have missed you all! Happy New Year!
Where do you even start when a post like this is due? A trip down the memory lane 12 months back can be either enjoyable, challenging or even quite painful for some. There are a few friends of mine whose life was changed completely last year. One of them is in a delivery room as I am editing this. Another one is recovering from the surgery after getting her tumours removed. No matter what your life was like in 2015, there's one thing certain - there was a change. Even if you haven't graduated, got married or bought a house (or experienced thousands of other events), there still was a change. Maybe something dawned on you like a light bulb moment. Perhaps there was a lesson learnt. Balloons and bunting or sadness and tears, here we are at the beginning of the new year. Whatever happened is ours to take on board, remember and be thankful for. You are more "you" now. Gbye, old. Hello, new. 
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