23 February 2016

7 Ways to Start Your Day Positively: What I Do

There are thousands of reasons to why sometimes our day can go "blah". Life isn't always like a walk in the park and things can happen (in the family, at work, at uni, with friends). There could be a specific situation on your mind that worries you or makes you feel helpless. You might feel like this busy lifestyle is taking over you and you never have time. Or occassionally you can simply wake up and you know that the day will go opposite to what you wanted, planned or expected. The good news is there are ways to change it so you can start your day happier and make that positivity stick around. I am planning to infuse a little series of self-development/improvement posts once or twice a month and this one marks the starting point. If you are in a rut or would like to never get into one, here are my tips on how to start your day in the most positive and happy ways to make the best of the next 24 hours.

16 February 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

If you follow my blog for a while you have probably seen a number of posts dedicated to foundations. I just love them! I am always on the hunt for the next best thing that can top my existing favourites. This review has been over 2 months in the making as I wasn't up for gushing over a product I have used once just to share its generic characteristics. We don't roll like that. Before you click "Read More" I have to admit this purchase felt like an absolute must-have. I've read multiple odes of posts and reviews on this foundation. Plus, being a huge fan of the incredible brand that is Charlotte Tilbury I felt compelled to try Magic Foundation. Let's see how my experience panned out.

9 February 2016

Blonde Ambition: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Believe it or not, I used to have gorgeous chocolate'y hair (that usually went light brown'ish after being "sunkissed" in summer). Even though those times are pretty blurry now, I still go "Whoa!" whenever I come across an old Facebook picture of a brunette me. The change happened one day in October 5 years ago when I decided it was time. I got bored of my dark hair a while ago. On top of that, I got out of a (painful) long-term relationship so changing the whole look seemed to be a pretty legit option. My hairdresser advised to go with the transition gently. So thanks to being in hands of a professional, I didn't get my hair bleached right off the bat. Becoming a blonde was a process that took about a year. Then one morning I woke up realizing: "Wow, I am actually blonde now". With new hair came new "responsibilities" aka a lot more maintenance. Little did I know (or maybe I just didn't bring myself to think of it back then) but going light was going cost a lot - literally. I had to do my homework on different hair treatments and care - something that seemed to have been ignored for a good part of my life. I never had super long hair and also have struggled growing out my blonde locks. That is why when Irresistible Me got in touch with me, I couldn't contain the excitement. Here's the review and my personal experience with Irresistible Me hair extensions.


4 February 2016

January Favourites | 2016

So something strange happened about a month ago. I completely blanked out December Favourites. It was nicely written down in my blog calendar spreadsheet and scheduled in my gorgeous blog diary (review and tips are coming soon!) but it just got overlooked. I couldn't let that happen to January because I absolutely love sharing my monthly favourites with you all. How did your first month of the new year go? According to my feed on Twitter and Facebook, a number of people felt like blah in January and were happy it was over. I quite enjoyed month no.1 of twenty sixteen but I did have a bit of winter blues which is probably due to the lack of sunshine (and a few other minor issues). Other than that, January was lovely. I am excited we are now closer to spring and, thankfully, birds feel the same way. Waking up to them chirping outside my window (rather than being startled by my alarm) is great. I need to train myself to wake up before the beeping starts. Now, onto my happy January Favourites.

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