30 March 2016

Blogging 101 Tools: Paper, Excel & Google Analytics

Epic Blog - Blogging tips and tricks for beginners - Blogging Planne
Planning, scheduling and keeping track of the performance and stats is what bloggers do on a daily basis. Unless you have a blog that seconds as your personal diary or you are happy with zero viewers, you probably don't need any planning or tracking. The rest of bloggers can relate to the fact that it's nice when someone reads what you have to say. If one of your goals is to grow your blog, then blogging tools have to be present in your day-to-day life. They are deep-rooted in my everyday routine. There are many instruments that help bloggers keep up the pace but I am not going to go over all the amazing apps and tools today. Instead, I will describe three key ways I use to run Miel and Mint successfully daily: paper (aka planner and to-do lists), Excel and Google Analytics. 


21 March 2016

My First Blogger Event: SK:N VIP Launch Event

SKN Clinic Launch - Chester - Blogger Event
This is a very special post to me (I hope I don't say that a lot haha) because I am about to share all about the very first event where I was invited as a blogger. Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably remember how over a week ago I went to the sk:n VIP Launch event. My hubby joined me as my +1 and it is safe to say he was one of very few men present there. He was such a good sport though. It was a really interesting, educating and fun occasion to attend. I wouldn't call myself a skincare expert or a beautician but I did learn a number of things and was introduced to various great products and treatments suitable for any age or skin condition. Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, all impressions and opinions are my own and 100% genuine. Without further ado, let's dive it. 

17 March 2016

Design Your Own Phone Case: CaseApp Review & Giveaway

CaseApp iphone case - ombre iphone case
How attached to our smart phone are we? This question must have boggled minds of many since the time a portable cell phone became a possibility. If we are realistic, since the moment cell phones transformed into smart phones and acquired a whole range of apps (including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) we were on the hook. On top of that, 5 years ago along came the giant called Instagram. The sheer existence of all available social media accounts/profiles/channels made us voluntarily and consciously become glued to our phones. I spend way too much time on mine than I would like to admit but recently I have started to make positive changes about my "phone time", e.g. no phone at the table (while eating, obvi) and less browsing time in the morning. On top of that I found it easier to just turn it off sometimes and enjoy quality time with my family and friends, watch a movie or read a book in peace and with no distraction. Despite that, I love my phone and I love to "accessorize" it. So today I'm bringing you my phone case creations from CaseApp and a giveaway to design and get your own phone case.

13 March 2016

50 Random Facts About Me

Ok, who remembers those fun questionnaires girls used to write in middle school? I can't be the only one who loved giving answers to hundreds of silly and random questions :) That's why this tag takes me back in time. How well do you know a person behind the blog? I am confident and happy to say that if you have been following Miel and Mint for a while, you know me quite well. You might not know what subject I loved at school (it was English and History, by the way) but you know what kind of a person I am. When my lovely blogger babe Kay of Shoes and Glitter blog tagged me in her post "50 Facts About Me" I knew it would be a fun one to do. I am sorry I put it off for a while but I guess it's better late than never :) Make sure to follow Kay (her blog is amazing!) and click to "view more" to learn a few (well, 50!) very random facts about yours truly.  

9 March 2016

February Favourites | 2016

February has flown by so fast like it never happened. Can't say I want to complain about that. For a while I've just been too excited about March. Even though the spring officially begins on the 20th, in my books it has already started. Last month was quite challenging and tough. At the same time it was good and full of great experiences. Hubby and I got a chance to take a long weekend away and now I can officially tick off a few more places in the UK I've visited for the first time - Windsor, Eton and Reading. Here's the hoping that March and onward will be a hospital-free time and that everyone who needs healing will be brought to their full health and strength. Hoping the spring will be filled with sunshine, laughter, fun and blessings. Ok, now who's up for a little time travel? ;)


4 March 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide & 10 Reasons Why My Mum Is My Bestie

Mother's Day gift ideas
I talked to her about 30 minutes ago and I honestly just want to re-dial her and chat more. I love my bestie aka my momma. How great are mums, right? My perfectly organised Excel spreadsheet has reminded me to publish my February Faves today but I just had to re-schedule it, sneak this one in so I could share some love and appreciation to all the amazing mums and mums-to-be who would happen to be reading these very lines right now. If you haven't yet got a present for your mum or grandma (or any other special lady in your life who's a momma), this last-min (unique and cute) gift guide might be just what you need. Most of the ideas are customisable - there's nothing better than a personal touch in any present. While we are on the subject of being personal, I am also about to share 10 reasons why my mum is my bestie. I could share over 1000 but I better mention those to my mum in person ;)


1 March 2016

Manicure At Home Tips With Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquers and Hand Cream

So it happened about 9 or 10 years ago. But "it" I mean me starting to paint my nails in other colours than clear or all shades of pink (I admit, I still love pink). Horrendous shimmery polishes said their final goodbyes and were happily dumped by yours truly introducing gorgeous glossy finish shades in all possible colours and variations. As time went on my love towards 100+ tones has been shifting according to the season, trend, occasion and, most importantly, my mood. With all of that came a bit of experience in doing my manicure at home. Especially since the spring is in the air (with an extra Leap Day this year - how exciting - also I've just read it Leo Day haha - so true, go Leo!) I thought I'd share my easy tips on how to get a perfect manicure at home featuring these lovely Crabtree & Evelyn spring nail lacquers and Lily Hand Therapy. Let's dive into the spring!
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