26 June 2016

Husband Makeup Knowledge | Tag

Husband Makeup Knowledge Tag, Husband Does Makeup Tag
How much does your better half know about makeup? Well, when I saw BF / Fiance / Husband Makeup Knowledge Tag popping up in the blogging community, I knew I had to involve my main man and put him to this improvised #bbloggers test. To my surprise, he didn't mind answering the questions and we had such a good laugh together. While he knows lots of makeup brands (because I talk about them, obviously), he found many names for different beauty bits and pieces quite funny. The definition of "concealer" was a no-brainer while "strobing" caused a bit of confusion :) Well, let's just say - you will have a good laugh reading his answers. On a different, but related note, as you have probably seen from my Snapchat (mielandmint) or Twitter, I did a little makeup shopping spree so the next post will be makeup related. Stay tuned for it. Meanwhile, enjoy this fun light read & happy weekending, lovelies.

21 June 2016

How To Get a Good Night's Sleep: Hunting For a Perfect Pillow

How to get a good night's sleep, how to find a perfect pillow
I love sleep! I really do. "Off to bed late again, have to get up early". Doesn't this sound way too familiar? Either you are nursing your baby, working on a new project, cramming for an exam or simply stuck in the Instagram browsing loop, those late nights do happen. Since I shared my 7 Way To Start Your Day Positively I have been thinking of doing something similar related to the night routine. It wasn't until we moved house that I knew I had to share my advice on how to get better Zs. Don't get me wrong, because we have been so tired with the move, cleaning, sorting, work and hundreds of items on the to-do list, both my hubby and I have had no problem falling asleep. New bed is comfortable (we are talking mattress) and I am in awe of our cozy duvet. The only struggle that I had came in a form of a pillow. The one that I've been using and loving, went all lumpy and bumpy. I knew it was time to get a brand new pillow but I didn't want to have yet another OK one. I need a perfect one that would suit my "pillow needs". And thus the search has started.

18 June 2016

May Favourites | 2016

May Favourites - Coffee - Breakfast - Flatlay - Miel and Mint blog
Do you remember my Life Lately post, lovelies? Starting from February things weren't easy and you all were so kind, encouraging and reassuring me that everything will pick up. Thankfully, that's exactly what happened! May did come with a few struggles here and there (I am actually dedicating a separate post on something I learnt a big lesson about - lodging related) but we handled it all like champs. Most importantly, we enjoyed last month, had a lot of fun and did loads of traveling. I took 8 flights in 05/2016! It almost felt like we lived at the airport. I do find flying very soothing and relaxing so even the middle-of-the-night jetsetting is amazing in my books. In May one of my big dreams came true when we flew to Norway (here's my Norway Travel Diaries, Part 1 post)! Also, in May I turned a very scary age (again, the post on that is scheduled, can't wait to share with you all). May has to be my favourite month and it never disappoints. 


10 June 2016

Introducing New Travel Series "It's On My List": Norway Travels | Part 1

Things to do in Norway, Place to visit in Norway, Kristiansand, Norway
You know how much I love blogging and would read (and enjoy) everything from a fab recipe or a GRWM post to the makeup reviews and life lately updates. However, my ultimate favourites are always travel related blog posts. I have written a number of them and since there are so many places I have visited and will be visiting, I decided it was time to start the brand new blogging series "It's On My List". What would be the most amazing place to kick off the series than a recap from our recent holiday in Norway? It's a rhetorical question, of course. I broke down our Norway Diaries into 3 beautiful and very different parts which I can't wait to share with you all. Without any more chit chat, let's get into this post and explore Southern Norway together.

4 June 2016

My 5 Skincare Must-Haves

Current Skincare Favourites, Lush skincare, The Body Shop skincare
Before I get into this post and go on in depth about my top five picks, I have to say that I am still exploring the lovely world of skincare after having ignored it completely back when I was a teenager. Either I was lucky to have great skin back then (I really was!) or I simply was into other things (big time straight A goodie student with a fab social life) but it got to the point when my skin has started "asking" for some TLC about 7'ish years ago. First I developed adult acne due to awful stress and, as a result, poor nutrition. Then the oiliness followed by the dryness kicked in topping it up with the "tired-looking" complexion. If the Skin Superman existed, I'd be sending light signals into thin air right away (yes, that's a Batman reference, you got me) :) Anyway, if you are anything like me and your skin suffers from blemishes or simply needs that extra love right now, read on. These 5 are my current must-haves which I am very happy with. I am still exploring so can't wait to share about my new finds and additions to the HG list if/ when those become my staples. Ok, let's dive in.
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