29 July 2016

7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Norway + It's On My List Part 2 "17.Mai"

7 reason to visit Norway
I still can almost sniff out that refreshing salty seaside smell, hear the thumping of the drums and taste the sprinkles on top of a softis cone. Norway, you're not easy to shake off. Your blues and greens look perfectly photoshopped. Your vibe has made me a part of your tribe. And you, my friend, if you have truly got that wanderlust burning inside you, Norway will automatically hop onto the very top of your bucket list. So why would you possibly consider going there? Well, after doing my own research while putting this post together, I even Googled "reasons to visit Norway" wondering if anyone has written anything similar because: a) curiosity, b) SEO and c) to find if there was anyone out there with the same mindset and love for this country. Nearly 90% of my finds were photos (don't get me wrong, stunning photos!) of Norway. There's nothing wrong about that as most of us are all about visualization. There's a "but" though. I craved a little more than a photo. Feed me some background, give me a story, unlock a little secret. Maybe it's too much of PPL catching up talking. As a result, this post was born. Massive thanks to my hubby who shared lots of "inside info" since he lived there for 12 years. The rest is my own findings and observations. La oss gå (let's go)!

21 July 2016

How To Make a House a Home ft. Molton Brown Home Fragrance Goodies

Molton Brown Home Fragrance Collection Ylang Ylang
Moving is never an easy process as much as it sounds like a fun thing to do. One friend of mine moved 12 times in the last 7 years (with his wife and 5 kids!). Another friend changed her abode 3 times in 2 years. When I hear about experiences like that, I am gobsmacked. On the one hand, I admire them for talking about it all so casually like it's no big deal (superhuman skills, right?). On the other hand, it sounds physically and mentally exhausting and I don't know how they are not breaking into tears sharing about it. I had to move twice in the last (almost) 2 years. Being a homely and home-loving person that I am who is all about that comfort and coziness, I have tried and tested what worked for me in order to make a new house feel like home. Molton Brown contributed to that. Let's find out how.

15 July 2016

June Favourites | 2016 + Mini Giveaway (CLOSED)

June Favourites 2016, The Body Shop Giveaway
Better late than never - the saying that is insanely old but still true. My June Favourites are finally here, and boy, they are amazing! Didn't I say the same about my May Favourites? ;) As for the quote, just a few days ago I was listening to this podcast and the person was talking about perfectionism and how destroying it is in so many ways. Being someone who's always thriving to do my utmost best (still fully convinced it's a pretty neat quality) I sometimes tend NOT to do a certain task rather that do it 50% or even 70%. While it's great that I want to give it 101%, things don't get done. What are your thoughts on it? Meanwhile, let's dive into my June Favourites. Summer 2016 started off with lots of rain and gloom. Even though the weather hasn't been on our side (ergo, summer in the UK doesn't feel like summer if you know what I mean), there were still many things I have enjoyed last month. Let me take you on a little trip down the memory lane. Plus, there's a mini giveaway at the end of this post, woot woot! I would love to share a mini set of my favourite body product with one of you, lovelies, for all the support and love you're always showering me with. Big one is coming up shortly!

7 July 2016

Blogging Tips: How To Blog While Traveling

 How to blog while traveling; blogger guilt; blogging and traveling
It doesn't matter if you have been a part of the blogosphere for 5 months or 5 years, sooner or later we all hit the wall with posting and doing all things blogging after being jetted off on a holiday. Most likely it's still doable (and enjoyable!) to share away all the poolside goodness on your Instagram or snap your troubles away when you show off those perfectly tanned hot-dog legs. What about writing, proofreading, photography, promotion, networking etc. etc. etc.? The list goes on. We all know it's hard work but we love it. That's why we make things happen. The very same principle applies when it comes to blogging while you're toasting under the sun in a far far land filled with warm sand, starry nights and limitless mocktails. Here are my 5 tips (that actually work!) on how to keep up the pace, stay on top of everything, avoid blogger guilt and enjoy every minute of your carefree vacay.

2 July 2016

Benefit Ka-Brow! & Ready, Set, Brow! Review

ka-brow Benefit review; ready, set, Brow! Benefit review
If you ask a beauty blogger to choose only one part of their face that MUST be done before they leave the house, I can guarantee that brows would be the top answer. I'd probably have to go for either lashes or brows - anything to have my eyes do the talking :) Now, this next line is going to sound very shocking - I remember those days when brows weren't significant. I know, I know, you might either agree with me because you know what I'm talking about, or you might think what kind of stone age it must have been haha. Long before Cara brought them back, only a few people would pay attention to the brows. And they were not doing it right. If only they had Benefit coming to the rescue. After buying and testing out ka-Brow! and ready, set, BROW! by Benefit for a few weeks, I can give you a little spoiler before we get into the review - I have never tried anything like this duo! That could only mean one thing... <3
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