30 August 2016

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette & 7-Piece Gunmetal Brush Set Review

Crownbrush Under Exposed Palette review, Crownbrush brush set review
Get your eyes (well, eyelids) ready because things are about to get shimmery. While I do enjoy an occasional matte, I can't resist me some sparkle and glitter. Not that I'm obsessed with glittery things, but I wouldn't say a "big fat no" to them. It might be all due to the 'magpie effect'. Sometimes it's physically impossible to walk past a gleaming range of eyeshadows or a row of brightly coloured, well, anything. Just a week ago my lovely friend Emma and I found ourselves browsing through all the gorgeous girly goodies down those enticing makeup aisles in Edinburgh's Jenners while boys were patiently waiting. Basically, we closed the store. As much as I find that will power comes easy to me in order to say no to getting a new lipstick or a palette (I've never been a hoarder), I still admit that it's amazing to get your hands on a shiny new box and start playing. That's why when lovely people of CrownBrush UK got in touch with me and offered to review a palette and a set of brushes, I knew I was ready to play. Let's see how the "game" went on.

24 August 2016

How To Become A Savvy Traveler ft. Campo Marzio + Giveaway (closed)

How To Become a Savvy Traveler
We all have come across this quote which describes the world as a book, and if we were stuck in one place, we basically read only one page. Sounds familiar? If you really have time to spare, scroll up and down the mighty resources of Pinterest. You will definitely notice how most of the quotes on traveling would go hand in hand with "learning", "exploring", "dreaming" and "living". Traveling does wonders to you. It can change your personality, your idea of the world, your perception of others. Never in my life have I met a person who said that going places made their life more complicated or unhappy. It's always the opposite. Traveling seems to have this superpower to get us out of the rut in a heartbeat. While all that is true, being a savvy traveler doesn't come easy. Maybe you're born with it (hat's off to you, superhuman) or maybe you have just worked hard, honed the skill and became a travel pro. Nevertheless, when Campo Marzio* got in touch with me (after browsing through my Instagram travel adventures) and asked me to share my thoughts on how to become a savvy traveler, oh boy, was I excited! They have also kindly sent me this chic little leather travel jewelry case and... drumroll... it's a giveaway prize! I've been planning to publish this post for ages (eeekk!!) and here it is.

17 August 2016

Dainty Jewelry Love: Happiness Boutique Earrings

Happiness Boutique review, diamond stud earrings, leaf stud earrings
I never had a choice whether I wanted pierced ears or not. I was 5 when my mum decided to take me to this salon where a lovely lady gave me a lollipop. 10 minutes later I came out with little gold studs in my 'lobes. Thankfully, I was lucky enough not to bleed much or scream in pain. In fact, I remember that it was quick and I LOVED the final look. When I told my husband this story, he was in panic: "We will never do it to our child!" haha. Let's just put it this way - if I ever wanted to stop wearing earrings, I'd simply take them out and the holes would heal almost lickety-split. I decided to keep them. Since then I have tried and worn all kinds of jewelry: from heavy chandelier to delicate pieces. For over 3 years it's been all about stud earrings. So when Happiness Boutique got in touch with me and offered to try out their pretty goodies, I knew my dainty jewelry collection was about to get a little bit bigger.

11 August 2016

2 Years & 24 Reasons He's The One

Miel and Mint wedding
Do you know the feeling when something you're about to do is so big you have no idea where to begin? I have just raised my hand. So here I am, trying to get my thoughts together while struggling not to sob the happy tears. Two years ago I was wearing this stunning white dress. Two years ago he shed a little tear when he saw me wearing it (sorry I spilled the beans, baby). Two years ago we said our "I do's" forever. These two years (as well as the last five - since the day we met) have been the most magical, blissful and perfect. If you asked me to list top 5 most important days in my life, August 12th 2014 wouldn't only top it all. It's off the charts. It is its own chart, list and level. Plus, he is THE ONE. How do I know? If you're ready for more cheese, stick with me and read on.

8 August 2016

MUFE 7 Rouge Artist Lip Palette Review

Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette in Coral Review and Swatches
There is one thing I always skipped in my makeup routine since I was a teenager (probably up to my mid-twenties). Sit down and hold on tight because this might be painful, girls. Yes, as you most likely have guessed by now, I am talking about a lipstick (or any lip product per se) apart from a lip balm. Gasp, IKR?! Then one glorious day everything changed. I had to take part in this work related gig where we had to wear all black and a red lipstick was a must. Do you know how sometimes you try something for the 1st time and nail it? It's safe to say it's almost impossible to repeat that first successful go. It happened to me when I first tried a messy bun look (worked like a charm - that one time!). So you can imagine my surprise when I LOVED how red lipstick looked on me. Fast forward to today. Even though you won't see me wearing a lip product every single time I go outside, you will definitely spot me rockin' a nude shade or something on the more-wearable-during-the-day side. I love my brights, especially reds, and my insanely pigmented mattes but on special occasions or when I feel like it. Enters Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Palette*.

4 August 2016

Miel and Mint is ONE! + Blogiversary Giveaway (Closed)

Miel and Mint is ONE, giveaway
Honestly, I have to pinch myself every time I think about it or say it out loud. My little blog-baby is ONE today! I properly started writing (and promoting) in September last year but August 2015 will always be special in a very humbling way. I remember when I first hit 50 views in one week I was on cloud 9 (most of those views were probably myself and my hubby haha). Now Miel and Mint is doing 5 digits and I couldn't be more thankful for all the support I have been getting throughout this year. So many amazing connections and friends made, new things explored and fun blog posts written. I especially appreciate you sticking by me when times were tough and I could barely squeeze out 3 posts a month! You guys are incredible. To celebrate my first milestone I decided to run this giveaway as a little thank you for being so ahhhmazing. Ok, who's ready to take a stroll down the memory lane with me? 

2 August 2016

July Lifestyle & Beauty Favourites | 2016

July Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites
Yesterday morning I jumped out of the bed like a rocket when my annoying alarm ring tone was just starting to go off. Not sure why all of a sudden I was so wide awake but it doesn't happen very often. Nevertheless, the first thing I saw when I looked at my phone was this random email with a recommended tweet saying "Only 145 sleeps left". Apparently, gmail must have thought I couldn't wait for Santa's visit. I have to admit, I AM one of those people who could watch an occasional Christmas movie in summer (please don't report me to any services) but this post isn't about that. August is here which means it's time to get my bum in gear and share all about my July Favourites before month #8 is finito. August is uber special in my life (since 2014). In 10 days hubby and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary (woohoo!). Time really flies when you're having fun :) Couldn't be more blessed to call him mine. More about all the romantic lovey-dovey stuff on August 12th. Now, let me take you on a little adventure back to lovely July.
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