27 October 2016

Spectrum Collections Brushes | Marbleous 12 Piece Set Review

Spectrum Brushes You Look Marbleous 12 Piece Set Review
Solid 10+ years ago I decided to buy my very first "makeup brush". Back then I was surviving (literally) on my scholarship and a part-time job which, combined, "kept me busy" for 12 hours the least each day. My parents did their best to help but it wasn't easy, so very often I'd make a transfer to them and cut out dinners for that week. It was a tough time but it taught me a lot about the value of money, time and relationships. While trying to juggle all that, just like any girl, I was interested in all things beauty. Previously, I shared my experience of getting my first foundation in this post. Now, back to that "makeup brush" I mentioned (quotation marks are necessary haha). It wouldn't be a surprise that it was quite cheap (score, right?) but also it was the only option available. Needless to say, it was absolutely horrible and didn't do anything. Only about 4 years ago I got my first PROPER brush (it was MAC Buffer Brush 182) and I was on cloud nine. A lot has changed since then. I learnt a lot more about makeup and skincare. I tested many different products. I started a blog where I can share my thoughts with you guys. So when iconic Spectrum Collections got in touch with me and asked me to review their brushes, I was just as excited as I would've been 10+ years back. I am so humbled and thankful for this amazing opportunity to share my review with you all. If you're on a hunt for a perfect set of makeup brushes, you are in for some treat!

19 October 2016

September Favourites | 2016

September Favourites chalk board flatlay
My September kicked off with a flight in a double-deck plane heading to hot Dubai. It was a month when I tried many new things, stepped over that thin line between I-am-terrified-of-this and I-am-going-do-it, got a great tan and made the best memories. The best part? Getting to share all that with the person I love (aka the guy who's sitting across the room from me as I am typing these lines, also known as "the one who put a ring on it"). September has always meant a fresh start to me. Maybe it's the echo from my teaching days (I ran a foreign languages centre) as it was the start of the new academic year. Stationery had to be bought, new lesson plans drawn, business objectives set. Nevertheless, summertime has always made me very chill (nothing wrong with that) but, once the 9th month rolls in, I pop my thinking cap on, pull out my planner and get those goals set. Jokes aside, I function better in the fall and I seem to stick to my objectives much more effectively than, say, in January. Once again, it's that time when I take you down the memory lane and have a look back at my September Favourites. Join in for the ride - it will be worth it.

12 October 2016

Skincare Wishlist | Cleanse Your Skin (Properly)

Skincare Wishlist | How To Cleanse Your Skin (Properly)
There is one thing that I've learnt over the years of dealing with my complexion issues. It's the harsh truth (and it's OK to say it out loud). Clear skin is a luxury. My previous post has provoked amazing discussions and one-on-one messages with so many of you. I loved it! Even though the article was all about my current go-to high-end base makeup favourites, we dived deeper and chatted about our skin troubles, shared how to stand strong and win those battles. So when I say that clear skin is a luxury, I mean that you might be the happy "owner" of those "flawless" genes and "peaceful" hormones :) Thankfully, no matter what complexion you've been gifted with, cleansing it is not a given. It's great news! It means that some self-help and the right products can make a big difference. When I decided to put together this skincare wishlist, I decided to go for mostly cleansing products. I handpicked each item very (very!) carefully and have given it a good thought and done a lot of research. So today I am going to share my personal 10 picks that I genuinely crave (oh so much!) and cannot wait to test out (Santa, take a mental note, please). 

6 October 2016

High-End Base Makeup For Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Base High-End Makeup for oily and acne-prone skiny
There used to be times when the word "makeup" associated in my mind only with something I could use to cover my perfect imperfections. I remember using my very first drugstore foundation like it was yesterday (it wasn't the best one, by the way). Only back then, it was all I used (and a mascara). Good ol' simple times. It's insane to see how far the beauty industry - and my makeup knowledge/stash - has come. While I still enjoy my favourite dupes, there is a number of high-end products I couldn't have more love for. From my early 20s I have been having a somewhat "problem skin". Breakouts, caused by hormones and stress, and the lack of understanding what to do in order to treat and prevent them (my sweet momma was doing her best to help me), all led to a bit of scarring left on my cheeks. Currently, my skin is being my friend and doesn't act up badly, even though I do get an occasional spot. It is usually oily but goes dry during colder seasons. Basically, you get an idea - it's quite a handful. That's where my favourite high-end base makeup favourites come to play. Their "life mission" isn't only to conceal whatever needs that perfect coverage, but also to make sure that my skin is breathing and reacting well to the ingredients. Here's the magic trio!
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