29 November 2016

October Favourites + 5000 Twitter Followers Giveaway

October Favourites, Spectrum brushes
This post is so due it's unreal. Before we roll into December, let me take you all the way back to October. It was such a great month filled with warmth, quality family time, multiple cups of hot chocolate and my first Christmas movie of the season (yes, I start early!). Excuse the late arrival but it comes bearing gifts. I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to every single one of you who supports me on my blogging journey and is just plain nice to me. Many thanks for following me on Twitter and making it possible to say I have 5000+ friends there now! Wow! What better way is there to celebrate it than running a lovely giveaway. Beauty and makeup goodies won in the poll I ran. I'm sure you've all been nice this year so one of your will enjoy a super lovely beauty. So let's jump into my October Favourites without any more delay.

25 November 2016

Black Friday Deals Not To Miss

Black Friday deals not to miss 2016
I experienced Black Friday night shopping spree first hand about 10 years ago. I was studying in the US at the time. It's safe to say that once was more than enough! I never went Black Friday shopping at night again. It's brutal. What I do enjoy so much more is sitting in the comfort of my home clicking away through different deals and having all the goodies come to me. No rush, no crowds, no stress. Also, I decided to dedicate a separate blog post to share my top 8 websites where I am going to be browsing a lot and getting a thing or two half-price. I took time to search for the best deals and pick my favourites items from each website, and I hope you will fall in love with them just as much as I did. Time to get some shopping done! NB: some of these are running discounts up until Monday but there are those that end on Friday night. It is quite overwhelming to be under that invisible ticking timer but we can do this together. Put your phone on silent, make a cup of coffee, get your wallet, cancel all arrangements for the next few hours and let's shop!

20 November 2016

Good Girl Carolina Herrera Perfume Review

Good Girl Carolina Herrera Perfume Review
Before I get into some kind of an intro or my initial thoughts about this perfume, let's just pause and stare. How absolutely STUNNING is this stiletto / perfume bottle?! It takes the most gorgeous item on my dressing table award by right! Now, let's go back to that intro and then we will jump straight into the review because I know you'd want to see and read more about this beauty. First and foremost, I have to admit that I never "buy" something (literally and metaphorically) when I see a commercial popping up on TV promoting it on the loop. My reaction is usually the opposite. It wasn't the case with this stunner. While hubby and I were in Dubai for our 2nd wedding anniversary, Carolina Herrera launched 'Good Girl', and gorgeous Karlie Kloss was looking at us from every screen at The Dubai Mall. Since I was hoping to get a perfume there anyway, my plan was to go for a "safe" choice and treat myself to my all time go-to favourite Miss Dior. Hubby, thankfully, thought differently, (because he noticed how mesmerized I was at the look of the Good Girl bottle!) and suggested to try it (he's a keeper). Needless to say, it was love at first sight. The rest is history.

14 November 2016

How To Overcome FOMO: 7 Steps That Actually Work

Fall OOTD, Miss Selfridge biker jacket, pom pom hat & blanket scarf - How To Overcome FOMO - Miel and Mint blog
If you've had my name popping up from time to time on your social media feed, you've probably noticed something in the last couple of weeks. Utter silence and the lack of posts/updates on my end. I wouldn't say it was planned because, as you might know, I was away and had no wifi for over a week (I know, oh the horror!). A number of people told me on Twitter that it was the "blogger's worst nightmare". Couldn't second that quicker. At first, it almost put me into what-do-I-do-with-my-life-now mode. Because, let's face it, in one way of another, we are all dependent on wifi/social media/internet in general. Another aspect of being offline hit me even harder. "How do I keep up?" FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a very real thing. It can be quite destructive and harmful. Especially so, when you put yourself out there as a blogger, a YouTuber or a social media persona. The cure is out there though. Despite the fact that I did miss certain Twitter threads, latest Instagram updates, lost some followers who couldn't/wouldn't possibly stick around because I was "quiet", I came out of it feeling on top of the world because I won the battle. If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information, events, things to do and all kinds of news, turning off might sound like a scary option. That's when this guide comes in and FOMO leaves defeated.
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