29 December 2016

Travel Wishlist: 5 Cruise Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List

5 Cruise Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List
2016 has been quite a tough year but it was absolutely incredible in the travel department. We have visited 3 most immense destinations of the world: Norway, Dubai and the USA. I can't complain - traveling was at the top of our charts. As for "cruising", it has always been on my list when it comes to a good ol' travel bucket list. While we are still deciding where to go in 2017 (so far we just know it will be something big!), cruise trips are always in the back on my mind. My sister-is-law in currently on one in the Caribbeans exploring CocoCay's turquoise waters and enjoying the quaintness of this beautiful private island. There are just so many out-of-this-world destinations on our planet and my bucket list is already miles long. So when Planet Cruise* got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in writing a post about my very own dream cruise destinations, I was given "green light" in letting my imagination run wild. I spend a few days browsing through multiple cruise lines and researching different voyage options until I was ready to share these breathtaking 5 cruise destinations worth the pickiest bucket list owner. You'd never regret these nor would you ever be able to forget them.

18 December 2016

How To Stick To Your Goals In 2017 + Giveaway

How To Stick To Your Goals in 2017
We've all been there. Every year it's the same ol' story. We "start over" in December, January, September or today! There is that oh-I-am-actually-working-towards-my-goal time frame and then poof, and your zeal is gone, progress is forgotten, goals are transferred into "resolutions" or that "some day" list. How can I do it differently so I can get where I want? Is there some kind of a special trick or a magical fix when it comes to actually achieving your goals? No, not really. It's hard work, big changes and a whole lot of happiness that comes as a result and a big lovely bonus. Here are 6 steps which will make you stick to your goals in the new year. If one of your goals is to have the prettiest planner in town, you might want to 'stick to the end'. There's a very special giveaway that will make you fall in love and improve your life thousandfold.

13 December 2016

Beauty, Fashion, Home & Misc. Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas
A few weeks ago I took part in a Twitter chat dedicated to all things Christmas. Boy, was I surprised when I read that about 45% of fellow bloggers have already got their presents all done and dusted before December. Superhumans. It's not that I like to get my Christmas shopping done last minute (it's a nightmare!) but I'll admit, this year I am a bit behind. And guess what, it's OK. Even if you're in a mini panic mode at the moment thinking you've got nothing, use this guide to give you those last minute killer ideas which will save the day. From stocking stuffers to luxury gifts, my beauty, fashion & home/misc. ideas might come in handy this holiday season. Without further ado, let's jump in. Make it an 'add-to-basket' kind of day to get those last-min presents sorted out so even Santa would be impressed by your skills.

4 December 2016

7 Ways To Relax or What To Do On A Lazy Day ft. Jack Wills

How to relax, what to do on a lazy day, Jack Wills joggers
Things get busy way too often, and we end up forgetting to relax or let ourselves actually enjoy some lazy time. What's even worse is the guilt when the day is over and you feel like you've done nothing but watched a gazillion YouTube videos. By the way, there's nothing wrong at all with having days like that from time to time (if you have the sheer luxury of having those). If you're anything like me, when you know that "down time" is coming up, most likely you'd want to plan it and keep more or less productive. If your big plan of the day is to binge watch Christmas movies, you do you. If your day off is your only chance to catch up with work, go for it. There's that fine line between the two, that perfect forever sought-after balance. So here are 7 things you can do which, in my opinion, will help you achieve that sweet work & play ratio.
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