27 April 2017

6 Unique Spa Treatments That Are Worth Trying

6 unique spa treatments that are worth trying
I will start this post by confessing that my very first spa visit happened only 4 years ago. Also, it included one of the treatments I will talk about below, which was, by the way, out of this world. While I would also love to tell you I am a frequent goer (who would not want to be one?!), a spa visit is more of a treat than a part of my "everyday routine". At the same time, I am an ambassador and supporter of all things pampering and treating yourself whenever you can. We all need it. We all deserve it. And since spa treatments have expanded beyond a head/back/neck massage, I thought it would be a great idea to single out 6 unique spa treatments that are worth trying (at least once in your life). Warning: you might want to book one of these ASAP if it's available in your area. I can't blame you. I am about to do the same. Grab a cuppa and let's have some chill out time.

10 April 2017

What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love With Your Home

I've always been a home-loving person. Even when I was a teenager (and my friends would be out every night), I would find staying at home a lot more fun. Maybe it was due to the fact that I never was a "wild child" or maybe I simply really loved the cosiness of the home where I grew up. It was tiny but it was everything I needed. I know this might sound too mushy but love lived there (still does), and it's enough. Since leaving my parents' house, I've moved 5 times. Some places were great, some were far from ideal. I think, no matter where you live, you have most likely thought about a better place/location/room/lighting/space and whatnot. We all sometimes fall out of love with our homes. The good news is it's possible (and doable!) to make your home a place you feel the most comfortable in,where you enjoy spending time and just love to pieces. 

5 April 2017

My Spring Makeup Essentials | 2017

Spring Makeup Essentials
It's not a secret that in my books the spring rolled in on the 1st of March. Once March starts, it's springtime (and no, it doesn't matter that there is snow or rain outside). Not only do we switch up our wardrobe essentials and have long tearful goodbyes with our blanket scarves, spring means it's about time to jazz up our makeup bag contents. Even though there are items in my stash that I am loving all year round, I do make a few important changes as soon as we are finished with winter. Let me show you what stays and what goes, and share my personal goof-proof picks for sunny spring makeup. Here's the hoping the sunshine is here to stay.
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