10 Summer Essentials

It’s been a long time coming but it’s
finally here – my first post. After having spent years (and years!) reading blogs, it finally hit me – I want my own blog! Writing relaxes me so much and it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. Sharing, getting to know the community, enjoying being a part of it makes it even more special, doesn’t it? I am absolutely ecstatic to start my own
blog and for it to be my little happy nook where I can share things I love with
you guys. 

So hello, my name is Nadia aka Miel
and Mint author.

This little corner of mine on the
internet is going to be about all kinds of things that display my many
interests: lifestyle and daily life, home-organizing-planning-design related
goodness, tips and faves of my beauty and fashion passion…and maybe
an occasional cheeky post on food and cooking (Mary Berry, you are

That is probably it for a
little intro. 

You will definitely get to
know me much better in the future, I promise #besties

any more chatter, here are my 10 Summer Essentials:


1. A great “light” read type of a book is ideal for
summertime. I am really enjoying “Always a Bridesmaid” by Lindsey
Kelk at the moment (purchased here – Always
a Bridesmaid
).It’s funny and simply adorable. I know I’m going to
“miss” the characters once I turn the last page – oh the feels!

2. Body Mist: in summer you might want to switch your favourite
perfume for a body mist (during daytime) which has a lighter scent but is still
incredible. I love my Wild
at Heart Body Mist by PINK

3. If you are anything like me and constantly
forget/lose/accidentally-sit-on-your-sunglasses type of a person, you might
want to “invest” in a pair that does the job but doesn’t break the
bank. Currently I like to wear these sweet and inexpensive mirrored aviators
purchased off my beloved Amazon.

4. Baby Lips
by Maybelline
: affordable, perfect for rescuing dry lips and I love the
fresh and “tingly” feeling on the lips after applying this lovely
little lip balm. 

5. Pack a nice bikini
whenever you go places that promote salt in the air and sand in your hair. My
absolute fave bikini is this colourful 2-piece beauty by Rip Curl. I couldn’t
find the exact one I have – it was purchased last year from Surfdome:
I am now browsing through the new collection – stunning!

6. Stay
hydrated. Tip: put a slice or two of lemon into your water. It doesn’t just add
a bit of fruity taste to it but helps you to get rid of those nasty toxins and
boosts your immune system (don’t get me started on how much I love lemons!
haha). My bottle is Live Love Dream by Aeropostale. {I got mine in the Aero
store in NYC so I don’t have the link to the exact bottle that I have}

7. Comfortable and a bit
distressed + fun pockets = perfect shorts for summertime. My favourite pair is
from Zara.

8. How many T-shirts is too many? This one by PINK is my
newest addition and is already one of my favourites. Neon yellow/green bits –
yes, please, thank you. It looks clean, comfortable and perfect for that casual
summer look.

9. Your
makeup will not “melt” or “cake-up” if you apply it
correctly and most importantly – set it. Scindinavia
Makeup Finishing Spray
 is refreshing and helps it all to stay in

10. Summer
is the time to try out those bright nail polish colours. Make sure to pick
something that doesn’t require multiple coating and dries very fast.

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