5 Things I Learned in My First Year of Marriage

Miel and Mint blog - Wedding of Nadia and Thomas

What God has joined
together, let not man separate. {Matthew 19:6} 

This post is very special for me to write
since last week we celebrated our 
First Anniversary. One thing I have to say right off the
bat – it is not going to be a generic post about all the must-do’s or these
broad and vague pieces of advice on marriage. This is my genuine and personal
experience I would like to share with you.

1. Love grows.

You think/know/feel you love that special
someone. That’s beautiful! What absolutely has blown my mind about my
husband and myself in our first year of being married is that love has
grown, grows and it keeps on growing. Your heart just explodes with love for
your significant other, and when you think you couldn’t possibly love them
more, you break that self-set “limit” over and over again.

2. His character.

Dating is exciting! All those butterflies
fluttering away in your stomach as you get ready in front of the mirror trying
on one outfit after another. Sweaty palms when you see him and talk to him.
Late nights chatting away wishing sunshine doesn’t break it off and you
wouldn’t have to think about having to go, getting ready for school/work and
storing those butterflies for later. Well, it gets better! When you marry the
love of your life, you get so much more than flutters, you get to know (really
get to know!) your best friend. I have learned million amazing things about my
husband after we got married. Not just the things he told me but things he
is constantly showing and proving with his behaviour. I am truly

3. I can cook!

Any of my friends or family would tell
you that I have always claimed that number one thing I am terrible at is
*drumroll* cooking. I never cooked (well, very seldom). I never enjoyed making
food or trying out new recipes, let alone spent more than 10 minutes in my
kitchen. However, I made a groundbreaking discovery after I got married – I can
make edible meals (honestly, they taste great!) and, what is even better, my
husband really loves my cooking! I will sum it up like this: imagine a man walking
on the moon – yes, that equivalent of an achievement. 

4. Marriage is an empty box (which you
fill together).

I think the author of that statement is
Unknown. Though I completely support the meaning behind it and I
have understood it from my own experience. A lot of people
believe (including some of my dear friends) that when they get married, they
will get and find everything they’ve been looking for, all nice and ready for
them to take out of this gorgeous imaginary box a marriage represents:
love, friendship, understanding, comfort, future… list goes on.
Nevertheless, you start off with an empty box which you and your spouse fill
together – with love, friendship, understanding, comfort, future and anything
else you put into it. Building the relationship together and investing all of
you into it, will provide you with the “box” full of beautiful

5. I am having the most fun I’ve ever had
in my entire life.

If you asked a 16-year old me what I
thought about marriage/married couples, I would probably tell you that they are
sitting on the sofa wearing sweatpants and being bored out of their minds. Haha
silly teenage me! I have traveled to numerous corners of the world, been to the
most amazing parties, spent the best-time-ever with my friends and family…
had the time of my life, as someone could say. All of that – pre-marriage. And
then… you get married and it hits you – WOW, all of that before was awesome,
but NOW I am having the best time of my life! 🙂 I honestly have never had so
much fun as I am having being my husband’s wife. We travel the world together
(sharing those feelings can’t compare to anything else), we have
I’ve-laughed-too-much sore tummies when we hang out with friends and we enjoy
each other’s company more than anything. I thought I smiled a lot before 🙂

There are definitely over 100 more things (more like
thousand) I could mention in this post but that could come up to a book 🙂 All
I want to say is marry someone you know you can’t wait to fill that
“box” with. Be strong together, grow in love together and have fun

Miel and Mint blog - Wedding of Nadia and Thomas

I have found the one whom my soul loves. {Song of Solomon

Thank you so much for reading this personal little post about
my own experience. It is a special one for me. I loved sharing it with you.
Leave a comment about what your marriage has taught you or what you hope it
will, once you get married, or simply share a little kind thought. 

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