August Favourites

Only 4 & a half
days to go of beautiful summer 2015… I thought it would be great to sum it up
with my August Favourites this year. There is an open suitcase sitting in front
of me on the floor, waiting to be packed. So excited to catch a little bit of
sun before rolling into the fall. I can’t wait to see what it brings. 

further ado, here are my 
August Favourites.

This, without
a doubt, has to be one with the water (sticking to the summer theme here). I
will most likely have beaut beach photos to share later on. However, there is
one particular place we (hubby and myself) discovered. I’ve never been to
Wales, nor could even imagine how beautiful it was. I loved a little walk down
the pier despite a bit chilly weather. Presenting to you Llanudno, Wales. 

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One item I have
definitely used every single day this month (and throughout the
summer) is 
Two Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer. It applies smoothly.
Easily blendable. This bronzer is absolutely wonderful, it lasts for ages
and gives your skin that beautiful summer glow.

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I’m going to go for
favourite footwear! To make it even more chill, I will pick my favourite pair
of flip flops. It’s August Favourites so it’s completely justified 😉 I just
love these 
Roxy Tahiti V Flip Flops (they are also on sale at the moment!).

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Being a movie buff,
this is one of most difficult questions to answer. Although, if we are talking
August (too bad it’s not July, then I would say “Minions” haha) and
if I had to pick among the films we watched at the movie theater, I would
go for “Vacation”. If you were growing up watching Chevy Chase’s
& Griswold family adventures, you will love this one a lot! Ed Helms was absolutely


This is one of my
favourite categories and the choice is not easy. However, I confess that this
summer I have enjoyed too many cinnamon swirls at Starbucks. Do I feel guilty?
Not one bit. 

Cinnamon Swirl

Have you ever
watched The Bachelor? Do you remember that nasty guy Juan Pablo who was the
bachelor in Season 18? Anyway, this is not about him. It’s about one of the
sweetest girls who was on the show – Renee Maynard (maiden name: Oteri). It is
so nice things have worked out for her and she’s happily married with two beautiful
kiddos. Last night as I was listening to her interview on her latest pregnancy
with baby Jax, I tweeted about it, and she “favorited” my tweet! Call
it a fan girl moment, but I honestly think this woman is incredible! Major
“wow” moment and it made my day. I wish we were friends in real life
🙂 Btw, are you following me on 
Twitter? 😉

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Our Anniversary. My
most favourite day of August, despite all the amazing and fun things we did, is
August 12. It was amazing to look back at the year we have been married and
appreciate everything all over again. I love my husband to bits and look
forward to many many many many many (!!!) more years of our happy married life.

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What are your
August Favourites? 

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