Back to School: The Ultimate Checklist

Even though I am a
university graduate and it happened a lot time ago, I am exciting to write this
post. Back to School time of the year is almost as exciting as Christmas. Why?
One reason: stationery! 🙂 Not that I didn’t like going back to school after
summer holidays (I actually really did!). However, shopping for new pencils and
new notebooks is So.Much.Fun. Stationery is not just “stuff” you get
in order to use it. It can be inspiring (!) and it can easily put you in a
better mood when you colour-code in that brand new lovely notebook or get to
make that sentence stand out with a spanking new funky-looking highlighter.
Even your busy class schedule doesn’t bother you because hey, you get to jot
those hours in with your new gorgeous pens! Fellow stationery addicts, you know
exactly what I am talking about! Even if you don’t go back to school (HS,
college, uni), these items would always feel welcome in your handbag, because:
a) you might need; b) they are cute! I think B wins. 

Here’s my
Back to School checklist (stationery edition):

  • Planner is
    definitely essential (at least, it was/is to me). It keeps that busy
    schedule of yours organised and helps you remember important
    dates/appointments/commitments and that upcoming holiday 😉 Also, you can
    decorate your planner the way you want to. Sky’s the limit!
  • Notebooks are perfect for taking notes in class or at work. Spiral ones
    work the best for me because they are just more handy to use. Note to
    self: must learn how to start using those gorgeous notebooks that look too
    precious to write in them.
  • Ring binders take organisation to the next level. If you get a lot of
    paperwork or need a way to get those bills/certificates/random papers (you
    name it) in order, ring binders would be a great solution.
  • Subject dividers work perfectly for a) diving subjects
    (moment of revelation! haha) and b) serve the dividing purpose in your
    ring binder to separate the sections (for example, 1) home; 2) work; 3)
    car etc.).
  • Index cards and sticky notes: I can never have enough of these (while
    having more than enough!). They do an amazing job at helping you to get
    that speech sorted, those tricky test questions learned, and sometimes the
    only way you remember to make that hair appointment is when you label your
    every room with bright post-its.
  • Pencil case is a great home to those gorgeous new pens, pencils
    and markers
     you have. The variety is endless and you can go wild
    picking one out. I don’t know how big your writing tools collection is but
    mine could probably cover a lifetime of 100 people scribbling away
    all day every day 🙂
  • Hole puncher would come to use when you need to keep those papers secure
    inside your ring binder. There are many types of hole punchers: manual,
    electric, 4-hole, 3-hole, 2-hole and single-hole. Pick one that suits your
    needs the best.
  • Erasers and sharpenersscissors and cutter knivesstapler
    and staples
     are very much self-explanatory items. Small tip: I
    wouldn’t carry a cutter knife with me (same goes for scissors and
    staples), to be honest. It can stay at home and serve its purpose
  • Highlighters and washi tape: I admit I haven’t fallen on the washi tape
    bandwagon yet, but I hear it’s a fun ride 🙂 Though, I’ve seen such a wide
    range of them used by people, and they do look amazing. However, I
    love highlighting. That, and colour-coding.
  • Calculator might sound like a pointless item since
    the majority of us have smart phones. Nevertheless, I personally prefer a
    nicely-designed stylish calculator that helps you get those numbers right
    – even if you are a Maths genius and can calculate big in your mind (I
    take my hat off to you, btw).
  • Small notebook: why do you need it if you have a bunch of
    bigger ones? It’s easier to carry it around and pull it out to jot down
    those notes or thoughts quickly. It is a fab tool for any blogger to
    have at all times: ideas, ideas everywhere…


Hope you enjoyed this post and the Back to School
checklist which I made myself according to my personal needs and preferences.
Paperchase images are used for inspiration only, this is not a sponsored
post. I wish, right? 🙂

in your Back to School checklist

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