Fantastic Four: Best Drugstore Makeup Products

A friend of mine
once told me that she uses only luxury beauty products and would never even
consider going to the drugstore to do makeup shopping. Nevertheless, when she
saw me wearing my eyeliner, she asked if it was Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof
Long-Lasting eyeliner. It wasn’t. She also noticed the texture of my powder and
wondered if it was Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder. Even though I love
those brands, but no, it wasn’t. I would like to share with you my 
Fantastic Four straight
from your nearest Boots, Superdrug, Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy. 

I re-purchased
these four little gems multiple times and excited to share my genuine review of
each one of them:


Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Concealer

[shade: Ivory]

The Good: This little
“magic” pencil has traveled back into my makeup bag so many
times I can’t even remember. It’s got amazing coverage (medium to full). Its
texture is light and goes on super smooth and blends in perfectly. Boots and
Tesco make their profit of me buying it over and over again 🙂 I absolutely
love this concealer and will be re-purchasing it when mine is finished.

The Bad: Can’t think of anything bad to say about this product, apart
from the fact that it finishes way too quickly (if you use it as much as I


Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner

[shade: Blackest Black]

 This is without a doubt one of my favourite liquid eyeliners
of all times! It stays on all day (if you don’t cry – happy tears, hopefully),
it goes on perfectly and it doesn’t dry too quick so you’re able to re-apply
and fill in those little areas no problem. Even if you are not the world’s best
liquid eyeliner applier (just like me), you still would enjoy this little guy
and come back to it whenever you want that dramatic cat eye.

Smudges a bit if we are talking all day. Also, do not cry while
wearing it. Just don’t 🙂


Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Cat Eyes

[shade: Glam Black]

The Good: I’ve
been using this mascara for at least 4 years and it is always my no.1 among all
drugstore mascaras. It’s got that “claw” brush which helps to
separate the lashes perfectly. My eyelashes are naturally curly but this
mascara makes them POP even more! Love it, love it, love it!

The Bad: Dries quicker than its high-end
relatives but easy to bring back to life by adding just a little bit of water
and leaving it overnight or eye drops and it’s alive (imagine I said it in
Frankenstein’s voice lol).


Maxfactor Crème Puff Pressed Powder

[shade: Medium Beige]

The Good: It
is the best thing ever! I’ve used it for YEARS and YEARS and it proved to be
amazing every time. It stays on all day, doesn’t cake up and gives that lovely
matte finish. I normally would just add a bit of shimmer with my Too Faced bronzer and
the finished look is perfectly polished.

The Bad: Nada (Nothing).

Hope you enjoyed reading this post about my “Fantastic
Four” 🙂 I can definitely recommend trying out all of the listed
products. They never disappointed me and I hope you will like them as well.

What is
your favourite drugstore makeup?

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