Weekend in Cardiff – Get Your Rugby On


Never in a million years I could imagine I would be traveling beside my husband across the UK exploring the country. Being a Ukrainian girl who never even could dream of visiting Great Britain, every trip like this is special. Even now, having settled here and the UK became my home, I still get so excited about seeing new places. To be honest, I never want to lose this excitement. To end this cheesy ramble, I will take you straight down to Cardiff for a rugby match 😉 Disclaimer: it is official – I am hooked on rugby! 

Today my hubby and I got
our gamefaces on and went to watch rugby. We got up early and got ready for our
3-hour drive to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Knowing we will most likely
be in minority among all the Cymru (Wales) supporters, we put our green jerseys
on and enjoyed listening to the radio in the car combined with being annoyed
with traffic 🙂 Can you tell which team we are supporting? 😉

Cardiff was coloured red and the
atmosphere was amazing! Having heard awful stories about how violent football
fans get towards the rivaling team fans, I was amazed at the friendliest
environment at rugby! Thank you, dear Welsh friends, for being so kind to us,
green-wearing peeps 🙂

A hardcore Welsh fan sitting beside us
shook our hands before the game and said: “Good luck to your boys and good
luck to our boys” (#aww) and it was time for a kick-off! 

We enjoyed the game SO
MUCH and guess what… Ireland won 35-21! Woot woot! 

After the game, just when we were about to leave the stadium, we also ran into Alan Quinlan and Scott Quinnell, former rugby
players. They were good sports and let us take this awesome pic!

home was relaxing (less traffic – thank you) but we were pretty tired after a
busy but awesome day. I am so ready for bed…

you enjoyed reading this little post following us on a Saturday adventure. 
sometimes think I would really enjoy filming vlogs and just start a YouTube
channel. It’s never too late, right? 😉

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