How to Stay Organized

Getting organized is surely not as easy as it might sound but it is possible
and doable. It actually can be a lot of fun! On top of that, it will help you
to stay on top of things and become stress-less.

absolutely love organizing and planning, that’s why I can hardly contain the
excitement to share my tips with you on how to stay organized and how to plan
your day, month and year(s). So let’s dive in!

What you need:

  • a calendar

might want to go for a month-at-a-glance (and a week-at-a-glance – if you’re a
busy gal) calendar 
with enough space for your notes. Just find one which you can download for free online
or design your own 
using the simplest software (I used to use good old Microsoft Word to
build a table and divide it into 
sections according to my needs). The key is to see it every day so you
stay focused. 

  • a planner

honestly prefer this one to the calendar. I always keep a planner (apart from
summertime – I will show 
my summer organizing tips below). It’s compact so you can carry it with you
wherever you go. 
Plus, they come in such a big variety of shapes, designs, colours,
patterns… Ahhh, the possibilities! 
Personally, I’ve been dreaming about Erin Condren life planner for
a while now and hope to get my hands 
on it some day soon 🙂 

  • your smartphone

you and your smartphone are inseparable, maybe it’s time to take advantages of
it to help you stay 
organized. Check out the apps that help you to keep your busy lifestyle in tip
top shape. 
 MLOEvernote and Remember the MilkHowever, if you enjoy checking things
off on your list, you always would go for paper 😉

Useful tools:

  • pens: I am the biggest hoarder of
    pens you can find
  • pencils: read: pens #hoarder
  • highlighters: I love my Paperchase
    cute kitty highlighters
  • Sharpies: I have a mixture of those
    but my favourite ones are Ultra
    Fine Permanent Markers
  • sticky notes & tiny notepads:
    love them, can’t get enough of them (my favourites ones are: 
    Notepad (Dylan’s Candy Bar)
     – impossible to say ‘no’ to; I’m
    Having a Blonde Day
     stickies; sticky notes I got at Walt Disney World; fun sticky notes I spotted in M&Ms World store in London, New York and Las
    Vegas (
    can you tell we love M&Ms)
  • washi
    tape: to be honest, I haven’t used them yet but I completely understand why
    they are all the rage! 
    Talk about all the decorating possibilities!

 Happy conclusion: the
list of stationery goodness is endless…and it’s amazing!

What I do every day to stay organized: 

 1. Use my planner or a
week-at-a-glance sheet.


       + lets you see the whole week

       + draw those little boxes to tick completed tasks
off (what a joy!)
         + nice for the time when you are not too busy

        2. Prioritize:
mark 2 or 3 most important “must-do-today” kind of tasks and tackle
them first! I divide mine with the help of this cute Things to Do pad by 
Bitty Button: ASAP (can’t put these
off!), Sooner Than Later (would be amazing to do ASAP) and If I Have Time
(these can wait but have to keep an eye on them).

        3. Avoid procrastination: I
know, easier said than done 🙂 If you do want to get things done, stop checking
facebook, instagram, twitter etc. every 5 minutes. Also, watching TV or having
too many snack breaks won’t help as well. You feel like you’re doing something
and being busy but it doesn’t help you get anywhere. 

 4. Get
inspiration from Pinterest, blogs, YouTube! Ideas, ideas everywhere!

 5. Be realistic
about your daily to-do list. Do not write something for the sake of writing it
down and don’t overload your list with tasks – it might simply make you feel
overwhelmed at the end of the day when half of that list stares at you through
its blank check boxes. Ask yourself if you can realistically accomplish a
certain task TODAY.

And finally, if you made
it to the end of this post, you are a star! 😉


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