Let The Holiday Begin

just a few hours we are taking off and will be at the beach by the end of the
day. I just can’t wait to have this little getaway! It’s both my hubby’s and my
first holiday since the honeymoon. So well-deserved! With that in mind, I will
try and publish a couple of posts I pre-wrote but please bear with me if I
don’t get to visit all of your lovely blogs over the next few days. Be sure I
will definitely catch up when we are back home 😉 By the way, if you follow me,
you know that I head over to every single one of your blogs and make sure I
leave a thoughtful comment + follow you on Bloglovin’. I just think it’s so
important to support each other and I take blogging for what it is (or was initially):
writing, sharing, making friends and having a good time while doing it. I will
try my very best to reply to all the comments you take time to write during
next week. I appreciate every single one of them! <3 I have so many
amazing things planned for Miel and Mint starting September! Looking
forward to growing together with you and staying real in all aspects of this

Meanwhile, in the next 7 days I am planning to enjoy my hubby’s
company (yay to all this time together!), the sun, the sea, and the sand 🙂
Stay tuned with my posts that will be published on Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday next week. Really hope you will enjoy reading them and I will catch up
with you soon! 

                How are you going to spend this last weekend of summer 2015?                       

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