Summer Through My Instagram

How fast has this summer gone? Is it just me or has anyone
else got a little shock that in 10 days we welcome September in? Even though it
has flown by quickly, it’s been amazing and big in my life! 3 major things
happened: 1) our First Year Anniversary (
5 Things I Learned in My First Year of Marriage); 2) we relocated;
3) we did so much! 🙂 Now, in no chronological order but with my short
commentary, let’s dive into my summer 2015 through my Instagram.

1. Lots of flying
this summer:
 looking out the window on the
airplane is my favourite thing to do (apart from sleeping!).

2. New stationery: can we please take a moment
to admire this gorgeous notebook? I will never write in it – too precious.

3. Flowers: spoiled by hubby <3 

4. Bedroom decor: little bits and pieces are coming
together since we moved into a new place. Love it!

5. Dessert’ing: I can’t even explain to you
how good those marshmallows dipped in hot choco were… 

6. Road trips: sitting beside my main squeeze
& driving, driving, driving is amazing + discovering new places together.

1. Attempting to workout: love this gorgeous set and need to use it
DAILY! #notetoself

2. More desserts, please: Patisserie Valerie, thank you
for being such a great discovery.

3. Sunshine on a cold day: = nice excuse for a car selfie.
4. Goodwood,
Festival of Speed
 I loved it
more than I am comfortable to admit to myself! 🙂 #fastandfuriousfamily

5. Red Arrows: if you live in the UK, you have probably seen these
guys. Their stunts are incredible. 

6. Shopping trips: in a little corner of New Orleans
tucked in Trafford Shopping Centre in Manchester.

1. Hello, Scotland: boats and myself don’t really get along but
this voyage was a special one <3

2. More boats: water, water everywhere 🙂 Love these colourful little
paddle boats.

3. Cardiff: my very first rugby game at Millennium Stadium. Needless to
say, I loved it!

4. I like warm hugs
 best time
spent is the time around family – how precious is my little niece!

5. Kitchen decor: SOML 🙂 

6. Sports: newly announced rugby girl here (@ beautiful Millennium

1. Summer walks in the park: aahhh, the most relaxing time is together in
the evening while taking a lovely walk.

2. Flowers and cards: First Year Anniversary was truly special <3 I have
the best husband in the world.

3. London: amazing trip! You are always stunning, my
lovely London. 

4. Twinning: more sports with my one & only.
The only time we can get away with wearing matching jerseys 🙂

5. Mani & rings: freshly painted nails (Essie) and
my lovely rings (the only rings I actually wear) = Instaready

6. Love: reminiscing about our wedding and thanking God for this
wonderful man of mine <3

Hope you enjoyed
having a look at my summer through my Instagram photos. The best thing is that
summertime isn’t over yet – guess who’s going on a holiday next week – woot
woot! 🙂 Can’t wait! Girl needs her tan. I admit, though, I am excited about
the fall 😉 

What did you do this summer? 

Leave a comment, share your
experience & stay in touch with me on 
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