Best Nail Polish Colours For Fall

When it comes to nail polish, I am an advocate for “there’s no such thing as too many shades”. Every colour is unique and beautiful. Girls know that. Men are not just unable to tell the difference between robin egg blue and viridian green, but they don’t believe in the colour palette at all, apart from rainbow colours + black and white 🙂 

On a different note, as we have said gbyes to the lovely nudes, pastels and all the summer’y colours (you can still get away with some of them), it’s time to get that fall/autumn collection out. 

I would love to share with you my top 5 favourite nail polishes for this chilly & cozy season. 

Essie in Bahama Mama &
Essie in Merino Cool

I have to admit, I have been Essie-obsessed for a while now. The selection of nail polish shades is unreal and the quality is always amazing. Do you also get pretty annoyed when you buy a lovely bottle of great saturated colour and when you apply it, it comes on sheer and needs like 5 coats to look good? Well, that is definitely NOT the case with Essie. One or 2 coats maximum and no chipping for up to 5 days (based on my own experience). As for these two lovely fall shades: Bahama Mama is this deep plum/berry colour which is perfect when you want some Oomph! added to your look. Merino Cool is extremely stylish and would compliment any occasion. It’s one of those perfect neutrals for the fall whenever you feel like the extra chic is needed in your life.

OPI in Thank Glogg It’s Friday & Lumene
Gloss&Care in Red Currant

My two favourite “reds” ever! I have read a number of bloggers saying OPI has been disappointing them lately and that it chips quickly (therefore, the price is not justified). To be honest, I haven’t bought any new OPI nail lacquers recently, but I’ve had OPI Thank Glogg It’s Friday for a while and it has been my most favourite rich wine red shade. It normally chips on the 4th day (and I do a lot of house work!). If you have never heard of Lumene, it is a great Finnish brand. Their main vision and technology for creating beauty products is based on Arctic natural ingredients. Lumene Gloss&Care in Red Currant is a crimson red colour and it is that perfect rouge you need in your collection. I bought it on a whim one day as I was browsing at the Lumene stand. Definitely very happy with it! Plus, it will be very often used in December. Is it too early to get excited about Christmas? 🙂

X in Turbulent 
by Sephora

One website apart from Pinterest can easily suck me in for hours. Browsing through an immense selection of what Sephora has to offer and dreaming of owning every single item is my typical Saturday morning routine 🙂 On top of that, they make amazing nail polishes. Even though these guys are tough to remove (we’re talking effect ones), they are stunning! As you could see from a little swatch earlier, this nail polish is sheer but it is an absolute perfection when you have a coat of any shade of blue underneath! Formula X Turbulent is a fab top coat and they have more effects
available here.
No p
arabens, sulfates or phthalates = thank you for looking after us, Sephora.

So these were my top 5 favourite nail polishes this season of the year. 

I hope you enjoyed this post & my personal picks. 

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Which nail polish is your favourite?
What are your top nail polish shades for fall/autumn (or spring if you are in the Southern Hemisphere)?

Leave a comment and let me know 😉

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