How To Plan and Set Effective Goals

September starts my favourite season of the year with its new
adventures, goals, ideas and discoveries. If you’re anything like me, you
probably make an occasional New Year’s resolution. Sometimes you stick to it,
sometimes you don’t. But, something just clicks when September comes. You
slowly “recover” from a post-holiday/vacation daze and realize you
actually need to do something! Maybe, you are even full of energy and drive,
you jump at projects and get pro-active (at least, let’s hope we all feel that
way!). If you want to take on the world and make those very-much-needed changes
(at work, uni, school, your love life, your home, your blog, your anything),
you need a 
plan, girl. Personally for me September is like this
magical word “tomorrow” where everything happens. So without any more
chatter, let’s make a plan and set super effective goals for
September. Are you with me?

Prior to making an actual list of goals, ask
yourself 3 questions:

1. Is it realistic?

I always say Dream Big (and you should as well!) but at the
same time it’s crucial to set realistic and attainable goals which you can /
know how to achieve this particular month. Evaluate your schedule and your
priorities and ask yourself if you are able to make it happen in the next 30

2. Is it specific?

Vagues goals, such as “work out more”, are very
general and won’t help you get far. However, it will make a huge difference if
you go for “work out on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday”. You
will not be able to confuse or un-motivate yourself with a crystal clear goal.

3. Is it urgent?

Sometimes it’s pretty easy to write a looooong list of goals
(especially when inspiration strikes!) but it can fire back at you. Make a list
of urgent goals for the month of September,
divide your big list into sections according to the urgency of each task. You
don’t want to end up with 30 more things not checked off on that list on the
30th of September. To avoid disappointment, set a certain number of
“urgent” goals you definitely and absolutely must get done this
month. It might be 15, might be 10 or even 3 – make it flexible and according
to your personal needs.


So, what would you like to accomplish this month? To paint a
little picture, here is my
list of goals
 for a month of
September. Mind, it is still a bit of work in progress (which is fine, by the
way). Also, I didn’t include a few very important but personal ones, but you
will get an idea. Tip: do not be intimidated by your list or lose sleep because
 absolutely have to do these things. Be flexible and
good to yourself. Edit, change, update where needed. Prioritize and stay

1. Make a blogging calendar and post at least 3 times a week.

2. Read 1 book.

3. Try out 2 new recipes.

4. Walk over 6,000 steps

5. Start gym.

6. Start Skype lessons.

7. Hike up a mountain.

Now that you have
your goals all written down nicely (I write mine down, on an actual piece of
paper, with a pen) or typed into your phone, think about how to achieve them.
Evaluate what you need to change, where you need to go, who you need to call.
Each goal will require a bit of planning. For example, in order for me to 
start gym,
I will need to call a few local gyms (I might know about one I am already
interested in) and find out about their membership packages. I will think of
days that would suit me the best to go and work out. I will make a payment and
start attending gym. Ta-da 🙂

Sending you all warm hugs from Spain and
looking forward to catching up with you all soon 😉

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I hope you enjoyed this post and that my little
tips were helpful for you. Can’t wait to read your comments and lovely

What are your goals for September?

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