My 5 Top Hair Care and Styling Products

“People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don’t know, I’m never there” – Dolly Parton

When it comes to hair, I can write a dissertation on the topic. I’ve done it all: grew it out, had it hideously cut, got highlights (what in the world was I thinking), had it bleached, got it laminated, got it dyed nicely and got it trimmed over and over again. Right now I am trying to grow it out but because I still want to remain a blonde, my hair refuses to grow past current 14-15 inches. More on that later in this post before I get into the whole hair growth rant 🙂 So today I would like to introduce my favourite and essential hair care and basic styling products that I use either every single day or very often. It wasn’t easy to pick only a few (I left out my shampoo though I will link you to it because it’s amazing and super affordable). Ok, let’s go wash, spray & take care of those strands together 😉

I’ve always had very
fine hair. My mom always believed it was her fault because she didn’t start
giving me haircuts early when I was a little baby. In Ukraine for some reason
(I honestly don’t know if it’s true) people think that getting your hair cut a
lot when you are a kid, helps it to be thick and long later on in life. Well, I
personally think my case has to do with genetics (though both of my parents
have lovely hair: mom’s bob is super shiny and thick and dad still has all his
hair with just a touch of grey which looks amazing). Anyway, I’ve learned to
live and work with it and to be honest, I do like my hair. I just wish it was a
bit longer. If you have any great tips for fast growth, shoot away! 

Now let’s jump it to
the review. First, my favourite 4 every day products for hair care are:

1. Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo (not featured in the photo): I can’t rave enough about this shampoo and how much I love it. I’ve tried so many: cheap and expensive, salon and drugstore but it’s such an amazing feeling to finally find that special one which gives you everything you need from a shampoo. In my case with my Dove one, my hair is soft (yet not too fluffy or light), silky and smooth (but doesn’t fall flat) and fresh and clean (some shampoos seem to be doing the opposite for me). So yeah, it’s tried and tested and I’m extremely happy with it. Retail price: £2.69 here or $ 3.28 here.

TRESemmé Luxurious Moisture Conditioner
conditioner was an amazing find for me as I thought my hair did get dry and dull after winter (I started using it in spring). Having it applied only on the bottom half of my hair, especially working it into the roots, I noticed how it added that extra moisture to my ends and made my hair softer. This conditioner also acts as a great detangler. My thin hair gets badly tangled after being washed – it goes against the logic, I know haha. I never skip conditioning now. Retail price: £4.99 here or $10.03 here.

3. OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum: I’ve been thinking of giving this one a go for a while and I decided to try it, well because my split ends were screaming for it. First of all, I love the soft coconut’y scent. Secondly, I definitely support good oil-based products and this OGX serum didn’t disappoint. I apply it daily by squeezing a few drops into my hands, rubbing them together and then just slightly touching the ends and fly-aways and frizz. It definitely makes my hair more silky and less frizzy, and not heavy or greasy. Perfetto! Retail price: £7.35 here or $7.99 here.

4. Schwarzkopf
Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive 
Express Repair Conditioner Spray: hands-down my number one favourite hair product EVER! I will not be able to count the number of bottles I’ve gone through. A friend recommended it to me probably 3 years ago or more and I’ve never stopped using it since. It is a perfect detangler and an amazing oil-based moisturizing spray. The scent is just wonderful and as much as I sometimes don’t like/want washing my hair (we all have those days), I always look forward to using this spray. I use it right after getting my hair dried a bit with a towel (I know some people recommend a t-shirt) by spraying it all over and then I let my hair dry a bit before brushing it carefully. Retail price: (couldn’t find a UK-based website that sells it – anyone can help?) EUR 12.37 here or $13.49 here.

I have to tell you right off the bat that when it comes to styling, I use the basics. My hairdresser recommended me to do my best and skip blow drying my hair when possible + put that hair straightener down (as much as I would love to use it on a daily basis). However, there are products that prevent heat-caused damage. But without going too deep into those, I will share my two go-to products I use for quick everyday styling. 

1. Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray: ok, so who wouldn’t want mermaid waves?! 🙂 I really love this texturizing spray and use it for those days when I feel like I want to look like Ariel (no, erase that, Ariel’s hair was a little less wavy lol). I apply it on my hands and run them through slightly wet hair, squeeze my locks gently and push them up (if this makes sense). The smell is lovely and the result is always the “mermaid waves”. However, if you apply too much, it will give hair that slightly ‘wet’ look and might make your locks feel heavy. So moderate amount and the right application will help you achieve the look. Retail price: £4.19 here or $10.18 here.

2. Tigi
Bed Head SuperStar Queen For A Day
: this little treat has been
absolutely incredible and works wonders for me! I was looking for a perfect thickening spray for a while
and I definitely found the one 🙂 This spray is made for thin/fine hair! I
apply it while my hair is just towel-dried and it adds a lot of volume and gives
me A LOT more hair to work with when I blow dry it. It doesn’t weigh hair down
but adds texture and it definitely makes it voluminous. My thin hair is big like no ones business when I use this spray! 🙂 Retail price: £8.40 here or $17.94 here (both discounted).

I hope you enjoyed this post guys. I whip my hair back and forth for you 😉 (Willow reference) 

By the way, two of the products I listed here were also featured in my post What’s In My Travel Wash Bag 

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