My Favourite Places in New York City // Part 1

Before we virtually travel together to one of
the most amazing cities on this planet, I have to say right off the bat that I
love New York
(soooooo much!) and I wish I could list 1000 places for you to
see, but even that would never be enough. Big Apple is a very special place and
it is the city that stole my heart once and forever. 

Before I went there, I imagined it thousands of times in my mind. What I saw with my own eyes was so much better than any fruit of my imagination. Let’s jump back over 10 years ago. Do you see a teenage girl from the middle of nowhere in Eastern Europe, standing in the heart of Times Square and crying? Yup, I cried rivers because my huge dream came true. With a little village behind my back, big scary world of higher education in front of me, I applied for a scholarship to study in the US. They called me one sunny day mid-April and told me I was among 100 other candidates (out of 45,000) who received a grant to study in the United States. God had a plan for me to go there and I did. 5 months in and the same girl started to study and live in the City That Never Sleeps waking up every morning with a thankful heart 🙂 I went to NYC a number of times after leaving the US back then but that first time will always be extra special. Last time I woke up in Big Apple was a year ago on our honeymoon. I can’t even tell you how amazing it is to make such beautiful memories together <3 New York does win you over quickly and sucks you right in with its beauty and versatility, culture and noise, history and vibe. 

Come visit New York with me as I take you to my 5 favourite places in Manhattan, NYC – Part 1.

{In the next post I will show you another 5 must-see spots in gorgeous Big Apple}

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Located at 89 E. 42nd Street
(at Park Avenue), this iconic place has been featured in a number of movies (on top of my head: Friends With Benefits, The Switch, MIB2, Madagascar – lol). 
Insanely busy yet such a romantic train station probably has witnessed even more love stories than any airport. Last time we visited it (by we I mean hubby and myself) there was a wedding photo shoot happening there. Ahhh, this place would get you teary. And if you are a big fan of HONY (like myself), you probably have seen Grand Central Terminal in many of Brandon’s pictures and stories. 


+ take a pic in front of the clock

+ get up the East & West Balconies

+ visit the Whispering Gallery (an archway between the Oyster Bar & Restaurant)

+ do not call it Grand Central Station 😉

+ buy something delicious at a gourmet market

+ pretend to be a local so Brandon of HONY asks for your photo

When you visit New York, you absolutely MUST go and walk (or/and ride a bike) down the Brooklyn Bridge. It connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn so you would get to see Dumbo on the Brooklyn side and all the ‘big city lights’ of the island of Manhattan side. Hubby and I walked it twice together. First time we did it in winter in the evening which was very romantic but extremely freezing. However, if you wrap up & wear your Uggs, you’ll be golden 😉 Next time we walked it in the summer when we were in New York as a part of our honeymoon. It was a perfect day to walk the bridge both ways. 


+ walk the bridge both in the daylight and in the evening

+ visit picturesque Brooklyn Bridge Park 

+ rent a bike and ride

+ get sporty with the view at Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse

You haven’t been to New York City if you haven’t visited Times Square. It is often called The Crossroads of the World or The Heart of the World, and it is definitely obvious why. TS is located at the junction of Broadway & 7th Ave and this place is booming 24/7! A number of years ago I was there when the clock struck 12 at midnight on New Year’s Eve. It was out of this world! However, I wouldn’t do it again haha. Being stuck in the crowd of over a million people for over 6 hours (yes, over 6 hrs because you need to get there early to get a good spot) is fun to do once for the bucket list purposes. Some people camp out from the early morning on Dec 31st! Times Square is a blend of everything: shopping, food, theater, music and lights! 


+ New Year’s Eve (if you are up for a challenge to check it off your bucket list)

+ spot the ball which goes up & then drops at midnight on Dec 31st

+ shopping (anything from M&Ms World to SuperDry!)

+ eat (there are over 100 restaurants in TS!)

+ take a few steps and you are on Broadway

My love for Central Park is limitless. Not only it’s probably the most relaxed place in the whole city, but also it has a lot of spots to see across its 843 acres (= 421.5 football fields – I did my Maths lol): Strawberry Fields, Sheep Meadow, Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Fountain, the pond and so many more! In winter there is an ice-skating rink with a gorgeous view of the Plaza Hotel (I showed it in my post here). Central Park is incredible in its beauty, no matter what time or season of the year it is. I took the above picture last summer from our lovely hotel which is a tall-standing neighbour of the Plaza. Also, if you love Home Alone and have watched Lost In New York million times, you must see Central Park because it will feel just as if the movie is coming alive before your own eyes 🙂


+ go to Strawberry Fields and find Beatles’ Imagine mosaic

+ have a picnic or sunbathe at Sheep Meadow

+ go up to Belvedere Castle

+ take a photo with the Plaza Hotel in the background

+ walk the Gapstow Bridge (remember Kevin met that bird lady there?)

+ go ice skating in winter or visit the open-air market in summer

+ explore Conservatory Garden

+ walk down The Mall (a street with a row of American elms – google it, you’ve definitely seen it) 

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Last but not least, I wanted to include maybe a less popular tourist destination but it’s definitely worth paying a visit! Located at 1011 3rd Ave, this massive store will make any visitor jollier than Santa 🙂 Fun fact: the owner and the founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar is Dylan Lauren, a daughter of… *drum roll* Ralph Lauren! She says she was greatly inspired by Willy Wonka and it is very much obvious. The design of the store is gorgeous and sweet. They don’t just sell candy/sweets/chocolate/chewy-gooey goodness, but also stationery, home goods, clothes and so on. On our last visit to DCB I got a notebook, candy and we took a tonne of pictures. Delicious must-see spot!


+ eat candy

I hope you enjoyed walking down the streets of New York with me and are already getting excited to see where Part 2 will take us 😉 I will give you a few hints: 1) Carrie Bradshaw would be proud and 2) let’s go up, way up. 


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Let me know your thoughts on this post. 

Leave a comment if you’re ever been to New York or planning to go, what places you saw / would like to see & what Big Apple spot is an ultimate must-see. 

P.S. Part 1 is a little built-up (a pretty amazing one, right?).

Part 2 will bring something even more special 😉

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