Night Routine: Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream Review

Holiday time is officially over and it’s time to get back to
‘reality’ and dive into the beautiful autumn/fall. I have had such an amazing
time with my hubby (mentally insert all the summer’y emojis you can think of
here). We needed a super relaxing getaway somewhere where there are more palm
trees than tourists and the sand is coloured platinum to golden blonde
(couldn’t resist a hair colour ref!). Apart from the after sun lotion, my night
routine didn’t change on vacation and it had to include a good moisturizing
night cream

Here are my thoughts on Clarins Multi-Active
Night Youth Recovery Cream

Clarins Cosmetics… Where do I even begin? I have loved this
brand for a while for many reasons and products. About a month ago, after being
absolutely annoyed with my skin being so dry before going to bed and waking up
in the morning looking like I’ve never slept, I decided it was time for a big
change. I was on the hunt for: a) great good-quality moisturizing night cream,
b) night cream that would make me look more “alive” in the morning,
and c) magic potion to prevent wrinkles and help to soften the little ones I
have. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across Clarins Multi-Active Night
Youth Recovery Cream, but I sure am glad I did. 

Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream

Before I buy any beauty products, I always check the

    + Kiwi extract

    + Imudilin

    + Carob seed extract

Kiwi extract sounded familiar
and I’ve heard about its antioxidant superpowers, but I have never heard of
Imudilin so a bit of research was needed. My
little discovery revealed that Imudilin is a safe chemical used in
anti-ageing, anti-stress and skin protection products. Sounds pretty good,
right? Carob seed extract apparently reduces the appearance of
early wrinkles (yes, please) and adds that radiant glow to skin (double yes,

My Thoughts:

  • my skin is definitely hydrated and soft before
    I go to bed: no more dry (and painful!) skin issues at night

  • it didn’t magically “erase” my
    little forehead wrinkles under 24 hours but it did smooth the skin and
    those lines are less visible

  • it smells great and the scent doesn’t become
    annoying after a number of uses (have you ever become quickly annoyed by
    the scent even though you liked it when you bought a product?)

  • sometimes I wake up with more bright-looking
    skin, sometimes looking like I’ve been up all night (which might have to
    do with my sleeping habits and too much screen time, not the
    cream), but I’m still hoping that the ‘radiant’ skin situation will
    be there, on a daily basis

  • it is pricey (it was a present, still a big
    splurge!) but it’s worth paying a little more for something that will be
    absorbed by your skin every night (what do you think?)

  • it looks like it will last for a while (50ml
    jar of goodness) and I definitely want to re-purchase it once I’m out
    (might add it to my Christmas Wish List to avoid breaking the bank)

Verdict: I love it. It is going to remain a part of my
night routine.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review. By the way, this is not
a sponsored post, I am simply sharing my own discoveries with you girlies (and
guys). I would love it if you shared yours with me, Let me know what gives you
‘radiant skin’, makes you look super fresh in the morning and hydrates your
skin like there’s no tomorrow.

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have you ever used this night cream? If you have, what are your thoughts?

night cream is your favourite?

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