What To Wear on a Plane: Airport Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Next month I will be catching 3 flights (6 if you count return). It is not part of my monthly routine but this October just happens to mean a lot of airport time. Plus, I am a good flyer and don’t mind being lifted to 39,000 feet and higher. On the contrary, it relaxes me 🙂 Having flown quite a lot in the last 10 years both domestically and (mostly) internationally, I picked up a number of great tips on how to make the whole experience better. It includes different flying-related hacks, preparation and organisation and last but definitely not least – airport fashion. This one is often (sadly) neglected by most people. I certainly don’t mean that you should be displaying your haute couture pieces at the airport, though you can if you want to. So what exactly are you supposed to wear at the airport and on a plane to feel and look great? 

Let’s take a look at these essential DO’s and DON’Ts you need to know about travel fashion:

1. Be comfortable.

Last thing you want to worry about on a plane is feeling awkward and uncomfy in the outfit you picked just for the sake of looking trendy. Comfort can be stylish as well. Opt for your favourite stretchy jeans/jeggings/leggings/yoga pants and pair them up with a loose tee of a neutral colour. If you are in your element when you’re wearing a dress, go for softer fabrics and appropriate length. 

2. Layer up.

Add a cardigan to your outfit and you are golden. Not only will it keep you warm in the cold airplane cabin (hello, impromptu blanket) but can also serve as a statement piece. Wrap, duster cardigan, blazer, knit, coat, poncho – pick your favourite layer, wrap up and enjoy your flight.

3. Two important “S” words.

Bring your scarf and socks. I am obsessed with scarves and I think they can spice up any outfit. Nonetheless, they make you feel all cosy and toasty, especially if you are freezing in a line at security check point or want to stay warm even if you take your coat/cardigan off. As for the socks, I never travel without a pair of soft socks tucked inside my handbag. You can thank me later 😉

4. The bigger the better.

If you are allowed only one piece of hand luggage and feel like you need to bring your carry-on suitcase, make sure not to overpack it so it still can store your big (!!!) handbag on top of its contents. Your little suitcase can be easily stored in the overhead bin space. Take the handbag out the moment you get to your seat and enjoy reading your favourite book or a magazine, get your kindle or iPad out, or type away those draft emails on your laptop. Plus, your big (hand)bag will keep your passport, wallet, phone and other important gadgets in your sights and will make them easy to reach.

Go flat.

Another important tip for travel fashion is wearing shoes with a flat sole. If you absolutely MUST wear your heels, no one really prohibits that (however, they do go into my “travel fashion don’ts” part of this post). But keep in mind, you might walk and stand a lot at the airport. Plus, your sitting arrangements will improve if your shoes fit the occasion. In summer I often wear flip flops or cute flat sandals. Now I would go for ballerina flats, loafers, booties or wedge sneakers (nothing too chunky). 

1. Don’t stiffen up.

What I mean by this tip is don’t wear something confining or overly tight. Bandage dress, corset-inspired top, leather bustier, even a tight t-shirt or jeans that don’t fit any more, might make you regret that decision when you are in your seat realizing you have to wear it for the next 2/4/8 (!) hours. Not only you might look a bit very uncomfortable, you wouldn’t want your clothes squeezing the life out of you on a high altitude.

2. Feet free.

Chunky platforms, sky-high heels, heavy boots – and you are facing days of sore feet and weeks of painful blisters. There is a lot of walking involved at the airport, especially when you have a connecting flight to catch. I am not even going to mention the lack (or absence) of comfort on board. Try sitting in one position for hours with a twisted/tilted foot strapped in a stiletto. A scene worth a scary movie script. There is an exception if you are Victoria Beckham.

3. Itchy knits & big outerwear.

So you brought a sweater to layer up on a plane and it seemed like a great idea. But if it’s one of those synthetic fiber knits or simply an itchy sweater, you better leave it at home no matter how cute it looks. Massive puffy jackets or coats are a no-go: you might want to book a separate seat for it.

4. Jeweled-up nightmare.

As much as I love accessories and would encourage you to add them to your daily look, you better pack those big statement pieces into your luggage. When you get to the TSA point, there is nothing worse than a person who takes forever to unfasten or remove all the bangles, neck adornments or other metal accessories. On top of that, you are not just making other people anxious, you are putting yourself under pressure of missing your own flight! Keep it minimal and light. 

5. Don’t get too comfy.

Even though this tip goes against the very first “do” piece of advice, do NOT get too comfortable by wearing your PJs on a plane or a pair of 5-year old sweat pants. You would be surprised to see how many people travel looking like they’ve just finished painting their living room or cleaned the bathroom. Also, do not go overboard dressing up not to look like you are heading to a masquerade ball or a Halloween party.

I really love traveling and definitely would enjoy sharing more tips with you guys.

I hope you liked this post & would be interested in more travel-related projects.

*Images of celebrity airport fashion are found on Pinterest

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