What’s In My Bag: Fall Edition

Every season the contents of my bag change but some items always stay there. Also, the bigger the bag, the more I feel the urge to pack it full. I have no idea why I do it but I’m sure a lot of you can relate. Some items tend to pile up and then I face the “clean out the black hole” type of situation 🙂 However, when it comes to my Michael Kors I put an extra effort into keeping things organised inside this beauty. This bag is very special to me because it was a present from my husband on our honeymoon and purchased in Las Vegas. #amazingmemories 

Here is what I currently have inside my MK bag:

1. My Planner, a notebook and a pen: 

That polka-dotted notebook/hand-made planner is the no.1 thing that keeps me organised. It contains all the info I need and my to-do list(s). The cute little notebook comes in handy a lot when I must jot something down or take minutes. I also keep a pen or two in my bag for obvious reasons.

2. Wallet/purse: 

Gorgeous matching Michael Kors wallet is always with me. It contains all the cards, some cash, a few receipts from 3 months ago (if not older) and other bits and bobs (and junk) everyone has in their wallet. 

3. Nail file:

Are there any nails experts reading this? I would appreciate your advice on how to make nails stronger because mine break quite a lot. Nail file is a must to carry along wherever I go, in case of emergency.

4. Coins and hair

I know some people absolutely can not stand loose coins in their wallet or bag, but I don’t mind it. It just always happens that there are a few pennies or pence scattered somewhere at the bottom of my bag. Also, I can’t tell you enough how important it is to have a couple of hair elastics with you. ‘Cause you never know when you want your hair out of your face.

5. Makeup bag:

I like to know I have my little makeup essentials for little touch-ups during the day. So this lovely NYC inspired makeup bag is with me on the go. I might do a “What’s In My Makeup Bag” or My Daily Makeup post later on.

6. Umbrella: 

Today’s weather pretty much proved the need for one. #lifeinEngland 🙂

7. Map of Oxford:

That is a random thing I found in my bag. I must have had it in there since the time we had a little stop in Oxford on the way from London. It was really nice to take a few hours to wander around and enjoy the city on a hot summer day. Oxford is absolutely gorgeous.

8. Nivea cleaning wipes: 

If you ask anyone (who knows me well) what is one thing I do at least 15 times a day, they would say “wash hands”. I am not a doctor or a nurse, not afraid of germs (well, maybe a bit concerned about them haha) but feel the need to wash my hands very often. So whenever I am not able to do that, I reach out for either a hand sanitizer or these wipes. They also come to the rescue if I need to fix my makeup or if something gets spilled. 

9. Earbuds:

Everyone knows that feeling when you want to zone out, listen to your favourite music or watch a YouTube video while you are on the go, and you realize the earbuds were left at home. They have to come attached to the bag! 

10. House key:

Very much needed item along with not a less important lovely key chain. Mine is from New York and it’s a cute bear dressed up as a Statue of Liberty. By the way, I constantly miss my most favourite city in the world. Fortunately, we have been going there quite a lot in the last couple of years. Can’t wait for the next time!

11. Camera + case + cable:

I have had this idea of starting my YT channel and vlogging, so I always bring a camera along if the inspiration strikes. I absolutely love watching vlogs and would definitely love to start my own. One little problem: I feel too shy talking to the camera, esp in public. Must work on that. What do you think of the idea and vlogging in general?

12. Band-aids/plasters:

My hubby claims I am accident prone. I strongly disagree 🙂 However, I am not afraid of blisters if these little plasters are with me.

13. Oyster card:

This card has been sitting in my bag since mid-June as if I might be spontaneously whisked away to London any day haha. I am also sure there are a few pounds on it. London definitely must be calling! 

That is all I have in my bag at the moment. Apart from my phone, which I almost exclusively have in my hand, so technically it is hardly ever in the bag. 

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