Bourjois Heathy Mix vs MAC Pro Longwear: Foundation Review

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - Review

Settling back into the routine is not easy after you travel a lot. But I am thankful for such an amazing experience getting to see new places with my hubby and his family. So I am sitting here and reminiscing about holidays and long weekends while cozing up next to a warm radiator and writing this post. Plus, it’s raining outside. Coziness overload 🙂 Fab news is that I also managed to take photos for a few future posts this morning because late afternoons and evenings are off limits now. Feels like we live in the Arctic where daylight is a luxury. Fellow bloggers would relate. On a different note, I am bringing a highly-requested post to you today. Do you know that happy feeling when you finally (!!!) find THE foundation? Well, it doubled for me. After having tried numerous products of different amazing (and not so amazing) brands, I can definitely go “Yay!” about these two. Therefore, here’s my

Bourjois Heathy Mix vs MAC Pro
Longwear: Foundation Review

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - Review

I could easily and proudly be an ambassador for MAC only because of the number of times I bought this foundation 🙂 I can’t even begin telling you how incredible it is. Bourjois came into my life a bit later when I jumped on the bandwagon to try Healthy Mix everyone talked about so much. Welcome to my makeup bag, buddy.

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

Let’s start with my ultimate favourite foundation. MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation doesn’t need a special introduction (it’s that well-known) but it surely deserves one. In colder seasons I am normally shade NC25 and in summer I go up to NC30. I remember the time when I first tried it. I had to wait for my connecting flight at the airport for about 4 hours. What do you do after your battery is critically low and you’ve finished the book? Yes, browse around at the makeup counters. I wasn’t even planning to buy anything. When I came up to the MAC counter, a lovely shop assistant approached me and we started to chat about all kinds of bits and bobs. She said she was bored as it was quite late and asked me if I wanted to re-do my makeup to freshen up. Yes, please. That’s how I was introduced to MAC Pro Longwear foundation. First thing I must say is that the name tells the truth – it is really LONGwear! It handled so many different climates, long hours and even made me look “alive” on so many occasions after 3 or 4 hours of sleep (#workingtilllate). It comes with SPF 10 which is a great bonus (I always forget to apply SPF, so this works for me perfectly). This foundation is buildable, medium to full coverage. It is ideal for oil control and it also won’t leave you with “orange’y” spots after setting it with your choice of powder. It covers any blemishes or acne scars very very well. I raved about it in my Favourite Liquid Foundations post as well. Retail price is £25.50 but you are paying for top-notch quality.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Being a huge sucker for drugstore makeup, I couldn’t say “no” to trying out Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. After a few disappointments (Dream Satin, sadly, you are not for me) I did find the most amazing one out of all affordable foundations. I am currently in shade #54 Beige. The texture is light but not too light, if you know what I mean, so you get medium to full coverage. It feels soft and moisturizing in case you have any dry patches of skin on your face, it will not make those pop but would cover up smoothly. The bottle kindly suggests that it lasts up to 16 hours. The longest I have worn it was 13 hours (without a primer) and it did look “washed out” and a bit creased. At the same time it handles the 7-hour mark very well. You might want to use a primer with this one if you have a long day out and about doing what you do. It helps greatly with covering the appearance of the pores and imperfections. I do prefer my foundations full coverage and Healthy Mix does the trick for me every time. I also raved about how superb is it in my Boots Mini Haul post. Retail price is £9.99 which means you are saving a few extra pounds (dollars/euros/etc.) and getting a fab drugstore foundation.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - swatches

  • as you can see, the shades surprisingly look quite different (MAC comes off a bit yellow’ish) but they both match my skin tone perfectly #magic
  • both foundations have a lovely texture and consistency, they aren’t too light nor heavy on your skin
  • application is easy – they come with a nice pump – they don’t cake up nor go dry quickly + perfectly moisturizing (tip: use clean and slightly damp Beauty Blender) 
  • medium to full coverage, both perfectly conceal blemishes, acne scars (Bourjois impressed me very much in this category!)
  • different retail price (£9.99 for Bourjois, £25.50 for MAC), therefore it depends on how much you are willing to spend
  • they are both labelled as longwear foundations, and MAC wins this battle as it stays on without making you look “washed out” for a full day (we’re talking 7am to 8pm with no primer and a few touch-ups to your powder)

Final verdict: Even though they both cover blemishes/acne scarring very well, I still prefer MAC Pro Longwear purely because of the fab long-lasting effect for a full day. However, Bourjois is the best drugstore foundation I have (so far) discovered. Price/quality ratio is very impressive.

I hope you enjoyed this post and my review and comparison of both foundations.
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