Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Palette + Blushing Hearts review

Makeup Revolution palette

Since this beauty arrived at my door over a month ago, I was determined to give it a go and test it out to write a review and discuss all the yay’s and nay’s. Pretty much every blogger (especially beauty-loving one) heard about Makeup Revolution palettes and have probably even tried a few. Personally, I read a bunch of reviews on Affirmation and was a click away from buying it when I saw this stunner called Flawless Matte. Even though Affirmation is beautiful, it does have too much shimmer for my liking, so matte shades sounded like something totally up my street! Whenever mister postman delivered this happy mail, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this palette. Also, inside the package there was a lovely surprise. Makeup Revolution included two blushers with it! I couldn’t believe it! Excitement overload. NB: this is not a sponsored post, palette was purchased by me and blushers came as a gift (thank you, Makeup Revolution). You will always get nothing less but a genuine review from me on Miel and Mint. 

Let’s find out more about my Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette and 

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts blushers.

Makeup Revolution palette

This lovely eyeshadow palette comes in a sleekly-designed packaging with a big mirror (huge bonus) but without a brush. If you own a great eyeshadow brush (or a few of them), you are golden. There are 32 shades you can play with and mix and match to your liking. All of them are perfectly matte which is the main reason why I got this palette in the first place. Plus, look at those shades.

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette

The colours go as follows (I removed the
transparent cover and labeled them myself):

  • first two columns (sandy soft shades & perfect highlighters, can’t rave enough about how much I love these!): Flaw, Cool, Antique, Soft, Nutmeg, Sand, Nut, Oak
  • next three columns (soft pink’y, dark champagne & peachy colours): Pearl, Fawn, Taupe, Bark, Matte, Muse, Rosewood, Warm, Shell, Warm, Rust, Burnt
  • next two rows (forest-inspired shades, darker colours perfect for creating either still quite soft or more dramatic look): Chrome, Mud, Bear, Wood, Cork, Leather, Olden, Earth
  • final column (4 different shades but all 4 are the definition of an absolute perfection): Stone, Smoke, Charcoal, Carbon 

I tried to do a swatch on my arm but laughed at
my own attempts as my skin is still quite dark (tan from Gran Canaria) and
because these gorgeous shades are all matte, they either blended in with my
skin (ergo, not visible haha) or looked nothing like they are supposed to 🙂 So
I will attach a little swatch from the website and label all the colours for
your convenience. They look stunning on the eye lids – and that’s the main

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette swatches

The shades I have used A LOT already
are: Cool, Sand, Soft, Matte, Taupe and Rosewood. Flaw and Nutmeg are perfect
for highlighting. The most gorgeous dark shades for me are: Stone, Mud,
Charcoal and Carbon. Smoky eye look turns out absolutely stunning using those.

The verdict:

  • you get a fabulous 32 shades
    palette as a great bargain! (only £8)

  • gorgeous colour selection and
    amazing quality

  • big mirror but no brush (no
    biggie for me)

  • it is perfect for beginners as
    well as makeup gurus 

  • shades would suit any age

  • super easily blendable

  • long-lasting (over 8 hrs and
    it’s still in place)

Highly highly (I had to say it twice!) recommend it.

Now onto the stunning blushers that arrived with
the palette – what a fantastic surprise! Plus, they are shaped as hearts. You
got me at hello with these, Makeup Revolution 🙂

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette and Bushing Hearts blushers

I love that they are different! Both
have the retail price of £4.99.

Iheart Makeup Blushing Hearts – Bursting With Love (the rosy one)

The shimmer
in it is stunning and colour turn out exactly what they should be like: fresh,
rosy and super pretty. The 1st strip is very pigmented but easily
blendable and is perfect for adding a tiny bit of rosy touch to the apples of
your cheeks. The 2nd strip is this gorgeous Dark
Taupe/Peachy Pink shade and it is stunning on the cheek bone. The 3rd strip is a perfect highlighter for the
top of the cheek below the eye and other areas you love highlighting. 

Iheart Makeup Blushing Hearts – Iced Hearts (the baked champagne/sand’y one)

I don’t even
know how to start telling you about this blusher because it is sheer
perfection. Excuse my usage of all these “words of praise” but it is
my genuine opinion. I use this one Every.Single.Day and couldn’t be happier
with it! The 1st strip is my no.1 and oh-so-loved
& used shade. It works perfectly for my skin tone as it’s more sandy and
soft. The 2nd strip is dull pink which is amazing
because it’s subtle and you won’t end up applying too much. The 3rd strip is a baked champagne’y shade and
it does a flawless job as a highlighter. 

These hearts are hands down one of the very best drugstore highlighters I’ve tried so far. 

Blushing Hearts blushers - baked blusher - baked bronzer

Have you tried this palette or blushers from Makeup Revolution? What do you think about them?

I hope you enjoyed this review. I couldn’t rave enough about how amazing these three products are and I am glad there were no drawbacks (at least not for me).


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 Have you tried them? 
What’s your favourite Makeup Revolution product?

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