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Sephora Haul

I am excited about sharing this post with you today. It has been highly requested after I told you here about our surprise trip to Krakow for my hubby’s birthday & mentioned about my little trip to Sephora on Instagram. I can definitely confirm one thing – when you go to a city which has a Sephora store, you simply can’t pass by 🙂 I didn’t get crazy amount of makeup (I tried to do my best to keep that under control). But I did get a few amazing bits and pieces that I either already love or wanted to try. Our trip to Krakow for my hubby’s birthday weekend was absolutely amazing. My Pacer (I mentioned it in my previous post here) must have broken all the records for the step count (yaaaas!). Last Friday we made over whooping 20,000 steps! This week has been pretty hectic/busy but I am back to blogging and will be posting at least 3 posts a week just like I always did. Today’s post is going to be a lovely mixture of the haul with a few photos from Krakow and a short recap from our amazing trip. 

Beauty Blender - Sephora - Sephora nail polish stickers

Where do I even begin telling you how much I love Beauty Blender? Since the very first time I tried it (almost 2 years ago), I can’t do my makeup without it. A few other blogger friends of mine have tried Beauty Blender recently and are in love – yay for that! There is a tonne of Beauty Blender dupes out there but nothing really can compare in quality and its “lifespan”. In case if you have never heard of it, Beauty Blender is this neon pink wonder sponge. It comes in different colours (I do like mine pink). It is an incredible tool for makeup application (remember to damp it before using). I needed a new one badly because my old one was nearly destroyed by my cat haha. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to see a photo of that one. #nightmare

Sephora nail polish stickers

Also, I wanted to try these amazing nail polish stickers (which I couldn’t find online to give you the link). The watercolour effect is so beautiful and I can’t wait to give them a go. I tried nail polish strips and stickers before. I remember I once got a gorgeous set at DisneyWorld and waited forever to even open it (because it was so special). I will make sure to share what these stickers will look like. I’ve heard a number of beauty gurus on YouTube say that nail stickers is their answer to the awkward at-home manicure and the lack of time 🙂

Sephora sleeping masks - Green Tea mask - Pomegranate mask

These masks didn’t simply look amazing sitting there. The reviews I read on them gave me the confidence to grab a few to test them out. The neon green one is Green Tea Mattifying and Anti-Blemish mask. It made perfect sense to me to buy it because I’ve been having some issues with acne in my 20’s. Even though lately the situation has improved but I decided to test it out and see if my skin likes it (especially whenever it still needs that extra anti-blemish treatment). The red one is Pomegranate Anti-Fatigue and Energizing mask. Funny enough, a girl at the counter made an awkward comment on how that one would suit me in particular. Made me laugh! Thank you very much for suggesting my skin looks “tired” but hey, English is her second language. Still, not an excuse (English is my second language as well, btw). Other than that, I do think this mask sounds lovely and I will review it after trying it out. Because who doesn’t want to look awake even when they are clearly not 🙂

Make Up For Ever bronzer - Sephora eye shadow brush

Make Up For Ever, you steal my heart every time. I really needed a new bronzer to look “alive” during the colder season since my skin goes very pale. I also was looking for one without shimmer and not too dark or orange. This gorgeous Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion in colour M10 Natural Matte Honey looked amazing. Plus, the packaging is so beautiful – sleek copper/bronze look. Expect the review of it in the future 😉 I also picked up this simple eye shadow brush #15 from Sephora Collection. This is the first time I will be trying Sephora brushes so I am excited about this purchase.

Make Up For Ever bronzer - Sephora Haul

Last but not least, and not Sephora-related, we had a blast in Krakow. It was such a relaxing weekend even though we walked A LOT and did A LOT of shopping. Which reminds me: I must write a few fashion posts and share a few looks I am loving this fall. Zara, why are you so great? 🙂 This particular shopping centre, Galeria Krakowska, has 5 level, 270 shops on 60,000 square meters of its territory!

Galeria Krakowska

Our journey to Krakow started on Wednesday night when we took a flight to Belfast. Then with a few other family members we ended up landing in Katowice in Poland because of the weather conditions in Krakow. EasyJet crew simply asked us to go and make our own way to Krakow or wait for a bus which was coming in 40min (that’s if it was coming at all). A very friendly but cheeky mini bus driver took us to Krakow in 1,5 hr and wanted to drop us off at the main bus station (previously said he would take everyone to their hotels). He also wanted to charge us on top of what he already did! Yeah, that was an interesting start to our trip. The hotel was absolutely gorgeous, overlooking the Vistula River and the Wawel Castle. 


The Main Square is a sight on its own with its old and well-kept architecture. It’s alsways full as hundreds of tourists crowd its beautiful cozy cafes and little shops. Those two sweet horses took us for a little horse and carriage ride around the centre of the city – it was a special little treat – just like the sweets we had. No wonder I wrote a post on motivation to workout earlier this week 🙂 


We didn’t do too much sightseeing apart from the Main Square, Wawel Castle and nearby areas. Next time we are there, we might go to salt mines and visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp. I know a lot of people say it is a must-see but I don’t know how well I am going to handle walking into the gas chambers and other torture rooms where so many souls were murdered. However, it’s important to know world history to prevent anything like that in the future.


Krakow is such a beautiful city and we definitely plan to come back again to see more of it (and more more shopping there because it’s THAT good) 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little Sephora Haul of mine mixed with a short recap from our trip to Krakow. 

Have you ever been to Krakow?

P.S. I promise to visit all of your blogs this week <3

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