Wedding Planning 101: Bridesmaids Dresses & Beautiful Gowns on a Budget

Having had an awful day at the Acute Care Unit, you tend to give your life a quick look through and start giving thanks. All the tests, including MRI, came clear and I am thankful to the Lord beyond measure that everything is OK. My headaches are less severe and hopefully tablets I was given will get them sorted out and get rid of them completely. Also, such moments make you thankful for family and friends. This man in the above pic who’s making a funny face at his bride, is the love of my life and my absolute everything. These two smiling girlies are also so special to me. Friends (real ones) are there for life and nothing will change that. Today’s post is dedicated to including those special (girl)friends into your wedding party and making them feel beautiful (they always are, let’s be honest) and special on your Best.Day.Ever. Also, you can use these tips and pick out a perfect dress for yourself if you are invited to a wedding as a guest.

Even if your wedding day was years ago, will come shortly or not so soon, take a look at my

Guide to picking out perfect bridesmaid dresses (and not breaking the bank) & 

how to look stunning as a wedding guest 🙂

“I promise no ugly dress if you say YES” 

So what do you start with, assuming that you asked your girls to be there for you when you say your “I do”? 

1. Colour. 

If you have your wedding colours picked out, then bridesmaid dresses should probably go with the theme. We went for ivory and royal blue + a bit of soft peach in interior decor and flowers to bring in a bit of warmth. I also wanted to incorporate my lace into bridesmaids’ dresses and was so happy when we found these stunning royal blue gowns with ivory lacey finish at the top. They fit the girls so so well and they both loved them a lot. Matching or not, think colour and use your imagination.

1 | 2 |  3

2. Style and Fabric. 

When it came to deciding on the dresses for my girls (even on my dress), I knew right away what fabrics and styles I absolutely couldn’t stand. Hence, it made it easier to pick what I loved 😉 There was no way in the world that I would make my girls wear something hideous looking. So if you managed to choose that perfect colour or colours, now it’s time think of the silhouettes, necklines and fabrics that suit you all on every level. The choice is endless. 

My personal recommendations:

 – silhouettes: A-line or natural waist

 – neckline: sweetheart, strapless, halter, V-neck

 – fabric: chiffon or satin (not that awful super shiny one!)

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3. Length. 

Sadly, one of my very close friends refused to be my 3rd bridesmaid because of… drum roll… the length of the dress that other girls and myself had in mind. I would wear a plastic bag for my friend who’s getting married (not that she would ever make me wear one) but that’s just how things might go sometimes. When you go on a dress hunt with your girls, do discuss the dress length right away. Maybe you will opt to go for different lengths, style and colours for all of your girls, and it is all up to you. I personally prefer midi/tea-length or floor length dresses as they are very elegant and “expensive” looking even if you got it for pennies (not literally haha). 

4. Special edition: ombre + mix of everything.

Sometimes it’s not easy to pick what you like and please your girls at the same time. That’s why you can always go for ombre colours, different length and neckline dresses. Be careful when you let your girls buy their own gowns as some colours (even when they are from the same colour family) can clash badly. It’s always the best to coordinate. If they don’t like the same length or neckline, let them pick their own but of the same brand/at the same shop. Another option is to make your maid of honour’s dress stand out if you like mixing things up. So many options, so many dresses 🙂

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In December I will be wearing a bridesmaid dress to a wedding (exciting times!). However, if I were to go as a wedding guest, I would probably spend ages looking for a perfect dress. You want to look stunning/formal/put-together, without drawing too much attention away from the main girl on her day, obvs. Getting to wear that one dress once/twice/(in a parallel universe) more than 3 times, you wouldn’t want to break the bank BUT will still look smashing gorgeous. You would never go wrong choosing something modest and elegant. Knee-length peplum, V-neck, pockets: the selection is there and it’s beautiful. p.s. Pockets, though 😉

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I hope you enjoyed this post and my Wedding Planning 101 series. What dresses did you like the most? 

What are your thoughts on a perfect bridesmaid dress and wedding guest outfit?

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Leave a comment and let me know 

which bridesmaids dress you like the most. 

Do you prefer floor-length gowns or cocktail dresses?

What colours and fabrics do you think are the best?

What do you wear when you go to a wedding as a guest?

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