Blogging: How To Be Organised and Plan Your Posts

How To Organise Your Blog

When it comes to blogging, there is no right or wrong about how you stay on top of your game – as long as you do. A few days ago in one of the Twitter chats we were discussing issues related to time and blogging, organising and scheduling. There isn’t even a tiny shadow of a doubt how familiar this topic sounds to every blogger. There are so many commitments that we have daily, which makes it almost supernatural to get every little thing done. Blogger’s lifestyle is very busy! Do you blog whenever you please or do you plan your schedule? Are you more of a “whenever-it-strikes-me” or “I-got-it-sorted-a-year-in-advance” kind of a blogging girl/guy? If you are struggling with time management and would like to be more organised in your blogging life, read on 😉

Ok, we all are creative gals (or guys). Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing what we do. We get ideas from everywhere but sometimes they pile up into this lovely messy chunk just like clothes in a messy closet. Then we just rummage through this “pile” trying to find something to “wear”. So yeah, it’s time to clean and organise 🙂 
1) buy a notebook / notepad just for your blog and carry it with you everywhere you go;
2) get inspired by listening to, reading or watching something, going places, meeting with people;
3) browse Pinterest, Insta, Twitter – a single image can get you all hyped up and, voila, your post writes itself;
4) share something you are enjoying or have enjoyed – either it’s a new bronzer or a fab shirt dress ;
5) read (and reply to) your comments, check if there are any requests – they would make brilliant posts;
6) what month is it – think anything Thanksgiving & Christmas (if you bake, I’ll be the 1st one visiting your blog lol);
7) make a plan / chart / map / list (whatever works for you). Write down your ideas related to the post and break them down into paragraphs to make it more organised. Sometimes your post can be more photo-heavy with little text. No prob, take note of what you need to do (what elements to capture, location, day & time, links, etc.). 

Blogging Advice

Ok, this one, in particular, goes out to lifestyle bloggers 🙂 There are so many topics we can write about – your options are limitless. Whenever I started blogging, I thought I would be strictly a fashion blogger (can you imagine that?!) 🙂 Later I realized I really loved posting about makeup. Then I also learnt that I enjoyed writing “how to” posts and giving advice. On top of that, I am a foodie and love different recipes. Books, music and movies also excite me a lot! Yet, I am still crazy about style-related accounts and I plan to bring in more fashion posts to Miel and Mint in 2016. So there you go – being an #lblogger is amazing! 🙂 However, there’s one thing we all need to take on board whenever we plan our posts: make it relatable and show your voice/taste/skills/expertise. What I mean is: if I am good at baking, I will share my delicious recipes (I will, I promise haha), if makeup reviews are my strong suit, I will write those. I think it might sound too trivial and out-there but find your voice. I love it whenever I read a blog post, I can say: “This is amazing, it’s so Bella / Kathryn / Kim / Gemma / Ela / Lauren etc.” No matter what you decide to write about, the main things is you LOVE it and can’t wait to share it. I always find myself intrigued – “What are they going to write about next” 🙂

How To Plan A Blog Post

Now it’s dessert time! 🙂 If your ideas are written down, you are planning to post this on Tuesday and that on Thursday, it’s time to get your blog calendar built (I used Microsoft Excel to make mine #itworkswonders):
1) use a month-at-a-glance calendar and decide what days/dates you want to publish your posts;
2) write down your ideas next to the days/dates you picked;
3) think when you have time, write in bulk if you have a day off or a relaxing weekend coming up;
4) if you’re stuck for words (when it happens, I can’t squeeze out a single sentence lol) – edit photos 🙂
5) take your photos in bulk, especially at this time of the year when we only get daylight in the morning.

One blogger I met on Twitter once said that she had posts scheduled up until June 2016! O.o Needless to say, I was in shock haha. I mean, good for her. I, myself, couldn’t go that far. But it does help to have a schedule and posts lined up for a few weeks or a month so you don’t stress last minute. Here’s the PrtScn of my scheduled posts last month. As you can see I have a lot less going on there than in September – only 7 posts comparing to 13 the month before. If you have been around for a while, then you know that last month I was at the hospital and suffered from terrible migraines for 2 weeks (without any relief). Later it was my hubby’s birthday and we were away for half a week. That’s why I scheduled less. November is looking a lot busier for me blogging-wise and I love that 🙂 

Blogging Calendar

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it will help you to organise your blog and make a plan.

I think it will especially come in handy since we are approaching one of the busiest months ever 🙂

Super excited about Christmas coming soon!!!

Are you? 😉

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Leave a comment and let me know how you stay organised and manage your blog.

Do you have a list of ideas? Do you write according to the plan or spontaneously?

Do you pre-plan or schedule your posts? If yes, what do you use to do that?

Can’t wait to hear how you run your blog 🙂

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