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Calling all Black Friday survivors!!! 🙂 Can you believe how fast the time is flying – December is in 3 days! With that in mind, I wanted to say big thanks to everyone who commented on my last post here to say they’d be here every day if I decided to go ahead with Blogmas. You guys are amazing! However, I did think about it and I am definitely not doing Blogmas this year BUT I am adding extra posts to my usual schedule so yay to that 🙂 Gotta keep quality over quantity ; plus I have already got some lovely things to share with you here so Blogmas or not, we will have fun 🙂 As for having fun, here comes a set of my oh-so-loved lipsticks for this festive season (plus must-have lip balms). Believe me, once you try these lippies, you will be hooked. Stick around to the end of the post – there is a very special giveaway to celebrate my 1000 friends on Twitter & nearly 500 on Bloglovin’!!! #wootwoot

My lips can’t survive colder weather unless I get extra help. I have made a mistake of ignoring lip balms on multiple occasions but for a few years now I stick to my little simple routine of lip care. I keep a lip balm in my handbag, in the car and there’s one even at my desk peaking out of my pen holder (yup, random place but it’s at hand and I reach out for it a lot) 🙂 My 2 favourite and, best part, affordable ones are these lovely goodies:

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue (Pink Me Up): 

This little lip balm is amazing! My wind-dried chapped lips turned soft and moisturized after using this stick regularly for less than a week. Since then it’s with me everywhere. My favourite part is the menthol tingle and non-stickiness. 

Santoro’s Gorjuss Lip Balm (We Can All Shine):

Where do I even begin telling you about my love for Santoro’s Gorjuss. This lip balm is one of my faves. It’s super moisturizing, smells deliciously fruity and glides on smoothly. Clean fingers are a must for application.

As much as I wanted to include 10+ lipsticks, I did the impossible of rounding it up to my top 4 which I am enjoying now and will be using a lot in December and onward. I put them in order (from left to right) from the oldest one I purchased to the one I got 2 days ago 🙂 These shades are hands-down stunning!

1. Diego Dalla Palma Rossorossetto Lipstick in shade 102. Red. The Maneater

I got this beauty last year on a whim. It was literally a 2-min deliberation because I was in a hurry to buy a perfect red lippy for a Christmas party that very night (after realizing I didn’t have any – I have just moved). Let me tell you two words about it – OH WOW! Not only was I amazed at how well it held up during the whole night (massive bonus: no lip stains on the glass!), but also how fabulous-gorgeous-ahhmazing-fantastic-mindblowing it looked (+didn’t need touching up at all). It is the most pricey lippy I own, I think. But guess what, it’s 100% worth it – I am loving a gorgeous red lip it gives throughout the year. It will especially be rocked this festive season. I swear by it and recommend it with love <3 I’ve written an essay about this lipstick but it’s worth it 🙂

2. Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in shade 107

This lipstick doesn’t need an introduction (not in a blogging world, anyway). It simply goes by three numbers (107) and we all know what we are talking about 🙂 This beautiful colour belongs to the deep red/wine family. It doesn’t smudge, lasts long and is a great value for the money you’re paying. Very affordable but oh-so-fabulous! My hubby says lippies of this shade look very “gothic” but hey, boys don’t get this trend 😉

3. Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in shade Nude Pop

Can we take a moment to appreciate this amazing creation by Clinique with a range of gorgeous shades and built-in primer. This lipstick is definitely very special and most worn by me at the moment (more of a “daily” / “professional”) look. So if your office / Uni / school doesn’t support the wine red lippy trend (boo to that), this is a perfect nude alternative for the day. It goes on so smoothly that it almost feels like you’re applying a lip balm. 6 hours in and no flakes. It’s really creamy and soft. Having been not a lipstick-wearer in my early 20s (what was I thinking lol), I can definitely recommend it even to those who don’t like any lippy. You will be converted! 

4. Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick in shade 510 Best Of The Best

This is the newest addition to my favourite lipsticks (and yes, it’s already a fave!). I got Rimmel The Only 1 only a few days ago after seeing the ad on Boots website. I thought to myself: “Well, I must just give it a try!” because I do feel it might become the new 107 😉 I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful saturated colour and long-lasting effect. Out of all 4, this one and my Diego Dalla Palma stay on the longest. I will definitely be reviewing it soon / getting a holiday makeup tutorial ready using it. Really happy with it. It’s one of those perfect festive must-have lippies.

Hope you enjoyed this post and my favourite festive must-have lipsticks (and lip balms) 😉

Now it’s time for a

Those of you who already follow me on Twitter and Facebook probably know that I have reached 1000 followers on Twitter (which I personally prefer to call friends). Also, I am very close to hitting 500 buddies on Bloglovin’. These milestones are HUGE for me and I couldn’t be more thankful for your continuous support and love. So what’s the best way to celebrate it than by holding a lovely giveaway! Woohoo!!!

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