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This is big in a way lovelies – it’s an OOTD post today woot woot! 🙂 I am definitely keeping Miel and Mint a lifestyle and beauty blog and will be adding a bit more fashion and food to the equation. At the end of the day I do hope you will love this fusion of inspiration I was, am and will be bringing to you. As you read in my previous posts and saw on Twitter, I’ve been away this month quite a lot. I love traveling and being up in the air sometimes relaxes me more than sitting on the couch (can’t believe I just said that). BUT it’s so good to be back home 🙂 It’s been a great month being away here and there but it’s lovely to wake up in your own bed and use your favourite mug to make coffee in the morning. It’s little things like that. Plus, there are big things. I have missed my hubby while I was away WAY too much. So happy to be back together! I have missed you all as well! I am also making it my mission for the rest of November + December (and onwards!) to be on top of everything Miel and Mint related. Also I am toying with this massive dilemma… which I will ask your opinion on at end of this post. Let’s get cozy with Zara now 😉


You probably remember the time when we were off to Krakow for my hubby’s birthday last month (here’s the post). It was amazing! We took a nice long weekend away, explored the city and shopped loads 🙂 That’s where I got 95% of this outfit. Yep, 95% of this look is Zara. Ok, maybe mathematicians out there will correct my calculations but you get the idea 😉 I just couldn’t pass by these lovely pieces and, also, had to share them with you.


I always say “You can’t got wrong with stripes”. This statement is always true and solid. Stripes are IN no matter what; they look subtle yet stylish. This gorgeous stripy sweater / top (or tshirt as it says on the website) is extremely snuggly. It’s 100% organic cotton and you do feel the quality. Thin navy stripes make up the whole pattern of the top, including sleeves. I think this piece can be worn with pretty much anything. Don’t mind my weird facial expressions or poses – girl is only starting to learn her way around fashion posts 🙂


These jeans were also an amazing find! Before I even start telling you about them I have to say 2 important facts: 1) I am extremely picky when it comes to choosing jeans; 2) I would wear my favourite pair of jeans to holes and beyond haha. Monkey covering its eyes emoji would be appropriate here. I am a huge sucker for denim. I practically live in jeans. So it’s crucial for me to buy the right ones. With cold weather kicking in, my white and brightly-coloured skinnies would probably need to wait to spring time to be worn again. So I was left with an old pair of dark navy and black ones. Ergo, the happiness of finding a perfect fit at Zara to add to my winter (and all-year-round) collection. These beauties are skinny, dark navy, stretchy, very comfortable and such cozy jeans! Now I am on the hunt for a pair of grey ones!! 


Moving onto my favourite piece of clothing/accessories for late fall & winter season. I am a massive scarf hoarder and I am ok with that 🙂 I genuinely don’t know how to even start talking about this blanket scarf because it’s that cozy and that comfy, and let’s all agree – that pretty! I love the intricate geometric pattern, stripes (yet again) and the softness of this beautiful scarf. My guest post here definitely comes in handy when trying to tie a blanket scarf. If only I could be wearing these every season. Moving to the Arctic Circle is not an option 🙂

UGG boots

I am not one of those girls who enjoy wearing spring and summer shoes when it’s freezing outside. I would be down with the flu immediately. I get my UGG boots out when it’s less than 10 degrees 🙂 Even though I love my fall boots and booties (and I do wear them a lot), UGG is still the coziest option for “Baltic” weather. I don’t want to think of my feet falling off ’cause I’m freezing while being outside. Grandma likes to stay nice and toasty 🙂

Top – Zara | Jeans – Zara | Scarf – Zara | Boots – UGG | Coat – SinSay

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Hope you enjoyed my OOTD, lovelies.

I am getting back on track with Miel and Mint.

And here is the dilemma I wanted to ask your opinion on (in the intro to this post)…

I was asked if I am going to do #Blogmas this year.
I am toying with this idea and debating if it’s going to be possible.

So yeah, I would like to know what you think 😉

Is one post a day every day too much?
For now I am determined to post 3/4 times a week – woot woot to that!

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