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As many of you know, I have been away yet again. I had no idea this fall would be so travel-heavy. No matter what I am traveling for – fun or work – it’s so nice to come back home to my hubby. The amazing thing is we relocated here not so long ago but it does feel like home. Yay for that! Earlier tonight hubby and I went to the town centre to watch the Christmas Parade and Christmas Lights getting turned on. Oh the festive fun! Pure bliss 🙂 Today’s post relates to those two words more than anything if we talk beauty. I haven’t met a girl/woman who is indifferent to Victoria’s Secret and all the goodies the brand has to offer. However, I will not be showing you any personal or intimate pieces from VS (no one cancelled decency), but I will happily share my beauty and miscellaneous stash I use, love and want more of. Let’s be honest, it’s absolutely impossible to walk past all the endless rows of amazingly-smelling VS stuff. Even my phone got a new sleek plastic treat 😉

This collection doesn’t feature one more perfume bottle (it was hiding in my handbag) and a body lotion (forgot to move it out of my washbag). Other than that, all of my fave pieces are there. It’s quite fun looking at this set put together and seeing most of it are bottles and sprays. If you love trying out different scents and have a healthy addiction to perfumes, you will definitely love my choices. So here are my Victoria’s Secret & a few PINK goodies. 

I have to put out there that these body mists are A) amazing and B) don’t replace perfume for me. However, these sprays are incredible and I love them all year round. Every morning right after the shower I spritz a tiny bit of one of these on my body and that just makes me go “Mmmm”, wakes me up immediately and I’m ready to attack my day smelling incredible. Let’s face it – it’s important to smell good but not overpowering. Have you ever been sitting/standing whilst in public transport beside someone who could pass for a walking perfume factory? I’m not even starting to mention anything about the opposite type. You get the idea. These mists are perfect to bring to the gym and use after the shower. Plastic bottle makes them light and convenient to carry in your handbag. These body mists linger on for a few hours but aren’t overpowering one bit. They are gentle, subtle and very tolerant even to those with most “sensitive noses” 🙂

PINK WILD AT HEART body mist: this scent is playful and it has fruity & floral notes. It’s flirty, sweet (just right amount of sweet) and fresh. Love using it after the shower at the gym.

SECRET ESCAPE fragrance mist: reminds me of our honeymoon in Mexico (and that’s the main reason I love it so much!). Such a perfect blend of fruity and floral scents. #islandlife in a bottle.

PURE SEDUCTION fragrance mist: this scent is incredible! It’s vivid, exotic, sexy and just a perfection when you want to smell like James Bond’s girl on a holiday (that’s the way to sum it up haha) 🙂

PINK WARM & COZY body mist: two words – vanilla and peony. If you are not in love yet, then you will be once you smell this mist. It smells soft and clean. So fall perfect. The name speaks for itself – ahhhh!

Scent won’t necessarily make or break your day but it does have its impact. You know how a little sniff of a familiar scent can bring back memories you thought got erased or forgotten a very long time ago. I might have forgotten what happened, what was said but the scent brings back the emotion so clearly. That’s why it’s nice to have a signature scent. Mine is Miss Dior (before: Miss Dior Cherie). If you know what it smells like and like it, then you would probably enjoy hanging out with me because 90% of the time I would be wearing it. However as much as I love my signature scent, it’s safe to say I like to try new stuff, especially when it smells too good to pass by. Travel size is so handy because one of these can always come along with me in the smallest of my purses.

BOMBSHELL fragrance mist: I love it for the notes of purple passion fruit, peony and vanilla orchid. Too good to miss and I’ve been enjoying it for a while now. One of VS bestsellers for a reason <3

EAU SO SEXY fragrance mist: another mind-blowing scent of bergamot, paradise apple and chantilly cream. Sweet, fresh, soothing and delicious – all in one bottle of goodness.

We all know that the key thing to do this fall and winter doesn’t only include doing something festive (’tis the season, anyway), getting your cold weather wardrobe update done, creating a perfect wish list or gift guide (am I the only one excited about those lol) 🙂 I LOVE sweater weather (and I don’t even mind Everest-cold weather – to an extent haha), don’t get me wrong, but dry skin in colder seasons in no joke. I always make sure I use body lotions or body butter once or twice a day. VS hand and body creams are amazing when it comes to sealing the moisture. They always leave my skin not only smelling oh-so-good but perfectly soft to touch. Is it a coincidence both of my faves have the word “love” in the name 🙂

LOVE hand & body cream (discontinued or not available online; Sheer Love is just like LOVE): not only the packaging is absolutely gorgeous but this cream smells divine. White cotton and pink lily blend makes it floral and sweet, yet fresh and not nauseating one bit (I promise). 

LOVE SPELL hand & body cream (different packaging on the website): I am almost out of this sexy-smelling lotion and I need a replacement ASAP. Just like Pure Seduction, it’s got that beautiful playful vibe about it and it makes a delicious mixture of cherry blossom and peach.  

Ok, what else can you buy at Victoria’s Secret apart from gorgeous underwear, clothes and skincare products? Lots and lots of miscellaneous stuff 🙂 This time wasn’t an exception as I have been wanting this VS phone case for a while. It is just way too lovely! The makeup pouch and the lipgloss came as extra treats as well. Luckily (for my wallet), the closest VS store is about an hour away. It means every trip there is pretty special.

LEOPARD PRINT MAKEUP POUCH is just perfect for my day-to-day essentials. I love the print and how compact it is. Handy zipper and waterproof lining inside. Easier to maintain and not to overpack 😉

BEAUTY RUSH LIPGLOSS in Punchy is a beauty. I am not overly crazy about lipgloss as it gets sticky especially when it’s windy and your hair is in your face. This one hasn’t disappointed me yet. Maybe I simply choose appropriate “wear-your-lipgloss” kind of occasions aka no wind involved 🙂

Last, but definitely not least:

VS IPHONE CASE with iconic VS stripes in pale pink and white with a fab signature. It is my absolute favourite. I also saw Victoria of In The Frow has got one – #phonecasetwinsies 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, angels 😉 (see what I did there). It’s so good to be back to blogging and I will be catching up with your blogs this weekend. Thanks so much for your continuous support, lovelies. I am also glad you enjoyed my last week’s guest post. Super exciting stuff is coming up!

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