New Makeup I Love This Fall

This fall I have tried a number of different new beauty products I’ve been either meaning to test out or as a result of “jumping on the bandwagon” 🙂 I picked out three most loved ones (I wanted to include my Makeup Revolution matte palette but I’ve already done a review on it here). Before we dive into the ode to these beauties, I just wanted to say huge thanks for the support you continually show me on my blog <3 Also, as I am yet to catch another flight (well, technically two flights) tomorrow, I’m multitasking editing this post and packing. These 3 beauty products are definitely coming with me. Follow me on my travel adventures on TwitterInstagram & Facebook. Definitely feeling adventurous because I have 2 Lufthansa flights to catch. Let’s hope they will be as scheduled.

Trying out new beauty products is always a lot of fun. Thankfully, none of the ones I got this fall disappointed me (except Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid – it caused me to break out). Also, there’s a thrill in that short moment when you get the product out of the packaging and about to use it. You don’t know whether you are going to love it or it’s your “thing” or not. I can tell you 100% that I have really enjoyed these 3 this fall. 

Once, but it was special! I never wear fake lashes on a daily basis (kudos to those ladies who are skilled to do it!). I bought these to use for my hubby’s birthday party. Being not-at-all an expert in applying fake eyelashes, I decided to step out of my comfort zone. These Eylure lashes (#083) come with lash adhesive and, surprisingly, I put them on in no time. I have pretty full and long eyelashes naturally but I loved how these beauties added a lot of volume with a pow! Here’s a little pic to show you what they looked like on. 

I love my lips nude on a day-to-day basis because A) it’s a bit more appropriate for work; B) less upkeep. This fall, however, I have been wearing a good bit of a darker lip. I love my reds and wine reds too much to ignore them. In just a few days you will see a really special update on my Instagram and other social media (think very deep red lip). Now, let’s go back to this beauty. 107, you are the bomb dot com! I am more than sure everyone has seen it, heard of it or tried it. Rimmel London 107 by Kate Moss brings it back home with this gorgeous pigmented deep red/berry colour (with a purple’y-red undertone). It goes on smoothly and stays on for hours on. If you want to make a statement with your lips, here’s your chance. 

You probably remember this stunning bronzer from here. I splurged on it last month at Sephora when we were visiting Krakow. I’ve loved my Too Faced bronzer but since I only could squeeze a few uses out of it, ’twas time to try something new. I’ve loved Make Up For Ever as a brand for ages but for some reason have never bought their bronzer or blush. This fab Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion in shade 10M Natural Matte Honey is a perfection on my skin. Have you ever tried those super pigmented bronzers that you simply can never apply right and end up with “doll cheeks” or looking like a daugher of the citrus fruit? Well, this is not the case. This soft shade will bring in the sunkissed tone but won’t end up looking orange or over-applied. It’s not shimmery (I’ve been looking for a great matte one) and it wears for hours on without touching up. I am in love. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and my 3 favourite beauty products that I have tried for the very first time this fall.

Exciting news:

 A special post is going to go live on my blog this Thursday. It’s my first collab and I can’t wait for you to see it.


Keep your fingers crossed for me to catch my flights no prob. Not sure if you’ve read/heard but Lufthansa is having a major strike which resulted (and it’s still on) in over 1,000 flights cancelled. 

Both of my flights tomorrow are operated by Lufthansa. So far they are both on.

And finally, I will be able to catch up with all your blogs this week – woot woot for that 🙂

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Leave a comment and let me know what beauty products you tried for the very first time this fall. 

Did you love them right away or was it a disappointment?

Have you tried any of my faves? 

Can’t wait to hear back from you 🙂

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