Christmas Decorations & Traditions: Cozy At Home

Well, how cozier can it ever get than around this time of the year? I love December with its twinkly soft lights, fleece blankets, cinnamon-scented candles and one hundred cups of tea/cocoa/hot chocolate 🙂 Plus, music. Lots of Christmas music. And Christmas movies. Even though I am one of those weirdos who can watch Home Alone in August no prob 🙂 This post will be super Christmassy as I’m going to show your our decorations & little bits and bobs around our house. There might even be a few fun facts about holiday traditions from the countries where I lived. Get that cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows (+ please, make me one as well), get cozy and let’s chat about everything Christmas 🙂

This Christmas will be our 2nd one with my hubby as Mr & Mrs (it will be super special even when it’s the 70th one – I clearly want to grow super old beside him) 🙂 Since we relocated mid-2015, this December is a bit different as we are still getting to know the area and making friends. Nevertheless, we are happy God guides us in the direction we have to go. No matter where we are, at Christmas you have to feel all toasty and cozy at home. It’s all about those small touches, isn’t it? I love my little kitchen window display. 

Tall candles (USA, Lancaster, PA)

Owl candle (Primark)

Set of red lights (IKEA)

No matter what the weather is like outside or what mood you are in, it’s always nice to get home and get all cuddly on the sofa. Christmas movie is advisable as well. Festive cushions also make it extra lovely and homely. My hubby kept asking me throughout the month of December what I would like for Christmas. Guess what cheesy line I always replied with 😀 Well, then I had to write a “Dear Santa” letter to give him a few ideas. I am sure I will still be wow’ed. My man is the master of surprises 🙂

Red Christmassy cushion (Marks and Spencer – it’s on sale now)

I normally go all out with Christmas decor in the living room, kitchen and, well, basically, in the rooms where we have guests or spend most of the time in. I am not one of those girls who has fairy lights wrapped around their bedhead – maybe because I don’t do YouTube videos (YET!), therefore, don’t need that sort of background 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I do add a few cute touches to our master bedroom to make it festive and cozy. 

Lantern (Lakeland – similar here)

How many cards do you normally write and mail before Christmas? It took me 2 days (with a good few hours each day!) to sign all our cards to family and friends. It’s some work but it’s fun. Especially when Mr. Postman delivers a bunch of them every other day – woohoo! We like to display the most special ones by hanging them over our dining table. Cute pegs and candy-cane-coloured thread add a really lovely touch 🙂

Around The World Christmas pegs (Paperchase)

I used to be a MASSIVE soft toys hoarder. You can’t really help it if you keep getting them for all kinds of holidays and every birthdays. They used to be age appropriate back then, too 🙂 Over the last 5 years I donated all of the toys to the local orphanage (rather than storing them at home with no use). Apart from this little guy, I have another tiny Me To You tatty teddy one sitting beside my bed (one of the presents from my hubby for my birthday a few year ago). We got this cutie in Krakow (post about the trip here). It’s soooooo soft I can’t even! How cute is that hat & his little sweater 🙂

Teddy (Galeria Bukowski)

Time to get the “big guns” out – the Christmas tree 🙂 This 2.2m of beauty is one of the most beautiful trees I’ve ever had 🙂 When I was little we always put up a real Christmas tree. My dad would bring it in and I would be decorating all evening long 🙂 The smell in the room was incredible. However, you had to remember to water it and hope it stays green and full for as long as possible. Sometimes it went yellow’y & bald way too quickly (maybe it’s because in Ukraine we used to keep the tree up for a while!). The struggle ended when we decided to buy a fake tree last year for our first Christmas as a new family 🙂 The colours we are into this year are red, gold and grey/silver. LOVING them! All the ornaments were carefully picked and I can’t even tell you how much I adore these. And Christmas crackers, can’t forget those 😉

Set of baubles, felt thread hearts & stars(IKEA)

Tinsel & all the unique ornaments (Hillside or gifts)

How GORGEOUS are these ornaments <3

When it comes to putting the tree up, my hubby puts its together and I help to fluff it. Then we do the lights together. The fun begins when Mrs Christmas Ornaments Expert aka yours truly (haha, just kidding) starts to decorate. Christmas music playing in the background, snow is falling (I wish! It’s raining here in England) and it smells like cinnamon and Christmas because we have our favourite candles lit 🙂 

A few bloggers I am following have recently shared little Christmas traditions from their countries. I love reading those kind of posts and getting to know now only lovely bloggers but also their cultures. Having lived in Ukraine most of my life, studied in the States for a few years and then relocated to the United Kingdom, I have come across lots of different fun traditions. Here are a few 🙂 


– Christmas in Ukraine is not on the 25th of December, it’s 2 weeks later, on January 7th

– New Year’s Eve is HUGE, everyone celebrates and stays up till the break of dawn!

– there is a special family dinner on Christmas Eve – you have to make and display 12 different dishes


– Americans like to decorate big time – not just the inside of their homes but also the outside (light displays)

– parents make sure the kids visit Santa (normally at big malls or at ‘Christmas village’ or ‘Santa’s grotto’)

– turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce & eggnog are all a big must at a Christmas dinner


– pulling Christmas crackers and wearing a paper crown: love this tradition so much! 

– it’s cute how Santa Claus is called Father Christmas by most people – I love it 🙂

– Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) is huge, especially in sales, it’s like the 2nd Black Friday

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it made you feel all cozy and excited for Christmas even more.

Finishing this post with one of my favourite Christmas songs

(which related to this last photo):

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

Toys in every store

But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be

On your own front door 



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