November Favourites

November Favourites

Yay, it’s time for monthly favourites! You know how much I love these posts! 🙂 November, you were amazing. My up-in-the-air header photo for this post reflects it – it’s been another month full of travel. After all, globetrotting is always a good idea 😉 Being thankful every day for everyone and everything in my life (not only on Thanksgiving), I am also grateful for a great month #11 of 2015. As we are rolling into the last 30 days of this year, it’s time to look back at wonderful (and freezing, haha) November. Let me tell you, I have something really special to share with you all today. Lights are twinkling, toes are toasty in fuzzy socks… and it’s time to make a cup of tea and read my

November Favourites

Sticking to the tradition from the month of September and October, I am starting with my favourite place of the month. Ironically, the most visited place would probably be the airport (well, different airports) 🙂 But, jokes aside, it is definitely the town where I spent most of my conscious life – Lutsk, Ukraine. Even though I now call England my home, only a year ago it was Northern Ireland. Before that there were the United States. But my home country will always be the place where I was born. I am proud of my roots and happy to have Ukrainian “origin”, even when nationality in the passport says British. Citizen of the world, haha. Anyway, last month I visited Ukraine and got to spend time with my amazing family and friends. I treasure every moment like that 🙂 As for the place, this is Lubart’s Castle aka Lutsk Fortress which looks gorgeous in the snow. Hope you like this little glimpse of it as much as I do 🙂

November Favourites - Lutsk, Ukraine

Can we all please take a moment and appreciate the wonder that is Adele in the world of showbusiness and music industry. No only she is an Artist (with the capital A) who produces masterpieces of tracks. Adele is the example that you can be at the top of the charts and “break the internet” while keeping your clothes on! This 27-year old is a true #GirlBoss, a role model and a natural beauty, inside and out. As for her newest album “25” which came out in November, it is so good I am simply speechless. If it’s the first time you hear about Adele or if you’ve only got her album “25”, make sure to order “21” as well. This girl had me at “Hello” – hope you get the pun 😉

Opinions on this one are divided. Before I went to watch it with hubby I read contrasting reviews. Some people called this movie “meh”, some said it wasn’t any close to how good Skyfall was. I loved Skyfall, don’t get me wrong, but I also really enjoyed Spectre. Here’s a little sneak peek into it if you haven’t watched it. 007 discovers the existence of the evil villain clan/organisation called Spectre. He also learns that the person in charge has a special history with Bond. He’s also the one who made his lifetime goal to destroy everyone and everything James loved/loves. Of course, there is a leading lady aka “Bond girl” in this story as well. She is a daughter of one of the evil masterminds but 007 ends up being her only chance for survival. Not to tell you any more, this movie will keep you on your toes. The action, the location change (I love it when the movie takes you across the world – travel bug in me speaks up haha), the story twist and the ending is incredible! There is only one thing it lacked – Adele’s soundtrack (she killed it in Skyfall)!  

Before I start telling you about this very special occasion, I have to confess my love for afternoon tea 🙂 My British fellow blogger friends would know everything about it but it might be new for some of you. It’s very English and I am the biggest fan since the very first time I tried it 🙂 This afternoon tea you see in the photos was EXTRA special because it was for a gorgeous bride-to-be who’s getting married in 2 weeks. She’s my hubby’s cousin and it was her hen party. The venue was the fab 5-star Merchant Hotel in Belfast and the afternoon tea there is soooo fancy! It felt like brunching at Buckingham Palace 🙂 I loved my Apple Loves Mint tea, all the delicious desserts and extra goodies that kept coming. But most of all I loved spending time with all the lovely girls & ladies who I wish lived in the Mainland. *sigh*

November Favourites - Afternoon Tea

Nothing makes a house your home than all the special bits and pieces you add to make it cozy. This is one of our lovely wedding presents that I absolutely had to share with you. My amazing sister-in-law gave it to us (purchased in the US). At the moment it is a part of our big living room/kitchen space. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile 🙂 This is definitely about me and my better half who I can’t imagine my life without. Before I take you down the weepy-romantic-and-oh-so-emotional path (lol), I have to let you know that in December I will share my home decor pieces with you guys and also will tell you a very special story at the very end of the month. Stay tuned 😉

Home Decor

Calling all the cat ladies & cat mamas!! 🙂 You will love this one! By the way, I am so thankful that many of you love my monthly Favourite Insta segment. You won’t be surprised that once again, my favourite IG profile in the month of November (and basically all other 11) is not the human one 🙂 I LOVE my animal IG faves and I couldn’t wait to share this special one with you. Little Piece of Cat is not just your average kitty love page. These two “cheeky” cuddles-loving-mischief-causing-toilet-paper-eating Turkish Angoras, as their mama describes them, have won my heart over. Before we all go “awww”, I have to let you know a little story about these two handsome boys. The grey one is called Melchior and the white one is Caspar. Caspar is a brave little soldier who’s fighting cancer at the moment with the help of his human family. Paws crossed for this lovely kitty, his lovely furry brother and their family. 

This one was tough because there are so many bits and pieces in the beauty department I loved in the month of November. But I absolutely HAVE to take you back to my previous post and show you my most fave 4 lippies of last month. These are: Diego Dalla Palma (102), Clinique (Nude Pop), Rimmel The Only 1 (510) and finally, the beloved blogger-fave Rimmel Kate in 107. They are all divine, especially for this time of the year. I couldn’t recommend each one of them more than I already did last weekend 🙂 Very soon you will read a detailed review of Rimmel The Only 1 lippy on my blog. It’s definitely going to be the new 107. Bomb dot com. 

Holiday Lipsticks

This is an sneaky little extra segment I am adding to my November Faves. We have a Double Beauty sitation 🙂 But honestly, are you ready to sing an ode to one and only Beauty Blender. Since I got my very first one a few years ago, I can’t use anything else to apply and blend my makeup with. Brushes leave strokes or a too-thick-of-a-layer of makeup but this little magic sponge just makes “the canvas” (aka the face) look perfectly finished. No other dupe sponge compares to the original Beauty Blender. I’ve tried many. Some of them aren’t bad BUT they either don’t last very long or just don’t seem to blend well without absorbing too much product. I can’t afford wasting a drop of my MAC foundation. After my old one was torn to pieces by my sweet kitty haha (you can’t be mad at them), I got this one at Sephora (haul here).

Beauty Blender

Hope you enjoyed my November Favourites, girlies. 

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