Perfect Christmas Lipstick: Rimmel The Only One 510

Why don’t I just join the rest of the mankind and say: “How on earth is Christmas time next week?!” Another thing that puzzles me is how come I only had one mince pie this December. ONE. This error needs to be fixed ASAP. Other than that, I’m having a very festive month of December and will chit chat about this wonderful season more in the end of this post. Back to mince pies. And PJs. And Christmas Day. I don’t know why I said PJs, by the way 🙂 Nevertheless, no matter what you are wearing on the BEST morning of all the top ranking mornings of the year, you do eventually (sadly) need to change into “normal” clothes. The best part of it is getting all dolled up. Without starting to make a lot of Harry Potter or Cinderella references, I will just say that you can look absolutely fabulous this winter with the help of this incredible red lipstick aka Rimmel The Only One 510. The name speaks for itself – Best Of The Best.

The first time I talked about this lippy was in November in my Must-Have Festive Lipsticks post. I only had it for a few days back then but promised to do a review on it because it’s that amazing. Every blogger (who is into beauty) knows the special code which consists of three numbers: 107. Well, 510 might become the next 107 😉

I am starting to think this lipstick is one of the best drugstore lip products I bought in 2015. That’s a big statement, isn’t it? Not only the packaging is very stylish and sleek (shiny black with a red band) but also the range of colours of this series is immense. If you have seen my swatches of my favourite festive lipsticks here, you have probably noticed the holiday-perfect colour of The Only One. It’s like a blend or that spot-on ‘golden middle’ between red and deep wine red. To say it’s long-lasting is an understatement. Before I go any further, I have to mention that my very first red lippy cost probably less than £1 haha and it was horrible! It looked good (for about first 30 minutes) but the wear wasn’t even there. On the other hand, I have tried very expensive lipsticks and could tell the different in the “endurance” department. That brings us to Rimmel which has such a perfect quality-value ratio: it doesn’t break the bank yet gives you a great lippy which looks fabulous, doesn’t easily get smudged and stays on throughout the day. 

These photos were edited not to look as grainy as they did because: a) I had to use my iphone to take them (good ol’ selfies), and b) proper light source doesn’t even exist at this time of the year (I moved from one window to another in search of light lol) #bloggerproblems. Nevertheless, you can see this gorgeous lip colour (and also my awkward hand pose to keep hair away from my face). Rimmel The Only One is also super moisturizing, it goes on very smooth and applies easily. No lip balm and no lipgloss are needed. I also never use a pencil when I apply dark lipsticks – I just follow the natural lines of my lips (hope it doesn’t make me a weirdo haha). What about you?  

I am in love with this pretty festive shade which I am going to wear all year round. Its creamy/velvety texture along with the long-lasting effect (= no glass stains) just make it sell itself. I picked it up from the shelf super quickly – such an easy decision 🙂 If you tried 107 and it’s too intense or doesn’t match your skin tone, definitely give 510 a go. The shade is very pigmented but don’t let it scare you off in case if you’re more of a nude-colour lip girl. Once applied properly, this perfect red lipstick would suit anyone.  


Apart from the fact that most people in the world who celebrate Christmas are now frantically looking for last-minute presents, dinner/party menus are being planned, kids are taking part in nativity plays, it’s nice to remember the ‘reason for the season’. It’s just like with Thanksgiving – be thankful every single day, not just on the last Thursday of November. Even if the lyrics of Joy To The World are forgotten by some till next December, maybe this little thought will make you pause and think why “the Lord has come”, and what joy it brings not just at Christmas but daily. 

Wishing you all the blessings this holiday season, my lovelies.

From my happy heart to yours.

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