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So “decking the hall” has begun as you have probably seen on my Twitter and Instagram. It’s so exciting to get Christmas decorations out and start re-creating the mixture of Lapland and elf workshop inside your own house 🙂 You don’t need much to do that. As long as it’s nice and cozy, you are golden. But I’m rushing ahead – a post on our Christmas decor (all the unique bits & pieces that are super pretty and meaningful to us) and our Christmas tree is coming very soon 😉 Today’s post is hopefully going to help you to score that perfect Secret Santa gift

Every year the excitement was flying high at my office whenever Secret Santa gift-giving was starting. However, it wasn’t just one gift. There
was this big and tall bookcase (think IKEA style) with square boxes that were labelled with people’s names. After
you pick a name, you had to bring them gifts 10 days (!!!) in a row leading up to Christmas. Of course, those could be silly and pound-worth ones (like, tissues or a pack of Haribos). But most of the gifts were £10 or under and required some serious “thought shower”. If you are doing Secret Santa this year at your office, dorm or home, or simply looking for amazing little gifts that are £10 or less, I hope these ideas will come in handy. 

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1. Cozy Cardigan Mug {£6}: for tea and coffee lovers + how cute is it to have your cup “dressed” in a cozy knit.

2. Alphabet Scented Candle {£6.99}: pick the initial of the recipient and you got a super pretty personalized gift.

3. The Holiday DVD {£3}: this movie is so perfectly Christmassy I can’t even! It’s one of my favourites all year round.

4. Set of 3 bath bombs {£9.40}: Lush is Lush. Any girl will be over the moon to get these amazing bath bombs.

5. 2016 Diary {£10}: can’t go wrong with the next year diary, especially if it’s pale pink and has golden polka dots.

6. Set of 2 holiday nail polishes {£8}: perfect little gift for a ‘nail painting’ girl + glitter is always a good idea.

7. Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 107 {£5.49}: I HAD to include a perfect holiday lipstick and you can never say ‘no’ to 107.

8. ASOS Bunny Ring Holders {£8}: how absolutely stinkin’ cute are these pointy bunny ears ring holders 🙂

9. Instagram Mini Prints {6.49}: love this idea for a girl who checks her IG 100 times per minute – she will go “awww”.

10.  Holographic Makeup Bag {£8}: makeup bags are always needed. Always. Especially when they are this pretty.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

1. Dip Sticks Shout Dinner Party Game {£9.75}: we have this game – it’s so much fun and a really good laugh.

2. Tetris Heat Change Mug {£8}: Tetris game which “plays” itself – just fill it up with your favourite hot drink.

3. The Hobbit DVD {£6.99}: I don’t know a man who doesn’t like a good J.R.R. Tolkien book based movie.

4. Man Tin {£7.04}: a ‘manly’ version of a storage box for anything and everything he needs to keep safe.

5. Faded Diamond Socks {£8}: men LOVE fun socks. Period.

6. Silver jigsaw cuff links {£15}: I had to sneak this one in even though this gift is £5 more, but they are amazing.

7. Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy {£5.95}: I got this super fun desk container a few Christmases ago – fun and functional.

8. Funtime Basket Case {£8}: it’s no revelation that men love to play – how many can he score in a minute?

9. Bear Grylls Facing Up {8.99}: a read that sucks you right in. I got this for my hubby last year – he LOVED it!

10.  Selfie stick for GoPro, DSLR & Iphone {£11.99}: a bit over £10 but so worth it – a good-quality selfie stick is a hit!

Hope you enjoyed this post and liked my ideas for Secret Santa gifts.
It took me a while to put these gift guides together but I really wanted to include stuff I truly love 🙂


We are just back home from Trafford Centre (Manchester) as I am proofreading this post.

It looks so beautiful and festive!! Really happy to have done some Christmas shopping.

Guess who’s putting up the tree tonight & will share our lovely decor and 

Christmas tree pics after the weekend. Watching ELF later on tonight. Eeek!

More festive fun on the blog next week!! 🙂

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Leave a comment and let me know if you are taking part in the Secret Santa gift giving.
Which gifts would you get for her / him for £10 and under?
Fun ideas would be appreciated 😉
Which gifts did you like the most from my lists?
Woohoo to December fun!

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