Shine Bright Like A Diamond: Gemporia Wishlist & Sapphire Love

We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky. Thanks for your wisdom and a fab metaphor, Riri. It might be a shocker but I don’t agree that diamonds are girl’s best friends. That role is much better “performed” by your mum/dad, your husband/fiance/boyfriend, your bestie or even your cat 🙂 However, I do love diamonds. When that SPECIAL piece of jewelry finds you (yes, it totally finds you, and not vice versa), you just know it will stick around for a long time. I am not talking about cute little stacking sets of bijouterie rings or that 2kg statement necklace we all own. It was bought, loved, forgotten or eventually lost. But this post will be about something that lasts, something that matters and stays. Gemstones with a meaning, diamonds with a history, masterpieces which are passed on from generation to generation. On top of that, I have this unexplainable affection towards sapphires. Let’s explore all the goodness 😉

I have never been a massive jewelry wearer. Growing up in Ukraine, I would see many girls / women showing off their entire ring collection on a daily basis (think Phoebe from “Friends”), and I would always find it a bit too much. Not that I didn’t have what to “show off” and was jelly (I never get jealous, there’s no limitation to anyone’s level of happiness). Give me anything dainty and neat, and I am a happy bunny. Even though I do own a few fab statement necklaces, I’ve simply always been a girl who loves minimalism when it comes to jewelry. Dainty necklaces, delicate earrings, neat bracelets and no rings. Before you might go “huh?!”, I must say I am extremely particular when it comes to rings. The only rings I wear 24/7 are my engagement and wedding ring. It goes without saying – they are very special and so gorgeous (hubby has done well picking them out on his own). However, there are one-of-a-kind pieces that can easily be added to my favourite set and even make a statement on their own.

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How beautiful are these rings all together and each one of them individually. So whenever lovely representative from Gemporia contacted me and asked me to take a look at their website, I knew right away that I would like to write a post on it and share with you lovelies. These are the jewelry pieces that I would put on my wishlist without giving it a second thought. 

1. Olive Leaf Diamond Sterling Silver Ring (£43): this beautiful and delicate ring has 18 tiny 0.04-0.07Cts diamonds inside those rain drop shapes. It also has a thin band so if you like dainty little pieces, this might be the right pick.

2. Larimar Sterling Silver Ring (£43): dim turquoise Larimar stone is just so mesmerizing. It’s got a lovely oval shape and it reminds me of the clouds rushing across the clear skies on a bright spring day 🙂 I’m that cheesy and romantic.

3. Mawi Kunzite Midas Ring (£29): that’s quite a mouthful to pronounce. I love this stunning nearly-colourless-pale-pink kunzite gemstone! Plus, a rose gold band just finishes it off so well. Rose gold any day, please.

4 | 5 | 6 

Now let’s move on to bigger rings which I wouldn’t be “flashing” at the office but would definitely wear when we go out or on a special occasion. These three are so different from one another, yet if you asked me what my favourite one would be, I wouldn’t be able to choose.

4. Siberian Dendrite Quartz Sterling Silver Aryonna Ring (£43): dendrite is known to produce these frost-like patterns, and aren’t they pretty. I love this “vintage” feel to it with the unique design. Gorg statement ring!

5. Bi-colour Fluorite Sterling Silver Ring (£53): welcome to a whole new level of colour combination. This is not one of those “optic illusion”-colour-changing pieces. It literally has two colours fused together by nature. Stunning…

6. Baltic Green Amber Sterling Silver Ring (£29): how gorgeous is this deep cloudy amber green with an intricate pattern. I also really like a lovely design framing the stone. It’s last on my list but so not least (some word play!).

And now the dessert… Here’s the little example of that “sapphire love” I mentioned in the title of this post. Gemporia kindly offered me to pick any jewelry piece to review. I went for this stunning Blue Sapphire & Diamond Sterling Silver Ring* which I can’t get enough of. I got it in size ‘P to Q’ as I am going to be wearing it on my middle finger. It’s a bit roomy (I have super thin fingers) but it doesn’t bother me and it’s nothing I can work with. It comes with a handy little ring belt which helps you to measure the size of your fingers (yay for for future purchases). They offer a wide selection of stunning pieces: rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces… I could spend hours browsing all the beauty. But I am obsessed with sapphires for no particular reason. I just think it is such a classy and gorgeous stone. Plus, this little beauty totally reminds me of a teeny-tiny (size and carat-wise) version of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. Stunning, elegant, class in every milimetre. Even though I don’t believe that a certain gem or a crystal has a meaning behind it, I do agree that sapphire is definitely a royal stone. Yay to channeling your inner princess 😀 

I hope you enjoyed this post and my first (but definitely not last) wishlist.

It was so much fun putting it together and I made sure to pick the most gorgeous pieces (in my opinion), 

yet affordable ones because who wants to break the bank for jewelry – 

unless you are buying an engagement ring – then PLEASE go big! 😉

(Little) Disclaimer:

I wanted to let you know that I would never write about a product I don’t believe in or dislike. If you have been following me for a while now, you probably know it without me saying it. Plus, you might remember my thoughts on the issue in the Essena post I wrote. Therefore, I say NO to a number of collab requests. My blog is my “baby” and you guys are my friends who I respect and value. Therefore, I will never feature a brand I have no faith in. As simple as that. I will always speak out the truth and share my honest opinion. So if in the future you see me working with brands on my blog, those would be the ones I’d picked VERY carefully and thoughtfully. Out of the respect to you and to myself. A blog post on this matter is coming very soon 😉 I will make sure it’s informative and helpful.

Other than that, are you excited about Christmas? 

I absolutely cannot wait!! Eeeek!

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Leave a comment and let me know if you liked any of my picks and my little wishlist.
What jewelry do you like to wear? Are you more of a big-statement-piece girl or dainty-delicate Ms?
Do you have a favourite gemstone 
(apart from diamonds, please tell me you love diamonds lol)?
Unrelated – are you ready for Christmas? 🙂
Happy holidays, loves!

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