Las Vegas Travel Guide: Adventure Of A Lifetime

Since last week hubby and I have been actively searching for perfect destinations and planning our summer vacation in 2016. It’s a very exciting thing but also can be quite challenging: picking a place (or places), finding affordable flights, planing the activities, calculating the expenses, etc. Plus, there are just so many options! We both agreed we want to go across the ocean to North (or South) America (the actual places are still in the process of being figured out). While some say that spontaneity is the essence of pleasure – and I agree with that – it is thrilling to do something on a whim, yet the perfect trip is the one planned out well. That way you are not going to miss out on anything. No one wants to come home from NYC and realize they haven’t been at the Times Square. Itinerary plus adventure makes it all happen. By planning it all, you still have to leave room for the impulse decisions and have fun with it. It’s what we did when we chose Las Vegas as one of the three locations for our honeymoon. It is an absolute must-visit location and I hope this guide shows you the city in the light it deserves to be presented in. 

If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen this photo. Let’s be honest, we all want the winter to end (that’s IF
it’s winter now where you live). And what is
more perfect on a cold winter evening than looking through your pictures from a
holiday in a hot climate while sipping your hundredth cup of tea and planning
what to watch next on Netflix. That’s what I did and this post was born. It wasn’t easy to choose one location but I am sure I will share our other adventures with you guys in the future. Meanwhile, I am giving you a LAS VEGAS TRAVEL GUIDE.

After two flights and an amazing week in Cabo San Lucas, we landed in Las Vegas. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t humid (#yas) but boy, it was HOT! Vegas is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert and it sure feels like it. It is roasting hot! You walk insane mileage while you’re there (will explain soon why it’s the case) and a good bit of time is spent outside. Drinking plenty of water is an absolute must. There are many cases of severe dehydration some people may experience, especially if they have never been in a similar climate. Have you ever had to breathe over the boiling pot? Air in Vegas is pretty much like that in temperature BUT there’s no humidity, only the heat. Always carry a bottle of cool water with you and chill in the perfectly air-conditioned (and absolutely gorgeous) hotels. Why hotelS and not A hotel? It’s the next tip 😉 P.S. We never drink Coke at home, especially a 2l one in one go lol.

It’s not a revelation to anyone that Las Vegas is also called Sin City. It’s got its name because there are various adult attractions available there, including gambling, public drinking and the services which I won’t even mention on the blog. My take on it is everyone makes a choice on their own. You can make a “sin city” out of any place depending on your social behaviour. You can have the time of your life in Vegas without clubbing and downing those drinks like they are water. My hubby and I experienced Vegas as one of the most entertaining places on the planet and enjoyed it to the fullest without a single drop of alcohol. Remember that you always have a choice.

If you are familiar with The Entertainment Capital of the World (as Vegas labels itself) in one way or another (gotta appreciate the knowledge we have from all the movies shot there), you have probably heard of The Strip. That’s where everything happens and everything IS. The Las Vegas Strip is a 4.2-mile (almost 7km) long stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South. Humongous hotels, breathtaking resort properties, massive casinos and shopping malls – anything and everything you can possibly imagine is all there! That’s the reason Vegas is impossible to describe. Because how do you describe a hotel which has a river inside (The Venetian), a hotel which is a copy of the Eiffel Tower (Paris Las Vegas) or a hotel which occupies the territory equivalent to 7 football fields (Caesar’s Palace)? 

{photo taken from the helicopter ride we took overlooking a part of The Strip}

 {The Venetian}

All the hotels are located close by and some are connected so that way you don’t have to go out into the heat. Each hotel is open to public and is like a mini city on its own. Each has an absolutely gorgeous and unique style. The Venetian is probably one of my favourite ones. That’s the one with the river running INSIDE the hotel (I mentioned it above) and you can even take a gondola ride – again, INSIDE the hotel! There are also many restaurants at each resort, lots of shops and attractions. One thing you also have to remember – after Vegas you will feel strange staying in any hotel because you will get used to casinos being everywhere: in the lobby, in the hallways, on the floors. 

{Caesar’s Palace}

Vegas hotels are designed to a perfection. Every bit
of the exterior and interior can be described with 1 word – 


{Paris Las Vegas}

Channeling my inner Parisienne

{Aria & Excalibur}

Aria is stunning in its mirrored glass ghost-like beauty.

And can you believe the look of Excalibur Hotel & Casino? It’s a castle!! O.o

{New York New York}


It’s hard to even imagine that those are a few of the stunning hotels on The Strip. The interior will blow your mind.

There are hundreds of shows happening live in Las Vegas every night – the choice is endless. However, in my opinion, it is a 100% must to catch one of the many Cirque De Soleil performances while you’re there. They put on an unbelievable show and, depending on the production, might involve the audience in it! My hubby was sitting and whispering “Please, not me, please, not me” a lot haha. We went to see Mystere and it was amazing!

If you are not into the shows, there are other activities you can enjoy: pools, spas, roller coasters, shopping… There are also chapels if you’re planning on getting hitched Vegas-style 😉 And chocolate… lots of chocolate.

$33.6 million sculpture Tulips at Wynn & Forever Grand Wedding Chapel at MGM Grand

I knew I was in trouble (or chocolate paradise?) when we came across this massive Hershey store. 

I am crazy about Reese’s!

 Delicious Statue of Liberty Vegas-style: left one made of jelly beans, right one – milk chocolate. Mmmm…

Can’t forget about shopping! Las Vegas has ginormous shopping malls and outlets pretty much in every hotel. 

By ginormous I mean you would need a few days to do at least one of them!

My hubby got me my very first Michael Kors in Las Vegas as the first present to me as his wife. He is the best! 

I cried. 

I literally cried walking out of the store because I was so excited, overwhelmed and most of all – thankful <3

Just like visiting Empire State is a must-do in New York or Beverly Hills in LA, Bellagio fountains are not to be missed. During the day there is a show every 30 minutes (with a new song and new water “choreography”) and from 8pm up until midnight there is one every 15 minutes! Each display is out of this world! Whoever does all that is a genius. A few of my favourites are: Billy Jean by Michael Jackson, Hey Big Spender and God Bless The USA.

{image from Fountains of Bellagio – I had to share the look from the above as we couldn’t take this one ourselves}

Wow, right?

Last but not least, this is my favourite memory from Las Vegas. Go grand… As grand as the canyon! That’s right, you can make it a holiday of a lifetime and book a helicopter ride over The Strip, to Hoover Dam and final destination – Grand Canyon. We booked ours with Sundance Helicopters (make sure to visit their website as they have the most beautiful video on the main page) and we couldn’t be happier with the service. We were driven from our hotel to the helicopter flying station where they took us through all the safety procedures, measured our weight (quite an embarrassing part for some, but hey, safety first) and gave us a sticker with our names. Then we were introduced to our pilot who happened to be the sweetest guy ever. The take off, the flight and the landing couldn’t be more smooth. He talked us through everything and made sure we got to capture and soak in all the beauty. Grand Canyon is absolutely GRAND. I am so happy hubby and I did it together – it was an experience we will never forget.

 The helicopter flying station & flight over The Strip

 Super noisy inside so headphones were a must. It was such great fun!

 Worldwide-famous Hoover Dam & part of Colorado River

Colorado River & Grand Canyon

We got to walk around, take lots of pictures and also got a lovely lunch. Our pilot reminded us about safety: watch out for spiders and rattlesnakes. It’s no surprise I was terrified haha. Thankfully we didn’t come across any. Whew!

Happy & excited honeymooners 🙂

 Sunset over The Grand Canyon

 The Strip at night on our way back from the Grand Canyon

(this was pretty much the only pic which didn’t turn out too blurry)

That’s it for this adventure.

Money saved on the wedding was so worth it in making our honeymoon 

an adventure of a lifetime 🙂


To say that I LOVED Las Vegas is an understatement. 

Hopefully you loved it too thanks to this little guide and my own experience.

Sending positive vibes your way with the hope you get to visit it as well one day 

(if you haven’t yet).

It is worth it!

This is my personal experience and it might differ from the one someone else might have had.

Hope you liked this post and it got to warm you up a bit on this cold winter morning/day/evening 🙂

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