Perfect Saturday Afternoon: Baby Doll Coat OOTD

After a full week of being cooped up within four walls flighting flu you start to appreciate small things such as wind in your hair or excitement about a brunch in a lovely tearoom. Those freshly baked scones and multiple cups of herbal tea while people-watching was a great kind of pastime on this cold Saturday afternoon. There are too many things that I love about the weekend. One thing surely beats the scones and hot drinks (or any other goodies that are impossible to say ‘no’ to), and that is time spent together with my best friend aka hubby. On this bright Saturday afternoon my “Instagram husband” and I decided to make the best of the blue skies and rare winter rays of sunshine. Also, I am sticking to my word and bringing more fashion to Miel and Mint. So this cozy OOTD was born.

Once hubby and I were in New York City making our way from this cozy restaurant in West Village down the Frozen-themed streets of Big Apple. We saw a “real” fashion blogger. While we were shaking in our hats and gloves (it was cold!) a gorgeous tall lady was having her pictures taken wearing a lace-up top, skinny jeans and sky-high heels. I would love to share similar looks with you too but I need that extra layer in winter. That’s where a lovely piece like this comes to play. Fit and flare cut is flattering but also fun and playful. This Dorothy Perkins number was a great find!

This baby doll coat made it to my wardrobe last winter. It’s much more dressy than a regular down coat and it comes with a detachable little faux fur collar. Buttons go down to the waist and end there. I love the fact that it has deep pockets where you can get your hands warmed up. Isn’t it annoying whenever you’re trying to hide your hands down your pockets and they are sewn shut. Anyway, a perfect Saturday recipe today consisted of a pinch of frost during our relaxing walk at the waterfront. As many of you already know, I can’t leave a house without a scarf, especially when it’s freezing outside. Today I wore this cozy and extremely soft woven scarf I spotted on ASOS. 

My last few winters consisted of evergreen grass, less layers and +5+15 on the thermometer outside. Of course, there are places in the UK where it snows right this minute but we seem to live in the land of sunshine. Don’t trust the common idea of the UK being a “Foggy Albion”. It is a lot brighter than you can imagine. I remember right before I moved to the UK it was nearly wintertime in Ukraine. As much as my mum wanted us to go and find an extra pair of super warm boots (mums are the best, right?), as if I was traveling to Antarctica, I convinced her that winters are so much milder here. We don’t take winter weather as a joke in Ukraine. 7 years ago my face froze off in a millisecond when stepping outside into -28. My lovely momma hesitated a lot, especially when we ended up getting what people in Ukraine would call an “autumn boot” 🙂 These faux leather beauties were purchased in a local boutique with a massive discount label attached to them (score!). Can’t go wrong with a lovely pair of knee high riding boots.

Next ingredient for a perfect Saturday mix would be a well-deserved cup of tea at a local tearoom. Having lived in the US, I thought I was “well-equipped” in my understanding of the “western culture”. The United Kingdom will make you realize how wrong you were if you ever had similar thoughts. All the small and big traditions, mentality, lifestyle and rich culture will leave the most pretentious traveler (with a serious case of the wanderlust) stunned. The sheer existence of tearooms is fascinating. It’s not a restaurant, not a cafe, not a coffee house. It’s a tearoom, and I am thankful for it when my fingers start to go icy. Back to those soft and flavour-rich scones I will be sweating for at the gym next week. Back to my love and appreciation for delicious English tea. Finally, the secret ingredient for that ideal chill Saturday afternoon is to spend it with someone you love. This is actually the main part of the “recipe”. 

Coat – Dorothy Perkins (similar here & here

Jeans – Zara | Scarf – OasisBoots – similar here | Top – DIVIDED H&M

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Hope you enjoyed this OOTD and my ramblings about the amazing thing that is Saturday.

Fingers crossed that you are having or have had a good one 😉

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Leave a comment and let me know what you think of my outdoor OOTD.
Do you have anything ‘baby doll style’ in your wardrobe?
What is your favourite way to keep warm in winter?
What’s your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon?
Happy weekend!

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