Blonde Ambition: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Believe it or not, I used to have gorgeous chocolate’y hair (that usually went light brown’ish after being “sunkissed” in summer). Even though those times are pretty blurry now, I still go “Whoa!” whenever I come across an old Facebook picture of a brunette me. The change happened one day in October 5 years ago when I decided it was time. I got bored of my dark hair a while ago. On top of that, I got out of a (painful) long-term relationship so changing the whole look seemed to be a pretty legit option. My hairdresser advised to go with the transition gently. So thanks to being in hands of a professional, I didn’t get my hair bleached right off the bat. Becoming a blonde was a process that took about a year. Then one morning I woke up realizing: “Wow, I am actually blonde now”. With new hair came new “responsibilities” aka a lot more maintenance. Little did I know (or maybe I just didn’t bring myself to think of it back then) but going light was going cost a lot – literally. I had to do my homework on different hair treatments and care – something that seemed to have been ignored for a good part of my life. I never had super long hair and also have struggled growing out my blonde locks. That is why when Irresistible Me got in touch with me, I couldn’t contain the excitement. Here’s the review and my personal experience with Irresistible Me hair extensions.

A lovely black box was delivered to my door the day before Christmas. However, before writing this review I wanted to give the locks a good “test run” to know in depth how I feel about them. It is a completely different story to trying a new foundation or a lipstick. I know my way around them. As for my experience with hair extensions, I had two occasions of giving them a go in the past. Both lasted for a day. One was terrible: I ordered these hair extensions from China for a few dollars (such a n00b), and not only they were absolutely “plastic” and looked worse than Barbie’s fake hair, but also they couldn’t stay in. Needless to say, I never went outside wearing them. The second experience was a whole different story. I had my hair done for the most beautiful day ever – our wedding day. It looked amazing, was done professionally and it rekindled my belief in good clip-in hair extensions. 

Fast forward 1.5 years later and here I am, falling in love with a great-quality weave. I decided to try Silky Touch in Platinum Blonde* and went dramatic (comparing to my natural hair length) with 20″ and 200g. Hair extensions came safely sealed in a bag with two compartments. One contained a sample weave and had to be opened first to see if the colour matched. I knew it might be slightly off because of the tricky blonde shade I have going on now at the moment but nothing a little toner can’t fix. I confidently opened both sides of the package and couldn’t believe the amount of hair and high quality of the weaves. Before the panic kicked in about how I’m going to put them in myself, I watched this video (which helped immensely). Also, the clips are really sturdy and have an amazing grip.

The wind didn’t help to get these pictures taken and definitely ruined the curls I’ve worked on (and for some reason blanked out to secure with hairspray). Oh the joy that is British weather!

Sweater – Tommy Hilfiger | Scarf – Dunnes (old)

You might find it surprising but I am not a big fan of selfies. There’s an exception though: car and great natural lighting haha. Passenger seat only, obvi. As you can see, my hair blends in quite well with IM extensions. So after using these clip-ins for 1.5 months, curling, straightening, wearing with & without a hat, here are my thoughts.

My Experience & Tips:

1. Quality: 

These clip-ins are amazing quality hair extensions. Whether you have tried a cheaper “dupe” (never again in a million years!) or always stuck to the very best, you will be swooned by these locks. The texture, fullness and the fact that this is 100% human hair makes it look gorgeous and super easy to wear.

2. Styling: 

You would think styling thin hair should be straight forward and very quick. Nope. Styling these extensions was a whole new level. They hold the curl when I want that beach wave, they remain flat and silky if I’m after a smooth look. This hair listens to you! I’d recommend using a heat protection spray when you work with it.

3. Weight:

If your hair is like mine, you will definitely feel the added weight. But it felt strange only the first few times. When I first put them in, my hubby said that I turned my head like a robot haha. After a bit of practice you become more comfortable with them. So weight never bothered me anyway (pun intended).

4. Wear:

While they are super easy to work with and blend in with your hair, the whole process would definitely add a good bit of time to your morning routine. Let’s face it: who has the time when in rush to get out of the house. However, they are great for weekends, special occasions and for those “I feel like it” moments.

5. Feeling:

Honestly, the moment I put these clip-ins in, I felt great! Not only they look (and feel!) amazing, but also (girls with thin hair would relate) they give you a confidence boost. I personally felt like such a cool surfer chick while wearing them haha. Just need a surfboard and 2 tickets to Hawaii (I hope Santa is reading this).

VERDICT: If you have layers, it’s easier to blend your hair with clip-ins. Plus, they go thinner towards the ends providing that natural look. If the shade needs a little change, your hairdresser can help you out. Even though I’ve had close to zero experience with hair extensions in the past, I vouch for these. Big yes!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my personal experience with these hair extensions.

Last time I wore them was last weekend. Even if it was for half a day when we out, 

it’s becoming easier to work with them and style them even better than those first few times (photos above). 

The product was sent to me to be reviewed, 

this post wasn’t paid for and the opinions are my own and 100% genuine.


The colour of extensions might come off different

in a few photos due to the ever-changing lighting.

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