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If you follow my blog for a while you have probably seen a number of posts dedicated to foundations. I just love them! I am always on the hunt for the next best thing that can top my existing favourites. This review has been over 2 months in the making as I wasn’t up for gushing over a product I have used once just to share its generic characteristics. We don’t roll like that. Before you click “Read More” I have to admit this purchase felt like an absolute must-have. I’ve read multiple odes of posts and reviews on this foundation. Plus, being a huge fan of the incredible brand that is Charlotte Tilbury I felt compelled to try Magic Foundation. Let’s see how my experience panned out.

So one day I came up to the CT counter to snoop around all the makeup goodies, Magic Foundation in particular. A lovely customer assistant suggested I get matched in case if I wanted to get it now or later. My shade was 5 Medium (I assume it might be darker in summer) and while I was toying either to get it or not, my amazing hubby just went ahead and got it for me. What a man! Way to support your wife’s love for makeup and her blog! 

What’s in the name? Well, Magic Foundation is quite a statement on its own. It promises “flawless, poreless, youthful looking skin every day”. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? What stood out for me personally at the very beginning was the pretty packaging. Magic Foundation comes in a 30ml matte glass bottle with mirrored rose gold lid. Top notch! When I opened the lid I was a bit surprised to see quite a basic white plastic pump but then again, it’s no biggie as long as the product works. I wanted nothing else but to discover a new breakthrough foundation.

If I asked you what main features matter to you when you pick a foundation, you’d probably say: shade match, texture, coverage, longevity and scent. Let’s break down these points and chat in depth about Magic Foundation.

Shade match

Charlotte Tilbury does offer a great selection of shades for Magic Foundation. They start from 1 Fair and go up to 12 Dark: 5 different shades in Fair, 5 in Medium and 5 in Dark. That’s pretty impressive. Mine is shade 5 Medium.


It was somewhat moussy/light and at the same time pretty thick when I pumped out a bit. The foundation felt quite heavy when it went onto my skin and it set fast. I used either Beauty Blender or my fingers to apply it.


Magic Foundation is medium to full coverage. As I have a bit of acne scaring left from my late teens/early 20s with an occasional spot here and there, I had to build it up. It did OK hiding my imperfections.


The foundation promises to make your skin look “smoother, firmer and more youthful in 1 hour”. I didn’t find that statement working for me at all. The lasting effect of this foundation was up to 5 hours max. More on this below.


I have heard and read about how a number of people complained about the scent while others said it was fine. To be honest, I am not very sensitive to scents unless it’s really overbearing. I found this one fine.


My face skin tone is a bit darker than the inside of my arm.

My thoughts


  • the packaging is lovely, chic and very neat looking
  • shade range for Magic Foundation is immense and I found the one which matched my skin tone perfectly 
  • buildable coverage which should give you a better chance to hide imperfections and skin redness 
  • it does provide you with a natural finish, it doesn’t make your face look cakey


  • it has quite a heavy consistency and sets quickly 
  • my pores weren’t tightened nor my imperfections were hidden like it was promised
  • my barely-there fine lines became uber magnified and stood out (instead of being “smoothed in 1 hour”)
  • it didn’t last for long on my skin and started to look very patchy and washed out just after 5 hours  


This post took a while to be written because I was trying to
figure out what I am missing about Magic Foundation. I was so confused about
the amount of extremely positive reviews, especially from big bloggers and YouTubers,
while I wasn’t enjoying it that much. This one wasn’t really a “miracle in the bottle” for me but I would love to try Light Wonder by Charlotte
Tilbury. Even though Magic Foundation isn’t going to make
a comeback into my makeup bag any time soon, I still
 absolutely adore the brand and excited to explore more of CT fab products.


Thank you so  much for all the messages, tweets, comments, your positive vibes and (most of all) prayers for my hubby, my granny and my parents. Granny is still pretty much the same and we are trying to get a special anti-pressure ulcers mattress for her as soon as possible. Mum and dad are having quite a hard time looking after her because she keeps them awake at night. We hope it’s temporary. My hubby is thankfully doing a bit better even though the dull pain is still there at times. CT scan is booked for next week. Will appreciate your prayers that it shows that his kidneys (as well as other organs) are functioning well and that there are no kidney stones.  
Thank you so much for being the best bunch of blogger (and non-blogger) friends ever.

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