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CaseApp iphone case - ombre iphone case

How attached to our smart phone are we? This question must have boggled minds of many since the time a portable cell phone became a possibility. If we are realistic, since the moment cell phones transformed into smart phones and acquired a whole range of apps (including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) we were on the hook. On top of that, 5 years ago along came the giant called Instagram. The sheer existence of all available social media accounts/profiles/channels made us voluntarily and consciously become glued to our phones. I spend way too much time on mine than I would like to admit but recently I have started to make positive changes about my “phone time”, e.g. no phone at the table (while eating, obvi) and less browsing time in the morning. On top of that I found it easier to just turn it off sometimes and enjoy quality time with my family and friends, watch a movie or read a book in peace and with no distraction. Despite that, I love my phone and I love to “accessorize” it. So today I’m bringing you my phone case creations from CaseApp and a giveaway to design and get your own phone case.

When I had freedom to design my iphone cases, first off I felt overwhelmed. Yes, you might say that it’s “just” a phone case, and you would be right in a way. Although at the same time it’s something we carry around 24/7. Technically, my phone is in my hand 95% of the time when I’m out. FOMO is real, people. On a serious note, it’s not about FOMO. It’s more of a habit now and I don’t give it much thought except I am conscious of its presence, as if it’s a limb. Terrible, I know. The point is when you grab your bag in the morning before heading out, you most likely won’t go for a wrinkly and worn out one. It’s an accessory you also display to others. Same goes for a phone case if you use one. The look of it and the print or a message it’s got will tell more about the owner than we might want to know.

CaseApp iphone case

The lovely CaseApp team let me design two phone cases of my choice. Right off the bat I will be honest with you and admit that I have quite a number of iphone cases already and I love switching them from time to time depending on my mood, the current season (it’s a thing lol) and, most importantly, how quickly I get tired of looking at the same design or pattern. That’s why sometimes you have to go simple, basic or opt for the “timeless look” so you won’t grow bored of your phone’s “attire”. So here are two designs I went for after teaming up with CaseApp*:

Ombre Phone Case Design - CaseApp - iphone custom design phone case

“Happy/Spring’y Ombre” {iphone 5s}*

Even though CaseApp contacted me back in February, I knew that the winter-inspired theme wasn’t for me any more. So I went for a perfectly spring’y pastel ombre featuring a few of the colours I absolutely love together: dull turquoise/pale teal, dusty pink and peachy blush. It also has geometric print (diamond shapes) all over it which compliments the ombre look so well, I think. The colours combo, the pattern and the look is happy, bright and not “in your face” or too distracting or busy. Using it now and loving it!

Verse Phone Case Design - CaseApp - iphone custom design phone case

“His love gives life” {iphone 6s}*

This iphone case features an absolutely gorgeous pastel watercolour floral pattern and a quote. This design was inspired by a lovely verse and it is actually a little present I am going to mail to my mother in law. I hope she will love it as much as I do. Once again, it’s very season-appropriate with its soft pattern and a lovely mix of colours. 

CaseApp is a great website if you’re looking for customizing your favourite gadgets in an easy-to-navigate space. They offer such a great range of their own designs and the best part is that they cover all the main tech-brands so even if you’re not an iPhone user, you will definitely find your cup of tea there (Samsung, Nokia and other ones). And now the fun part – you have a chance to design your very own case or skin and CaseApp gives you lots of room to play: backgrounds, collages, cliparts, texts and the option to upload your own image. 

CaseApp design

How to design your own phone case:

1. Come up with a theme or just a general idea: spring’y colour, geometric print, the so-blogger marble, quote, etc.

2. “Do the background check” – your options are limitless.

3. Pick your colours: go in any direction your imagination takes you – you are the artist here.

4. Add a quote if there’s one that speaks to you and you’d like to have it speak to others through your phone case.

5. Cliparts are a lot of fun to play with – try a few on and you won’t be able to stop.

6. If all fails or if you simply have a pre-made image on your computer, upload it, adjust it and voila! 🙂

I quite like the idea of adding your own image as the background. Maybe it’s a picture from your recent holiday or a candid shot you took last weekend. Slap it on the case and decide if it’s the look you’re going for. What I really enjoyed about this whole process is the creative part of making my own accessory. These phone cases are amazing quality! My two designs look crisp and clear and they came packed securely with a sweet thank you card. 

Phone Case Design - CaseApp - iphone custom design phone case

* Gifted items {all opinions are my own and 100% genuine}

Now let’s get to the exciting part – CaseApp kindly offered me to give you guys a chance to design and get your phone case for free! All you need to do is follow CaseApp on Instagram, follow me on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and leave a comment. Also, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter (head to my Home page and look up) in order to get a special little extra from Miel and Mint each month 😉 

Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and is open to March 25th, 2016.

I will announce the winner on my Twitter and will contact you by email as well. 

Once Rafflecopter selects you, I will send you a promo code which will let you design your own phone case and receive it for free, delivery included.

I also have a 20% discount code which I will share with you once the giveaway is finished.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you liked this review and the custom iphone cases I designed.

Wishing you the best of luck to get a chance to win and customize your own accessory.

Even if you have a whole lot of phone cases and feel like you don’t need one more (we always do),

 or if you like your phone case-free, still do enter as you can gift it to someone else who loves them.

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