My First Blogger Event: SK:N VIP Launch Event

SKN Clinic Launch - Chester - Blogger Event

This is a very special post to me (I hope I don’t say that a lot haha) because I am about to share all about the very first event where I was invited as a blogger. Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably remember how over a week ago I went to the sk:n VIP Launch event. My hubby joined me as my +1 and it is safe to say he was one of very few men present there. He was such a good sport though. It was a really interesting, educating and fun occasion to attend. I wouldn’t call myself a skincare expert or a beautician but I did learn a number of things and was introduced to various great products and treatments suitable for any age or skin condition. Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, all impressions and opinions are my own and 100% genuine. Without further ado, let’s dive it. 

skn clinic in Chester - VIP Launch

Before I gush about the event itself, I have to introduce those of you who are reading about the sk:n clinics for the first time or know very little about them. sk:n is the UK leading skin clinic that prides itself on having more highly medically trained staff than any other chain of clinics as well as offering a diverse variety of skin treatement: from non-surgical anti-ageing injectables to tattoo removals (!). So whenever a new clinic was due to open in Chester, I got a lovely email with an invitation to attend as a blogger. There was no request or a requirement to write a follow-up post so this is purely me sharing my impressions and giving you an idea of what it was like to be at this VIP launch.

Samia Ghadie at sk:n clinic launch

As we were running a little late we did miss the opening when Samia Ghadie, the star of Coronation Street, was there to cut the ribbon. So this is the only photo in this post that wasn’t taken by moi or my hubby but was kindly emailed to me. At the entrance we were greeted by the lovely staff and offered a drink. A tall glass of water later and we were inside the reception room full of excited people and press. It was a lot of fun as we were able to go from one room into another, check out all the treatment areas and take a peek at all the products the clinic offers.

Abi Fisher collection

Along with everything skin-related (which I am going to talk about in a minute) there was a presentation of a new Spring/Summer ’16 collection by Abi Fisher, the UK luxury womenswear brand. Abi Fisher was there herself sharing all about her new designs. There were also extremely kind and attentive consultants who offered to answer any questions related to each piece or the collection as a whole. AF brand is known to source the finest classic pieces with a twist. The clothes were far out of my buying ability but they were still very pretty to look at and touch 🙂

Abi Fisher clothes

100% candid shot thanks to the genius photographer that is my hubby 🙂 Hence, me balancing two glasses of water and checking out a few pieces from the AF collection. After having a bit of a browse, I had a lovely brief chat with one of the consultants about the special treatment sk:n clinic offers for those who struggle with acne and acne scarring. Ironically, when I was a teenager my skin was flawless but when I hit my early 20s things started to go downhill. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was studying and living in the US at a time (=new food, new lifestyle, etc.) or the amount of stress I went through after coming back. We won’t go into detail on that but yes, I am the one who sadly has to face the consequences of adult acne. Thankfully I only get an occasional spot here and there each month, and it’s fine, but other than that it was educating to learn a bit more about how to treat scarring.

skin treatment products

Soon enough it was announced that in a few rooms there would be live presentations of different treatments. We ended up at the botox injection demonstration and it was somewhat eye-opening and interesting to watch. Unfortunately, I can’t share the photos from it but I will try to paint the picture. That particular demo was really popular as the little treatment room became full of “spectators” within a few minutes. We were given a presentation on the types of wrinkles and the main causes of ageing on your face. Then it was time for a practical part and that was the treatment itself. The consultant used a special white marker to dot the spots on the “patient”s face where the injections were supposed to go into. She explained that the procedure itself isn’t painful and feels like a pinch but it requires special care after you leave the clinic. Apparently, if a person who had botox was to rub the freshly-injected spot, they could end up with a drooping eye lid. We were warned that if the treatment wasn’t done professionally the person could have a “frozen face” aka blank and plastic (and creepy!) look. Also, I discovered that our immune system attacks botox as an alient to our body, meaning, the effects of it wear off so the person comes back for more. I had to look away a few times because needles are not my cup of tea 🙂

Karren Brady - HydraFacial

While I am never going to be a customer for botox injections (I do hope though that I will be ageing gracefully lol), HydraFacial was one treatment that was recommended the most and got me very curious. To my surprise, it was pretty impressive to find out that Karren Brady (hello to other “The Apprentice” fans!) is the one who loves HydraFacial treatment which isn’t specifically aimed at ageing skin – it is for any type of skin that needs extra TLC. What I learnt is that this treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and anti-oxidant protection. Basically, you are supposed to get glowing, clear and smoothed skin. I wouldn’t say no to that. 

skincare products - skin treatment - sk:n - Avene

skincare products - skin treatment - sk:n - Avene

There is a number of products I am very curious to try specifically designed for my type of skin and I am definitely interested in booking a free consultation and possibly a treatment based on my skin needs. It was a great event full of happy faces, a few lovely fellow bloggers, helpful staff and a bunch of amazing skincare products. I really enjoyed it and can definitely recommend to pay a visit to your local sk:n clinic to find out more if you are based in the United Kingdom. Also, my hubby managed the whole thing perfectly even though he still disagrees that people consider wrinkles an issue 🙂 I think he’s right. It’s not about the amount of wrinkles you have as long as you look after your skin and you are happy with your life. The absence of ageing on your face won’t automatically make you happy. While dealing with acne is a whole different issue, it’s reassuring to know there are so many treatments out there which can give you that extra boost of confidence and, as a result, help you to enjoy life a little more.

skincare products - skin treatment - sk:n clinic

That was my experience from my very first event where I was invited as a blogger.

Hope you enjoyed reading about it and that I was able to paint the picture.

I had fun that evening and definitely hope to visit many more blogging (and not only) events in the UK and abroad. The best part about it all is meeting new people, enjoying the new experience 

and learning more to be able to share with you guys later on the blog.

Little shout-out to my North West girls:

if there are any upcoming events in the area, shoot me a message 😉

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